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Performance Analysis on the Reform of Collective Forestry Property in Shaowu, Fujian

Author: LinBin
Tutor: ZhengChuanFang;LinQiPing
School: Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University
Course: Agricultural Economics and Management
Keywords: Collective Forest Management Property Reform Forestry ecological Shaowu Forest rights disputes Forest management Woodland Price Collective forestry Supply of public goods Performance Analysis Forest resources State-owned forest Operational forms Timber procurement Station Forest land use rights Forest land SFA Forest ownership Forestry Statistics Right of disposal
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Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2010
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Collective forest plays an important role in our country’s forestry, especially in improving the ecological environment and promoting the coordinated development of rural economy. In different times of our country’s economic and social development, and in order to adapt the development of forestry industries and needs of ecological environmental protection, the collective forestry property had corresponding reformed, these reforms promoted the development of collective forestry in varying degrees. However, with establishment of a socialist market economic system, the problems, like nominal the collective forestry property, failed position of farmers’ operation subject, inflexible operation mechanism, unreasonable benefit distribution are becoming increasingly conspicuous, which seriously restrict farmers’ initiative to develop forestry and the development of forestry productive forces, forestry not only played little ecological and economic efficiency, but also on social efficiency. Therefore, promoting a new round of the collective forestry property reform is important and imminent.After 2003 national forestry work meetings, the national forest bureaus determined Sanming, Fujian as trial of reform of collective forestry property, started to implement a new round of the collective forestry porperty reform deeply. April 2003, fujian government issued comments on reform of collective forestry property, oprated the reform of collective forestry property, which based on "clear ownership is the foundation, loosening usufruct is crucial, committing right of disposal is means,ensuring earning right is aehk". At present, reform of collective forestry porperty in Fujian has been in deepenging reforms period, how does reform of collective forestry porperty make effect on the development of collective forestry? How is the performance of a new round collective forestry porperty reform, does reform of collective forestry porperty get the designed goal? What factors would affect the performance of collective forestry porperty reform? The research and answers on these questions has an important reference value on further promoting the overall reform of collective forestry property. It required us to make a correct evaluation on performance of current collective forestry property.Shaowu, as one of trials for collective forestry property reform and development in Fujian, implements the new round of the collective forestry property reform primarily. as the reform of collective forestry property continues to deepen, reform has achieved some results, also gained some experience. Basing on performance analysis on the reform of collective forestry property in Shaowu, where is representative and possesses demonstration effect, which can help us to make a reasonable assessment to reform of collective rorestry property in Fujian.This research according to the fujian people’s government concerning the reform of the collective forestry property opinion, the chinese communist party and the state council on a comprehensive promote reform of the collective forestry property opinion, clear the goal for the reform of the collective forestry property,construct the analysis system for performance analysis on the reform of collective forestry property.The study on performance analysis on the reform of collective forestry property is from many aspects:the farmers forestry income, collective economic development of rural communities, farmers forestry production business acts and harmonious development of rural community. The data of this research mainly derived from investigation in Shaowu, Fujian in July to August 2008 and July 2009. The specimens were taken on the random samples principles, in the 15 towns of Shaowu, each town have four villages, each village pick up five families to join a one-on-one interviews. Data included data of 300 households farmers, the 60 research data samples of the village, data of 75 afforestation schemes and relevant statistics supplied by Shanwu forest bureaus. This research mainly adopt the qualitative and quantitative analysis methods, including the investigation, and interviews with a description of the statistical analysis methods and comparative analysis.The main conclusions of the study are:1. the reform of collective forestry property has a certain impact on income of farmers but is not noticeable. All of the existing researches consider that the reform of collective forestry property ensures farmers’operation right and earning right of collective forestry, increases farmers’ income which is from the forest. however, the research analysis showes that the reform of collective forestry property has an unsignificant impact on income of farmers, and after the reform of collective forestry property,there is large forestry income gap among farmers. This research considers that clear property of the forest resources is only basic premise to ensure farmers forestry income increasing, the growth of farmers income from the forestry is still restrictde by the cutting quota institution, production capabilities and input elements and so on.2. the reform of collective forestry property has a remarkable differentiated to the village collective economy. The research considers that the reform of the collective forestry property has promoting effect to increase the collective income, enhance the public products supply, reduce public debt, but different villages have different quantity and quality of forestry resources, particularly before the new round of the collective forestry property reform, the different treatments to collective forestry resources among different villages lead to different dominate forestry resource in the new round of the collective forestry property reform and large gap in village forestry income among different villages, and the gap also induces significant difference in the village common products supply and differentiated of families. income among different villages.3. After the reform of collective forestry property, the forest resources is improving but the motivation effect of collective forestry proerty reform should be acquainted again. Many research results point that the reform of collective forestry property increases farmers’initiative in operating forestry, and forestry statistics reflect after the reform of the collective forestry property, afforestation of private economic forestry increasing. however, the research analysis reflects the proportion of farmers afforestation is not high, and farmers input for the afforestation differentiated quite remarkable. More importantly, most afforestation accounts in the country are the group,with high social and political capital,not the farmer group,who has huge number,but decentralization and small size.4. The reform of collective forestry property promotes the village democracy but intensification of forestry property disputes restrict harmonious society in rural development. In the reform of collective forestry property, the governments follow the principle of equal rights, respect forestry farmers’desire, ensure farmers’rights to know and participation rights, democracy and legal consciousness of most farmers enhance, the rural relationgship between cadres and public have improved considerably. Meanwhile, with the forestry market prices rising, and farmers rights awareness awakening, and the farmers with the government’s game ability enhancing,the potential forestry property disputes for collective forestry transfer to state-owned forest center at a low price,and intensification of forestry property disputes between outbid accounts and others caused by non-standard invitation and submission of tender for forestry operation,these are the constraint for the rural society harmonious development after the reform of the collective forestry property.This study consider that, in order to raise the performance on collective forestry property reform, in deepening the reform of the collective forestry property, firstly, to expedite reform of the relevant supporting policy. The realization of performance on the collective forestry property reform, also need a series of forestry relevant supporting policies’co-ordination, at the same time, deepen reform of the collective forestry property’mating policy should pay attention to the pertinency of the policy, formulation of the relevant matching policies should take more consideration on scattered small farmers. Secondly, achieve the unify between family business and forestry enlargement business, fasten the construction of the forestry cooperation organization. By policy induction, the government can organize the decentralized farmers,shapevariousforms of forestry economic cooperation organization,introduce the cooperative business model form to compose the scale of the forestry socialized production. The government so as to standardize the woodland transfer and forestry property treatment, prevent depriving farmers’forestry operation right, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of ordinary farmers. Thirdly, enhancing the effectiveness of the farmers social and political capital. The government policy should be increased farmers effectiveness of social and political capital to face forestry production and business operation activities of the commercialization, put the validity of the network connections, and farmers activities of involvement into the forestry production process, so the farmers can apply social and political capital for the market-oriented of forestry production. Fourth, strengthen construction of the village democracy, dissolve forestry property disputes actively and ensuring farmers’ legal interest. Recover rural cadres’credibility, and farmers’trust to the village collective organazition.

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