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Glutamate Signalling in Bone of Ovariectomized Osteoporosis Rats and the Effects of Yigu Capsule on It

Author: LiBo
Tutor: ZhangRongHua
School: Jinan University
Course: Traditional Chinese Medicine
Keywords: Osteoporosis, Ovariectomized Rat the Yigu Capsule Glutamate Glutamic Acid Receptors, NMDAR mGluRs Runx-2/cbfa1 AC cAMP Glutamate Signalling
CLC: R580
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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Executive Summary

Objective:Bone is a highly innervation,glutamate signalling in bone plays an important role in re-modified,the study focus on glutamate signalling in bone of ovariectomized osteoporosis rats and the effects of Yigu Capsule on it.Methods:Thirty-six 10-months Sprague-Dawley female rats were randomly divided into 9 sham-operated groups and 27 model groups,the latter then were randomly divided into three groups:model group,Yigu Capsule low-dose group,Yigu Capsule high-dose group.By dual-energy X-ray measurement and analysis of bone tissue morphology with immuno-histochemical technique and image analysis,as well as FQ-PCR and ELISA techniques.Bone mineral density was observed,pathological changes in bone tissue,serum E2 assaying,and investigated the change of components of glutamate signalling in the distal femur in OP by the intervention of Yigu Capsule.Results:(1) Yigu capsule can increase the level of serum E2,improve bone mineral density and bone tissue pathology ofovariectomized osteoporosis rats.(2) Endogenous ligand glutamate and its receptors in femur of sham-operated groups are observed.Glutamate is widely distributed in chondrocyte,osteocytes,in bone marrow cells, osteoblasts and a few osteoclasts in the bone reconstructive unit.NMDAR1,functional subunits of glutamate receptors,is mainly distributed in bone marrow cells,osteocytes and osteoblasts along bone trabecula;but NMDAR2a mainly in bone lining cells,osteoblasts,cells in bone marrow and a few osteocytes;NMDAR2b is found in bone marrow cells,as well as osteoblasts at the edge of trabecular bone,and a few osteocytes;mGluR1 mainly distributed in the area of bone marrow cells,osteocytes,osteoblasts and osteoclasts of trabecular bone;The positive labeled mGluR4 is mainly distributed in areas of bone marrow cells,chondrocyte,osteoclasts and osteoblasts in the bone reconstructive unit;while mGluR2/3 is widely found in chondrocyte, bone marrow cells and osteoclasts of trabecular bone.The glutamate signal pathway is disorder in ovariectomized osteoporosis rats:Distribution of endogenous glutamate decline,positive labeled of mGluR2/3 in the distal femur is almost loss, positive marked mGluR1 reduced,and positive marking NMDAR2b and NMDAR2a significantly increased,the positive labeled of NMDAR1、mGluR4 remain unchanged.Yigu capsule can improve local markings of glutamate,mGluR1 and mGluR2/3 in the bone tissue, also increase the markings of NMDAR1,otherwise NMDAR2b reduced.The immune positive labeled of mGluR4 and NMDAR2a have no significant impact.(3) the level of cAMP in bone tissue decreased,at the same time the expression of AC、Runx2 mRNA also decreased in ovariectomized osteoporosis rats,the Yigu capsule can increase level of cAMP and the expression of AC、Runx2 mRNA.Conclusion:(1)Ovariectomized osteoporosis rats can be treated with Yigu capsule.(2) The glutamate signal pathway is disorder in bone of ovariectomized osteoporosis rats,Yigu capsule can modulate the distribution and density of the composition of glutamate signaling and coordinate different molecule signals in response to the relationship,by which reversing the direction of high conversion remodeling of the ovariectomized osteoporosis rats.These data provide valuable insight into the mechanisms by which Yigu capsule may have relation with the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis

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Chinese Abstract     4-5
ABSTRACT     5-7
directory     7-9
Chapter Preface     9-20
1.1 osteoporosis pathogenesis     9-11
1.2 glutamate signaling pathway in bone remodeling     11-17
1.3 Runt-related transcription factor 2 and cAMP in the the Glu signaling pathways     17-18
of 1.4 Yigu capsules preliminary studies Overview     18-19
ideas and sense of 1.5 of this topic     19-20
of Chapter II Yigu capsule ovariectomized the OP rats pharmacodynamics observed     20-30
2.1 Materials     20-23
2.2 Experimental methods     23-26
2.3 Experimental results     26-28
2.4 Summary     28-30
Chapter Yigu capsule ovariectomized OP rat bone tissue Glu and its receptor     30-40
3.1 Materials     30-33
3.2 Experimental methods     33-35
3.3 Experimental results     35-39
3.4 Summary     39-40
Chapter Yigu Capsule glutamate downstream signal ovariectomized OP rat bone tissue     40-51
4.1 Materials     40-42
4.2 Experimental methods     42-46
4.3 Experimental results     46-50
4.4 Summary     50-51
text discussion     51-67
a 5.1 the ovariectomized OP rat model making its pathological features     51-53
5.2 Yigu capsule of the therapeutic effect of OP rats ovariectomized     53-54
5.3 osteoporosis bone tissue neural feedback regulation     54
5.4 glutamate signaling in estrogen deficiency due to the role of the OP     54-55
5.5 glutamate signaling pathway NMDAR role in bone remodeling     55-56
5.6 of NMDAR subunit structure characteristics and its role in glutamate signaling pathway     56-58
5.7 glutamate signaling pathway mGluRs role in bone remodeling     58-60
5.8 Yigu capsule of ovariectomized OP rats the impact of AC / cAMP     60-63
5.9 Yigu capsule ovariectomized OP rats Runx-2 mRNA expression     63-65
5.10 kidney Chinese medicine regulating mechanism of ovariectomized OP glutamate signaling pathway     65-67
Chapter VI Full Summary     67-69
6.1 Conclusion of the full text     67
6.2 innovation   67-68
6.3 inadequacies and Prospects     68-69
References     69-83
English abbreviations     83-85
drawings     85-89
published papers read during     89-90
Acknowledgements     90

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