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Research on Strategy of New Hybrid Injection Type Active Power Filter

Author: XuChao
Tutor: TianMingXing
School: Lanzhou Jiaotong University
Course: Power Electronics and Power Drives
Keywords: Hybrid Active Power Filter Composite Control Harmonic Analysis
CLC: TN713.8
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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Executive Summary

With the wide application of power electronic devices in the industry, which produces a harmonic current injected into the grid, affecting the normal operation of the electrical equipment, power system harmonic control has become an important problem. This thesis grid harmonic as the research object, using the new hybrid injection the active filter HAPFIS (Hybrid Active Power Filter with Injection Structure) harmonic detection, filtering principle of HAPFIS compensation characteristics, control algorithm in detail study better HAPFIS system. First, the analysis and comparison of the currently active filter harmonic detection method. Ip-iq detection method can be applied to the power supply voltage distortion, but when applied to the grid three-phase voltage asymmetry, the positive sequence reactive component detect the presence of errors. Ip-iq method based on improved ip-iq detection method based on supply voltage filtering, and programming in MATLAB software simulation study. Secondly, the introduction of topological structure of HAPFIS. HAPFIS series resonant injection-type active filter and passive filter branch parallel mixture of common harmonic suppression by passive part compensate for reactive power, active part and passive part, the fundamental series resonant circuit at the fundamental frequency occurring at the series resonance, the impedance is very small, the inverter is only exposed to a small amount of the fundamental wave voltage, so that its capacity can be further reduced. Analysis filtering principle HAPFIS. HAPFIS the active section corresponds to a controllable harmonic impedance in series in the power grid branch into the grid when the harmonic impedance is large enough, the harmonic currents will be very small, close to zero, and play a harmonic suppression the role of the current; the same time can be suppressed to a resonance between the passive part and the grid impedance. Also studied the HAPFIS steady state compensation characteristics and inhibit the performance of the system resonance. Third, an overview of the control method of active power filter. Hybrid Injection Active filter different from the separate use of the active filter, the control method can not copy the active filter used alone, considering HAPFIS the control reference signal for this feature of the cycle amount, using a recursive integral PI control algorithm to eliminate the steady-state error of the system. Into active filter, the filtering effect of the passive filter branch has been greatly affected, recursive integral PI control algorithm based on improved control algorithm based on recursive integral PI divide control. The active inverter input, passive filter branch is not affected. Fourth, the fuzzy control the introduction of HAPFIS control algorithm, based on the divide-controlled recursive integral PI control algorithm with fuzzy control algorithm combined, constitute a blur - recursive integral PI compound control algorithm, this control algorithm fuzzy control and recursive integral PI control two control methods combine the advantages of parameters online for adjustments to address the parameter settings are not allowed to bring the error. Finally, the use of PSIM simulation software simulation analysis of the three control algorithm to verify the effectiveness of various control methods.

Full-text Catalog

Abstract     4-6
Abstract     6-10
1 Introduction     10-16
1.1 Background and Significance topic     10 < br /> 1.2 Active Filter Control Strategy Research     10-15
1.2.1 Active Filter Harmonic Current Detection Research     10-13
1.2.2 Active filter harmonic current detecting position select     13
1.2.3 Active Filter Control Research     13-15
1.3 The main research content     15-16
2 new hybrid injection type active filter and system characteristics     16-24
2.1 HAPFIS topology     16-17
2.2 HAPFIS working principle and characteristics     17-24
2.2.1 HAPFIS harmonic source to the load compensation characteristic     18-20
2.2.2 HAPFIS the harmonic voltage compensation characteristics     20-24
3 HAPFIS design parameters     24-29
3.1 single-tuned passive power filter design     24-25
3.2 Injection Branch filter design     25
3.3 coupling transformer design     25-26
3.4 output filter design     26-27
3.5 DC capacitor design     27-29
4 new hybrid active power filter harmonic current injection testing     29-43
4.1 HAPFIS command current generating part of the overall requirements     29-30
4.2 synchronous rotating coordinate system i_p-i_q, assay     30-34
4.2.1 Instantaneous Reactive Power Theory-pq assay     30-32
4.2.2 synchronous rotating coordinate system instantaneous reactive approach     32-34
4.3 based on supply voltage filtering i_p-i_q assay     34-36 < br /> 4.4 based on supply voltage filtering i_p-i_q detection simulation     36-43
5 New Hybrid Injection Active filter control method     43-67
5.1 Delivery Push integral PI triangular wave comparison algorithm     43-52
5.1.1 recursive integral PI triangular wave comparison algorithm outlined     43-49
5.1.2 recursive integral PI triangular wave comparison algorithm simulation     49-52
5.2 Divide based recursive integral PI control algorithm triangular wave comparison     52-54
5.2.1 Frequency Control Overview     52-53 < br /> 5.2.2 Frequency Control Simulation     53-54
5.3 HAPFIS fuzzy control algorithm     54-67
5.3.1 HAPFIS Fuzzy Control Overview     54-58
5.3.2 HAPFIS fuzzy control simulation     58-67
Conclusion     67-69
Thanks     69-70
References     70-73
pursue a degree during the main research results     73

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