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Effects of Compound Salt on Quality and Storage Characteristics of Pork Sausage with Lotus Leaf Powder

Author: HeJing
Tutor: ChenCongGui
School: Hefei University of Technology
Course: Agricultural Products Processing and Storage
Keywords: lotus leaf powder compound salts sausage quality characteristic storagecharacteristic
CLC: TS251.65
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Lotus leaf, which is an edible and medicinal leaf of herbaceous plant lotus, has aunique flavor and provides healthcare and lipid anti-oxidation functions. Potassium lactate(KL) and calcium lactate (CaL), as substitutes for sodium salt, could reduce the Na+contentand improve the quality of meat products. The effects of lotus leaf powder, fat, and KL andCaL molar substitution ratio for sodium salt (KL substitution ratio and CaL substitutionratio) on quality characteristics (water-binding capacity, color, textural properties andsensory quality) of pork sausage with lotus leaf powder (PSL) were investigated via thesingle factor and response surface methodologies. Based on an optimal formulation, thestorage characteristics (quality characteristics, freshness, lipid oxidation) of PSL and theeffects of compound salt on the storage characteristics were also investigated. The resultsare shown as follows:(1) Adding lotus leaf powder could significantly improve CL and WHC of PSL,namely enhance its water-binding capacity, but KL and CaL would lead to the evidentincrease of CL. Using CaL instead of sodium salt could enhance L*, a*, hardness andchewiness of PSL markedly, while compensate for the obvious decrease of a*, hardness andchewiness due to the addition of fat (P<0.05). Comprehensive analysis, the suitable level oflotus leaf powder is about1%, the suitable range of fat is5~15%, the KL replacement levelshould be controlled within20%, and the suitable CaL replacement level is about20%.(2) The influences of lotus leaf powder and fat content on water-binding capacity,color (L*and a*), textural properties (hardness, springiness and chewiness) and sensoryquality of PSL were significant, and the integrated quality of PSL was obviously affectedby KL and CaL substitution ratios.(3) The influences of four factors on water-binding capacity, color, textural properties(excluding cohesiveness) and sensory quality of PSL could be described usingmathematical models, and the coefficients of determination were more than81%.(4) The suitable formulation for processing PSL were as follows:0.5%lotus leafpowder,6.2%fat, KL substitution ratio of9.8%and CaL substitution ratio of16.2%.(5) Lotus leaf powder and compound salt could improve and stabilize WHC of PSL,enhance the stability of springiness, improve hardness and chewiness of PSL, and slowdown the decrease of a*during storage. But lotus leaf powder would acceleratedeterioration of PSL sensory quality during storage, and compound salts could slow downthe deterioration rate.(6) Adding lotus leaf powder could improve the freshness-preserving properties ofPSL (raising pH, decreasing TVB-N and inhibiting lipid peroxidation) during storage, andcompound salts could further enhance the fresh-keeping effect.

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