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Research of Sensorless Control for PMSM Based on SMO

Author: ZhuZhiWei
Tutor: YangZhenQiang
School: Dalian University of Technology
Course: Motor and electrical
Keywords: permanent magnet synchronous motor vector control system sliding-mode observer SVPWM
CLC: TM341
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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Executive Summary

In recent years, the fast development of modern power electronic technology, microelectronic technology and the theory of modern control has unceasingly promoted the permanent magnetism synchronous motor sensorless control technology. The non-sensor permanent magnetism synchronous motor velocity modulation system is not only simple in structure, easy to maintain, highly efficient to operate, excellent in velocity modulation performance, but also small in volume, low in cost, high in reliability and it can be applied in some special occasions. This research uses the non-sensor algorithm of sliding-mode observer to estimate the position of electrical machinery’s rotor, studies and developes the non-sensor vector control system of the permanent magnetism synchronous machine.This article elaborates the principle of vector control technology and the control theory of sliding model variable structure. Based on the mathematical model analysis of the permanent magnetism synchronous machine, this article selects the vector control strategy of id=0 to actuate permanent magnetism synchronous machine.This paper gives the detailed process of establishing on non-sensor control algorithm of the sliding-mode observer and carries on the simulation analysis on the Matlab/Sumiulink software platform. Results show that the estimation of the rotor angle by the sliding-mode observer is accurate and verifies its scientificity and feasibility. Finally, the article gives the hardware circuit and software flow chart designed by the system. The hardware of this article adopts TMS320LF2808DSP chip as control core, IPM as driving module and uses SVPWM technology to investigate. In terms of the software, this essay gives flowcharts of the sliding mode control module, SVPWM module and other main modules, introduces the flow of interruption and the overall process of the permanent magnet synchronous motor vector control system.At the end of the project, analysis and evaluation on performance of the system are made according to the simulation wave. After debugging, the control system successfully implements the vector control algorithm of the motor non-sensor with good torque and speed, high precision, stable operation and basically reaches the desired effect of this topic.

Full-text Catalog

Abstract     4-5
Abstract     5-8
1 Introduction     8-14
1.1 motor modern control technology development overview     8-9

1.2 several typical permanent magnet motors and applications     9-11
1.3 permanent magnet synchronous motor sensorless motor control method     11-12
1.4 The research significance and content     12-14
permanent magnet synchronous motor structure, principle and vector control     14-29
2.1 permanent magnet synchronous motor structure and principle     14-15
The basic idea of ??the
2.2 motor vector control system     15-16
2.3 coordinate transformation     16-20
2.3.1 vector control system of the three coordinate system     16-17
2.3.2 Clarke transform     17-18
2.3.3 Park transform     18-20
2.4 space vector SVPWM technology     20-29
2.4.1 The basic idea of ??the SVPWM technology     21-22
2.4.2 basic principle of SVPWM technology     22-27
2.4.3 SVPWM technology algorithm     27-29
3 sliding mode variable structure control strategy     29-35
3.1 sliding mode variable structure control principle     29-31
3.1.1 Variable Structure Control     29-30
3.1.2 sliding mode variable structure control the basic concepts     30-31
3.2 Variable Structure Controller Design     31-33
3.2.1 sliding surface design     32
3.2.2 control law to strike     32-33
3.3 sliding mode variable structure control buffeting     33-35
3.3.1 \

3.3.2 \
4 permanent magnet synchronous motor vector control system based on sliding mode observer design     35-43
4.1 permanent magnet synchronous motor vector control system model     35-37
4.1.1 permanent magnet synchronous motor mathematical model     35-36
4.1.2 permanent magnet synchronous motor vector control strategy     36-37
4.2 permanent magnet synchronous motor sliding mode observer design     37-43
4.2.1 based on sliding mode observer synchronous permanent magnet motor rotor position estimation method     38-41
4.2.2 based on sliding mode observer synchronous permanent magnet motor vector control program     41-43
sliding mode observer-based permanent magnet synchronous motor vector control system built and Simulation     43-53
5.1 simulation tool language Matlab / Simulink Introduction     43-44
5.2 based on sliding mode observer for permanent magnet synchronous motor vector control system built and Simulation     44-48
5.3 Simulation results and analysis     48-53
sliding mode observer-based permanent magnet synchronous motor vector control system DSP realization     53-67
6.1 control system hardware description     53-54
6.2 control function of each part of the system hardware description     54-58
6.2.1 TMS320LF2808 main control circuit part     54-55
6.2.2 IPM module with optical isolation part     55-57
6.2.3 current detection and current signal processing part     57-58
6.3 control system software part and process to achieve     58-67
6.3.1 control system interrupts the process and the overall program flow     58-60
6.3.2 control system module program flow     60-67
concluded     67-68
References     68-70
during the master's degree Post academic situation     70-71
Acknowledgements     71-73

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