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The Seismic Response Analysis of Single Tower Cable-stayed Bridge

Author: ZhangYongWang
Tutor: HuDaLin
School: Chang'an University
Course: Bridge and Tunnel Engineering
Keywords: cable-stayed bridge seismic response soil-pile interaction dynamic characteristics response spectrum time-history analysis
CLC: U442.55
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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Executive Summary

Long span cable-stayed bridges generally are the key structures of transportation system. Great direct and indirect economic loss will be caused if these bridges getdamaged in an earthquake.Therefore, it is necessary to study and master the seismic response of long span bridges in order to establish reasonable seismic design system and take effective anti-seismic measures. In this thesis, choosing a long span single tower cable-stayed bridge in a highly seismic region of East China, as the example which is a single tower cable-stayed bridge, the seismic responses about this type bridge are investigated as follows:1、This paper establishes bridge space finite element model, compareing the dynamic characteristics of bridge under two different boundary conditions at the tower and pier by model building with the fixed end condition and the pile-soil interaction condition. The calculating results indicate that the pile-soil interaction has effect on the dynamic characteristics of such bridges.2、According to the analysis on proofSafety of Earthquake at the area of Engineering site,which provides acceleration response spectrum curve with 3% exceeding probability in the future 50 years.Inputing the acceleration response spectrum curve along the longitudinal, transverse and multidimensional direction-horizontal combined vertical, the internal force and displacement of the control sections are gained. Compareing the results, the influnce of vertical seismic excitation is not neglected.3、The long span single tower cable-stayed bridges considering geometric nonlinearity, material nonlinearity, boundary elements and other non-linear dampers,when Inputing the acceleration time-history curve with 3% exceeding probability in the future 50 years. This paper analysis and summarizes the results,which show isolation bearing and the damper can improve the structure of the security capabilities in a strong earthquake, when inputing multidimensional direction-horizontal combined vertical time-history curve to the bridge.The conclusions of this paper can be used as the basis of seismic design of such kinds bridge and is useful for directing seismic response analysis of other kinds bridge.

Full-text Catalog

Abstract     5-6
Abstract     6-9
first chapter     9-15
1.1 Introduction     9-10
1.2 bridge damage classification and fortification     10-11
1.2.1 geological disasters caused damage to bridges     10
1.2.2 structural damage to bridges caused by vibrations     10-11
1.3 development Overview stayed     11-12
1.4 -span cable-stayed bridge seismic research     12-13
1.4.1 multi -span cable-stayed bridge incentive effects of     12-13
1.4.2 -span cable-stayed bridge seismic structural systems research     13
1.5 content of this study     13-15
Chapter seismic response analysis method     15-27
2.1 static method     15
2.2 response Spectrum analysis Method     15-20
2.2.1 response Spectrum Fundamentals     17-18
2.2.2 response spectrum     18-19
2.2.3 seismic response spectrum theory force calculation     19-20
2.3 dynamic time history analysis method     20-23
2.3.1 earthquake time history analysis of the basic theory     21-22
2.3.2 earthquake time history analysis calculation method     22-23
2.4 earthquake hazard analysis     23-27
Chapter finite element model     27 - 35
3.1 real bridge engineering background profile     27-29
3.2 foundation and structure interaction     29-30
3.3 structural damping calculation     30 - 31
3.4 finite Element Modeling method stayed     31-34
3.4.1 deck System simulation     31
3.4.2 main tower structure simulation     31-32
3.4.3 Lasso analog     32
3.4.4 Supports analog     32
3.4.5 based simulation     32-34
3.5 single tower cable-stayed bridge calculation model     34-35
Chapter single tower cable-stayed bridge dynamic characteristics and response spectrum analysis     35-51 < br /> 4.1 single tower cable-stayed bridge dynamic Analysis     35-41
4.1.1 consider the pile - soil - structure interaction on structural dynamic characteristics     35-37
4.1.2 does not consider the pile - soil - structure interaction on structural dynamic characteristics     37-41
4.2 single tower cable-stayed bridge response spectrum analysis     41-50
4.2.1 fortification standards     41-42
4.2.2 response Spectrum input     42-44
4.2.3 single tower cable-stayed bridge response spectrum analysis     44 -50
4.3 Summary     50-51
Chapter single tower cable-stayed bridge seismic response analysis     51-65
5.1 connection unit nonlinear simulation     51-52
5.1.1 bearing unit nonlinear analog     51
5.1.2 damper nonlinear analog     51-52
5.2 alone tower cable-stayed bridge earthquake time history analysis     52-63
5.2.1 earthquake acceleration time histories     52
5.2.2 stayed nonlinear time history analysis     52-57
5.2.3 damper stayed nonlinear time history of     57-63
5.3 Summary     63-65
Conclusion and Outlook     65-66
Conclusion     65
Looking     65-66
References     66-68
nonlinear time- Appendix 1 Cheng analyze moment -time curve     68-72
Thanks     72

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