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The acupuncture induced immune dysregulation model rats behavior and related factors affect different stressors experimental research

Author: WeiHuiFang
Tutor: ZhangLuFen
School: Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Acupuncture and Massage
Keywords: Restraint stress Behavior Adjuvant arthritis Acupuncture
CLC: R245
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2010
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With the rapid development of modern society, the fierce social competition, the fast pace of life, the modern psychosomatic diseases increasing, serious impact on people's lives and health. Acupuncture as a pearl in the treasure trove of traditional medicine in China, has to clear the meridians, yin and yang, and uphold the role. The tune of God, the rule of God placed first in the prevention and treatment of diseases, formed for the purpose of the overall treatment characteristics to improve people's psychology, behavior and body functions. Preliminary experiments in the research group demonstrated acupuncture as a benign source of stress on the state of immune disorders caused by different stressors multifaceted, multi-link, multi-channel, multi-level two-way role of benign adjustment, and found a different source of stress can lead to abnormal body behavior change. Therefore, the experiments on the basis of the previous experiment, from the angle of the behavior, continue using rats with adjuvant arthritis model and restraint stress rat model, select Baihui, Guan Yuan, Zusanli observe different stress source and acupuncture intervention rat model of immune dysfunction and emotional, cognitive, psychological and behavioral change characteristics of acupuncture as a benign source of stress on the overall regulatory mechanism of psychological behavior and immune function and mechanism of action. Experiments selected 120 male Wistar rats were randomly divided into 15 groups: the normal group, the AA model group, bondage model group, AA pin \\ the moxibustion BAIHUI group, AA the needle \\ moxibustion Guanyuan group, AA pin \\ moxibustion Zusanli group, bondage the needle \\ the moxibustion BAIHUI group, bondage needle \\ moxibustion Guanyuan group bound AA-pin \\ moxibustion Zusanli group, n = 8; AA model preparation of complete Freund's adjuvant, bondage model use of behavioral detection method for modeling, respectively, 1 d, after modeling 1d, the fourth after treatment, the seventh after treatment, after treatment of the tenth AA model rats was measured daily with homemade bag bondage 20min modeling; mechanical pain threshold and heat pain sensitization threshold at the same time before modeling, modeling after the 5th treatment, drinking water conflict detection 9th after treatment; using enzyme-linked immunosorbent immunohistochemistry to detect rat blood , joints and central cytokines, neurotransmitter, observed acupuncture immune disorders rat model of behavior change due to different stressors, preliminary study of acupuncture as benign stressors inherent mechanism. The main experimental results: 1AA model after model, each model group mechanical pain threshold and thermal hyperalgesia threshold significantly decreased (P lt; 0.01) right foot claw red, swollen, hot state. Acupuncture treatment after each treatment group were pain threshold gradually rising. 2 AA model rats joint NF-κB expression was significantly higher than the normal group (P lt; 0.01), HSP70 decreased (P lt; 0.05), and c-fos expression in spinal cord, serum TNF-α levels rise. Acupuncture each hole group therapy, each treatment group rats joint HSP 70 significantly with the rise in AA-pin foot Three Mile groups with the normal group, model group comparison were significant with differences (P lt; 0.01) moxibustion group and normal group comparison (P gt; 0.05); decreased expression of NF-κB and spinal c-fos. View from the AA model group rat pain threshold trend: Baihui in AA model primary reaction period that have a significant analgesic effect, the Guanyuan group Zusanli group role than the smooth and effective mitigation the AA rat model of secondary reaction pain. Which the Baihui group enough the Zusanli group was stronger in the the Guanyuan group, moxibustion Baihui role better than EA Baihui moxibustion related tuple better than EA shut tuple, electro-acupuncture Zusanli better than moxibustion Zusanli group. 3 drinking water conflicts experiments: AA model and bondage model rats licking water gradual decline in the number (P lt; 0.01), acupuncture treatment, each treatment group, the number of licks different degrees, which AA model Baihui points, moxibustion foot Three Mile hole group significantly with higher than model group (P lt; 0.05), bound model each treatment group (in addition to moxibustion foot three in the group) are higher than the model group (P lt; 0.01), to needle \\ moxibustion Bai Kuai hole group most significantly forward, while moxibustion Guan Yuan and needle foot Three Mile group after the 5th treatment licking water Views growth significantly, with the model group comparison (P lt; 0.01), and the ninth time after treatment needle shut meta-hole group rats lick Views of the water increased significantly, but Three Mile rat model moxibustion foot licking times there was no significant change. 4 needles, moxibustion acupoint group therapy, the AA model and bondage model rat cerebral cortex DA release of 5-HT in the hippocampus were significantly increased in the most significant role which EA shut tuple, followed by EA Baihui Points EA Zusanli; accompanied the AA model and bondage model rat hypothalamic c-fos downregulation. Acupuncture two methods of intervention in chronic inflammatory pain model can be benign regulation of c-fos, 5-HT and DA release acupoint Guanyuan the most significant role of stress model of chronic inflammatory pain; binding model by moxibustion stronger than the EA group and moxibustion Baihui group, moxibustion Zusanli acupoint group was better than moxibustion Guanyuan. 5 adjuvant arthritis due to chronic inflammatory pain model rats serum of IFN-γ declining trend in the upward trend, and TNF-α; binding model of serum IFN-γ with TNF-α level trends and AA Contrary to the model group, suggesting two different stressors cause the model rats of different immune disorders state. Acupuncture treatment group were serum IFN-γ levels continue to decline in the two models, and TNF-α levels are raised by the main. 6AA model and bondage model rats hippocampal OFQ content compared with normal group upward trend (P gt; 0.05) after treatment, the AA model, needle \\ moxibustion each the cavity treatment group OFQ content higher than the model group, which moxibustion Off tuples compared with model group there is a significant difference (P lt; 0.01); bondage model in the the moxibustion group to rise statistical differences (P lt; 0.05), and the moxibustion Off tuple with the model group, EA group hippocampal OFQ content decreased, with the normal group, model group, there was no difference (P gt; 0.05). Conclusion: 1. Chronic inflammatory pain, stress and restraint stress can be caused by the body can be caused by immune dysfunction, and varying degrees of behavioral change. The 2. Acupuncture can promote inflammation locally HSP7. Expression, improve cell tolerance, inhibition of NF-κB activity and the expression of c-fos gene immediately interrupt the inflammatory cascade signal transduction pathways, and reduce local tissue inflammation, edema and hyperalgesia state. Acupuncture may promote the release of the cerebral cortex DA, involved in stress signal transduction, regulation of hypothalamic expression of c-fos and hippocampal 5-HT content, inhibition of apoptosis, regulation of rat model of immune suppression status and improve the AA model rat hyperalgesia and anti-stress ability. 4. Acupuncture through the regulation of IFN - γ, TNF-α secretion levels between the proportion of imbalance, and to improve the body's immune disorders state. We speculate that acupuncture can by regulating hippocampal OFQ levels to promote the synthesis of neurotransmitters such as cortical DA release and metabolism, involved in the body's pain, anti-stress and immune regulation process and improve the feel of the rat model of abnormal behavior. Conclusion: acupuncture points through a multi-level, multi-channel, multi-target regulation, interrupt the inflammatory cascade signal transduction, start the body's anti-stress system, involved in immune regulation process, improve a rat model of feeling and abnormal behavior.

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