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Analysis of Conflicts between Translators and Readers of Luerary Translation on the Internet in Light of Reception Theory

Author: ShangJingYa
Tutor: YangQuanHong
School: Sichuan International Studies University
Course: English Language and Literature
Keywords: reception theory Internet translation traditional translation conflicts cooperation
CLC: H059
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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With the development of information technology, internet has brought a lotbenefit to translation work with its widespread use, convenient operation andinteractive communication while it has taken unprecedented challenge from readersto the authority of traditional translations. In recent years, foreign fantasy novel havebecome popular and as a result, translation of such works has attracted great attention.However, judging from the challenge from the translations of readers by Internet tothat of publishing house, the latter has failed to satisfy the expectation of readers. Atthe same time, the quality of translation ranged from good to bad has madeprofessional translators and related scholars worry a lot. Therefore, translators andreaders do not trust each other and conflicts break out.In order to make a further comprehension of the conflicts, the author is tryingto analyze why readers translated the works by themselves and raise related solutionsbased on reception theory, which was introduced in1960thand shifted the studyfocus from text to readers, providing fresh ideas and developing space for literarytranslation with much attention on readers’ taking apart in constructing the textmeaning. Considering the actual conditions, one may find young readers’ ability inreading have been greatly improved with the widespread of education in foreignlanguage. Beside, Internet, as a new media, provides not only more channels forreaders to get more foreign works, but also a platform to reveal the differentunderstanding of translators and readers on the same work in a more visible way. Allof these factors cause higher requirement for translation in Internet era. Hence, it ismore important to make a further study on readers and their expectations, which ispurpose of this thesis.Based on reception theory and combined with the features of Internet, thethesis takes the translation of Twilight by Jieli publishing house and the one ofreaders taking on forums as an example and makes an analysis and exploration on the conflict between translators and readers, intending to better fulfill thecommunication between translators and readers by making a good use of Internet.In order to take advantage of traditional translation and Internet translation,comparison between the two has been made from the perspectives of identity oftranslator, motivation, procedure, style and readership. Combined with “horizonexpectation,” the author reveals the reason of conflict is the undervaluation oftranslators on readers and mistaken location of their aesthetic expectation fromperspectives of information and aesthetic desire. In order to analyze further, the twoversions of translation have been discussed from perspectives of understanding,information delivering, under-translation as well as over-translation in dealing withinformation while words, sentence structure and culture desire have been consideredwhen discussing aesthetic expectation. At the same time, the author has made anexploration on the real expectation of readers by analyzing the critics and translationof readers combined with “blank and indeterminacy”, concluding what readersexpects is domestication in languages and foreignization in cultures.At last, new task of translation has been put forward and publishing house issuggested to take full use of Internet.

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