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Research on the Technology Assessment and Choice of Energy Industry Based on Recycle Economy

Author: ZuoXueQin
Tutor: ZhaoShuKuan
School: Jilin University
Course: Technology Economics and Management
Keywords: Energy Industry Recycle Economy Industry Technology Technology Assessment Technology Choic
CLC: F407.2
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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Energy sources have great effect on the economic security , society circulation, entironment,udzxthe life of people,civilization and so on. And the source problem is a vital problem in normal social and economic life. Because of the entironment problems caused by source shortage and exploitation, the continuable development of energy sources becomes a vital problem. So the nation put forwards the viewpoint of scientific development, advocates circulatory economy. At present, the technical needs of industrial development have great conflict with the supply ability of technology. And the technical bottleneck becomes a mental factor of industrial development. So the technical development of energy industry is too impatient to wait. The assessment, choice, development and evolvement needs to be reviewed in the system of science and technology,economy,society,zoology, resource. And the technical invention,application and substitution needs to be instructed by the theory of recycle economy. Although many scholars have already had great achievement in academic and practical research of the energy industry,the generic technical research of energy industry based on the recycle economy is few . The technology is a basic reason for the development of energy industry. The development rule of energy industry affected by science and technology,economy,society,the research of technical evaluation and selection of the energy industry needs to embedded discussion. Instructed by the basic theory of recycle economy,based on present situation and future developmental trend,this paper research into the technical appraisal and selection,understand present situation and future developmental trend,offer the academic referrence for the technology development of energy industry,advance the using efficiency of energy industry , reduce the pressure of energy supply , cut down the environmental destroy caused by energy exploitation,realize the persistent development of energy industry. Therefore,there is a great academic and practical meaning to evaluate and choose to the technology of energy industry.Recycle economy theory is the academic base of technical assessment and choice of the energy industry. The basic theory of recycle economy includes connotation and principles, technical system, analysis and appraisal means of recycle economy . Recycle economy is a enormous system dealing with economy,technology,entironment.“3R”is the core content of recycle economy. The development of recycle economy needs the support of technical system. The technology has great effect with the development model of circulatory economy. The technology of circulatory economy brings out the new model of“low source input, high economic output, low contamination let-out”from traditional model of economic development. The developmental model of circulatory economy represents organizing economic activity based on the theory and principle of circulatory economy in practice. The technical innovation of circulatory economy should be applicated based on the theory of recycle economy. The analysis and appraisal means include substance flow analysis and management , appraisal and environmental design of product lifecycle , environment auditing and green accounting and so on.The technical development rules are also academic gist of technical assessment and choice of industry. The technical development rules of energy industry include the rule along with technology path and the rule affected by technical environment. The rule based on“recycle economy”is affected by technical rule and economic rule. In the technical development process of industry,the technical security of industry is a important problem. It directly affects the situation and trends of industry. It’s a dangerous and unsuccessful choice that developed the technology unboundedly and putted the safety in the second place. To understand the technology in the round, it’s not enough to study in static as in the front do, it need to analyze in dynamic that is to say analyze technology as a dynamic process.Analysing from the lifecycle perspective of technology, the technology security of energy industry include research security, storage security, application security and substitution security of technology.Based on recycle economy theory and technical development rules of energy industry,and combining with characteristic and trend of energy industry, we need to conceive the effect assessment system of recycle economy of energy industry . The trend of energy industry is to develop new type energy industry. New type energy industry is the energy industries based on circulatory economy theory, which emphasize the harmony between energy and economy, entironment. New type energy industry is the end of technical choice of energy industry. The achievement of“new type energy industry”bases on the technical innovation and application of energy industry. Index system is divided into two parts. One part is effect index of circular economy,set by 3R theory of circulatory economy; the other is index that affect future circular economy of energy technology,which goes by the name of technical security index. The assessment models of energy technology include actuality assessment model and developmental trend assessment model. Actuality appraisal model is established by 3R index, and developmental trend appraisal model is established along with technical security index of energy industry.Following, we need to research on technology choice of energy industry, brings forward the circulatory economy system viewpoint of technology selection of energy industry,and instruct technology choice of energy industry. We need to establish control mechanism model,and work out explanation on the action characteristic and evolvement rule of energy technology. Based on the appraisal model,we need to research on the technology system of energy industry,work out the optimized control ideas of technology choice. They make industry technology system function according to preconcerted programme,through the commutation and feedback of information,finally achieve the optimization end of technology development of energy industry. The aim of energy technology not only accelerates economic development, but also consider economy, zoology and environment and so on.Finally,we carry on the practical research by taking Jilin province as an example. The actuality analysis of energy industry in Jilin province is actual base and gist of technical choice. The evolution of energy industry in Jinlin province should be instructed by recycle economy, and walk on the way of new type energy industry.Then, we need to collect relational index data, deal with the account analysis,appraise the present circulatory economy effect and development trend of Jilin province. Circular economy effect of actual energy technology is not perfect in Jilin province,but the technical security situation of energy industry is good in Jilin province,so the development trend of energy technology in Jilin province is good. Based on before-mentioned research,this paper brings forward the tactic for technology choice of energy industry in Jilin province.

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