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Design and Property Study of Corrosion Resistance Cement System to CO2/H2S

Author: QiaoLin
Tutor: WangZuo
School: Jinan University
Course: Materials Processing Engineering
Keywords: CO2 corrosion H2S corrosion Corrosion resistance Mineral admixtures Asphalt Latex
CLC: TU528
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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H 2 S and CO , 2 Corrosion of Oil Well Cement great harm, a direct result of the oil well reduce the life of the construction and production of oil wells and security caused by the threat to the economy suffered huge losses. For the scientific issues, the paper by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) of CO 2 H 2 S corrosion of cement stone corrosion products were detected and analyzed , and then study its mechanism of action, determined to improve the cement anti CO 2 H 2 S corrosive basic means. Sulfate is corrosive media, the use of orthogonal experiment method to optimize cement and mineral admixture ratio, and mixing of asphalt and latex (SBR) to design, improve the anti-CO 2 H 2 S corrosion of oil well cement system and design system to study its anti-CO 2 H 2 S corrosion performance and system components confrontation corrosion. The results showed that: CO 2 corrosion and H 2 S corrosion mainly by corrosion products CaCO 3 crystals, CaSO 4 · 2H 2 O and amorphous SiO 2 generation to achieve, they could easily lead to the expansion cracks of cement paste, and are easy to make cement paste subjected to leaching destruction. To solve this problem, you can reduce the cement alkalinity and improve the structure of cement stone hole method to improve the the cement stone against CO 2 H 2 S corrosive able. The incorporation of mineral admixtures conducive to reduction of Ca (OH) 2 in the cement, to reduce the porosity of cement, slag, fly ash as a mineral admixture, LBR activator, obtained by orthogonal experimental design to improve cement sulphate resisting corrosive best quality of mineral admixture ratio: the mineral admixture the cement material ︰ -5 ︰ 5, slag ︰ ash -4 ︰ the LBR ︰ mineral admixtures -7:100. At this point, the cement sample compression resist coefficient reached 1.227, far higher than the pure cement samples in the same corrosion conditions under compressive resist coefficient 1.01. Based on the above design system, mixing different dosage of asphalt under different temperature conditions, the asphalt cement anti sulfate corrosion. Room temperature, only mixed with mineral admixture slurry system compressive resist coefficient is 1.19, but the temperature reaches 90 ℃, compression resist coefficient dropped to 0.77. Room temperature after mixing asphalt, slurry system compressive resist coefficient dropped significantly, but 90 ℃ compressive resist coefficient increased significantly relative, and to the asphalt content is 10%, the compressive resist the highest coefficient of 1.18. Through the above analysis, combined with the literature, and ultimately determine the corrosion of oil well cement, mineral admixture, and asphalt and latex (SBR) complex doped anti CO 2 H 2 S cement system. And by contrast with the original grout formulations laboratory corrosion test found that: the original formulation of the laboratory cement samples in CO 2 H 2 S corrosion process is easy to produce cracks, and with the etching time increases compressive strength increasingly smaller, increasing permeability; experimental design of corrosion-resistant cement sample without causing cracks in the corrosion process, and as the etching time increases, corrosion product leaching loss less corroded inner hydration products less affected, can be more exist. In Therefore, its anti CO the 2 and the H 2 S corrosion is far superior to the original grout formulations. Lower fly ash in cement - mineral admixture - asphalt and cement - mineral admixture-SBR grout system activity and micro-aggregate interface corrosive effect on the inhibition of the cement paste microcrack role. SBR test corrosion temperature can be formed in the cement system entwined woven network-like structures, asphalt softening temperature test corrosion, expansion, both to improve the pore structure of cement paste, inhibit the loss of cracks and corrosion products can play a good role.

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