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Tsinghua Jane "to", "Yin Yin Gao" relevant historical problem research

Author: ZuoShanShan
Tutor: DuYong
School: Tianjin Normal University
Course: Historical Philology
Keywords: Tsinghua Bamboo Slips YI ZHI YI GAO Yi Yin ShangDynasty’s first emperor-Tang Tai Jia Bo
CLC: K22
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Although there are many related historical questions in "Yin Zhi" and "Yin Gao", while the paper will mainly research the following items, such as the information of Yi Yin, the relationship betwwen Yi Yin and the King of Shang dynasty, and the information of Bo where Yin Yin came to.Firstly, regarding the hero,Yi Yin, the paper will give the main introduction of his birth story and his name and alias. And the paper will get the research information that Yi Yin should have been born in Yi He Basin,’Kong Sang’,Yi Yin’s birthplace, should be known as Sangshu Dong(Mulberry Hole), and the minority of’You Shen’ approximately should have gone through the migration from Henan to Shannxi during the period from the final phase of Xia Dynasty to Xizhou Dynasty, through the analysis of’Yi Shui’,’Kong Sang’, and’You Shen’described in his birth story. Meanwhile through the textual research on the time of initial adhibition of’Aa Heng’ and’Bao Heng’as government posts, the moral of the two phrases, and the ceremony in the offersacrifice, it will be felt that is reasonable that’Aa Heng’and’Bao Heng’as good names to Yi Yin. Additionally, Yi Yin and Huang Yin should be the same person, according to the description of the offersacrifice types, sacrifice quantities, dates and the supernational power given by the merchants in BUCI and the times they disappeared in BUCI. Similarly, observation from the important positions of Yi Shi and Huang Shi to wind and rain, Yi Shi and Huang Shi should be another names of Yi Yin’s(Huang Yin’s).Secondly, the research on the relationship between Yi Yin and Tang(Shang Dynasty’s emperor), and Taijia (another emperor of Shang Dynasty). Observed from good description of the hermits by the confucianists and some records related to Yi Yin as Ying Chen and Pao Ren(government positions) in literature documents and as the petty official and his menial position in BUCI, Yi Yin should have been a slave and then assist Tang, the first emperor of Shang Dynasty. Through the analysis of the case of Yi Yin alienating Xia’s state described in the pre-Qin literature, and the cautious indication of Yi Yin from Xia Dynasty to Shang Dynasty and dialogues between Yi Yin and the emperors, Yi Yin should have been the spy dispatched by Shang to Xia. We also know that Yi Yin was an prominent expert in military during the Emperor Tang’s Period of Shang Dynasty, and he had contributed to admonishing Emperor Tang to learn a lesson from the failure of Xia Dynasty, to changing the policies of governing country accordingly, to advocating ritual music system, and carrying out economic plans according to the market. Although all the contribution indicated may not his, but it will be precious data for generations to research people’s views to Yi Yin’s thoughts. Through demonstrating the uncertainty from BAMBOO ANNALS to the historical facts, Yi Yin’s important position in Shang Dynasty’s politics recorded in BUCI and SHANG SHU and impact of Clan society’s customs on Shang Dynasty, we could get the following conclusion that it is reasonable that Yi Yin had assisted Tai Jia.Finally, the query of Yi Yin’s traveling from Xia to Bo. Based on the research on Yi Yin’s traveling from Xia places to Bo, and the research on the locations of Hong,Cao an so on, integrating the battle route of Tang (Shang dynasty’s first emperor) against Jie(Xia Dynasty’s last emperor), it is known that the view of Bo(near Meng)of Shang’s capital is accepted well and the word,Meng called Bo has been found in Pre-qin’s literature documents.

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