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The Study on Industry Conversion in Resource-Based Cities in Shandong

Author: GuoZhengZheng
Tutor: NiuChongHuai
School: Shandong University of Science and Technology
Course: Technology Economics and Management
Keywords: Industrial transformation Transformation mechanism Transition mode Industrial transformation of the evaluation system
CLC: F299.27
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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The resource-based cities is dependent on a kind of city, easily reversed due to the depletion of resources and formed the basis for the development of non-renewable resources. Shandong Province is one of the more concentrated the provinces of resource-based cities, including seven typical coal resource-based cities and an oil city, accounting for about 1/5 of the total number of the province formed the city. Mining and mining enterprises of the city, Shandong Province, energy, raw materials, mineral products and processed products base, has an important impact on the healthy and stable operation of the national economy in Shandong. Therefore, the study of the industrial transformation of the resource-based cities in Shandong Province, has important practical significance. In this thesis, a combination of normative analysis and empirical analysis, quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis methods, in the industrial transformation of resource-based cities based on the theory focuses on the transformation mechanism of the in-depth study. The basic theory of classical economics, industrial economics, evolutionary economics and institutional economics. Classical economics from the point of view of the scarcity of resources, pointed out the seriousness of the situation of the use of mineral resources; industrial economics from the structure of industry and the sophistication of view, pointing out that the current resource-based cities rigid mode needs to be converted; Evolutionary Economics from the dynamic evolution to Look, the industry pointed out that the resource-based cities destroyed rigid and non-equilibrium the industry dynamic evolution led by the market selection mechanism; Institutional Economics from the lock-in effect caused by sunk costs, points out that the redistributive effects of sunk costs caused, City of mineral resources locked in the low-end part of the developed industrial system. The main content and framework of this study include: (1) according to the specific situation of the resource-based cities in Shandong, pointed out the necessity of transformation; (2) analysis of the influencing factors of industrial transformation. Will be divided into favorable factors and constraints. The favorable factors were analyzed from the macro-economic environment, human capital structure and resource-based cities in Shandong own characteristics; constraints from the degree of market-oriented, industrial structure and the transition elements summed up the transformation of several difficult problems; (3) According to the characteristics of resource-based cities in Shandong, the proposed business restructuring basic idea. Including the determination of transformation goals, transition, transformation mechanism as well as the steps of the transformation strategy and mode selection. (4) the establishment of the evaluation system of the industrial transformation of resource-based cities, the use of mathematical methods of rough set an empirical study on the industrial transformation of resource-based cities in Shandong, Dongying industrial restructuring measures. The innovation of this paper is mainly manifested in: (1) the use of the Cobb - Douglas production function, constructed on the basis of taking into account the cost constraints, the resource-based cities of the production function to determine the industry in transition of resource-based cities. (2) on the basis of the reference Porter Diamond Model, the establishment of the industrial transformation of resource-based cities diamond model. (3) Dongying in Shandong Province is a typical resource-based cities, in this instance, with the evaluation system to evaluate the use of rough set, support and validation of the theoretical system.

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