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The Research on Evaluation of Profile Productivity of the Typical Cinnamon Soil in Henan Province

Author: GaoChang
Tutor: LiLing
School: Henan Agricultural University
Course: Management of land resources
Keywords: cinnamon soil profile productivity layer weight land utilization
CLC: S158
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Soil as an important carrier of the land and the basic means of production ofagriculture, is the foundation of human survival resources. The quality of soilproductivity has a direct impact on crop growth as well as the structure, layout andefficiency of agricultural production and other aspects. As the contradiction betweenpopulation-resources-environment becomes more acute day by day, sharp reduction inquantity and quality of cultivated land, lack of reserve cultivated land resources, thegrowing contradiction between population, land and grain, these have lead to adverseeffects for the protection of the land resources and the guarantee of the national foodsecurity. Therefore it is especially necessary to evaluate the soil profile which canobjectively and effectively response to the soil condition and production capacity tounderstand the current situation of soil management and utilization.Taking Zhengzhou, Luoyang and Sanmen Straitsas the study area, picked the soilsamples to carry on indoor analysis on the basis of digging the soil profile in the field.9evaluation indicators are selected, based on the experts’ experience and applicationof analytic hierarchy process to exact the target corresponding weight, using the fuzzymathematics method to calculate the index membership with normalization, and thenchoosing FPI model to calculate each soil species profile productivity index to carryon the appraisal to the Henan typical cinnamon soil profile.Comprehensive consideration of the principle of the importance, stability,independence, ease of access, this article selects nine evaluation indexes including thetexture, bulk density,(classes) gravel, cation exchange capacity, PH, calciumcarbonate content, organic matter, total phosphorus, and total nitrogen. Each indexweight is0.1449,0.1220,0.0901,0.1068,0.1239,0.0920,0.1294,0.1060,0.0942;Based on the property of the cinnamon soil, the soil profile can be divided intofour layers, and each layer weigh is0.38,0.32,0.19,0.11;This research institute withthe membership degree method includes four kinds, such as the conceptualmembership,“s” type curve of membership degree, anti-“s” type curve of membership degree and parabolic membership curve, and according to the indexesaffecting the critical point of the crop establish the membership function.The profile productivity of typical cinnamon soil in Henan province is dividedinto3levels,includingⅢ、Ⅳ、Ⅴ, as a whole in the medium and low level. In land use,soil species distributing in the low mountain, areas with more serious erosion in hillyareas and areas of frequent intense is more frequently to be eroded,so it is not suitablefor farming. Agricultural land should be converted farmland to forest and pasture,closing hillsides to facilitate afforestation and conserving soil and moisture; As slopesteep, soil species distributing in the hills, slops of upper species, saddle and the footof the slope can create poplar, locust trees and other economic forest to prevent soilerosion and develop animal husbandry. Soil species distributing in the hills, slops ofupper species, saddle and the foot of the slope should strengthen the construction ofbasic farmland, solve irrigation problems and enrichment organic fertilizer, nitrogenand phosphorus fertilizer to improve the soil fertility.Point of view from soil genera, the difference of texture, calcium carbonate,cation exchange capacity and soil (class) gravel content and location makesproductivity of the different soil species profile of the same soil genera a bigdifference.Judging from the soil subclass, the cinnamon soil, tide cinnamon soil, limecinnamon soil, leaching cinnamon soil and cinnamon property soil profileproductivity index is0.653,0.611,0.578,0.551,0.516respectively. The cinnamon soilsubclass is suitable for the cultivation of a variety of crops, and it’s ameliorationshould refurbish level terrace, fertilize the soil and make good ratio of nitrogen andphosphorus; the tide cinnamon subclass should focus on the development of foodcrops, and strengthen irrigation measures, vigorously increasing organic fertilizer,nitrogen, phosphate fertilizer to improve soil productivity; in the lime cinnamon soilsubclass, cultivated land should actively develop farmland capital constructioncentering on the moisture and soil conservation, refurbish level terrace, thicken soillayer and increase organic fertilizer and phosphate fertilizer, etc; Non-cultivated landshould plant drought-resistant grasses and fruit trees to conserve moisture and soil andreduce surface run off. As soil thin of the leaching cinnamon soil, it should developforestry and water conservation to prevent soil erosion, and realize forest, cropintercropping and sericulture and other business; Coverage of the vegetation of cinnamon property soil subclass is poor, it is should be centered on soil and moistureconservation to develop animal husbandry.This article established the soil profile productivity index system to evaluate theproductivity of the typical cinnamon soil profile in Henan province, providing thebasis for the agricultural structure adjustment and effective utilization of landmanagement.

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