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Study on Cadmium Enrichment in Aquatic Animals and Its Effect of the Growth, Digestive Enzyme Activities

Author: CuiFeng
Tutor: LiuWenBin
School: Nanjing Agricultural College
Course: Agricultural Extension
Keywords: Cadmium Growth Concentrating Digestive enzyme Immunity biochemical index
CLC: S917.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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Through the configuration different density including the cadmium (Cd) water body (0.005,0.01,0.05,0.10,0.50, 1.00mg/L) carries on the carp cultivation experiment, the discussion cadmium the influence which grows to the carp; The determination cadmium concentrates in the carp in vivo different spot rate; Carp trypsin vigor and intestines tolerant amylase vigor; In carp organization’s SOD enzyme activity. The result indicated that,After 40 day-long raising, the low dose cadmium has certain promoter action to carp’s growth, but the high dose cadmium has the obvious inhibitory action to the carp growth; The carp in vivo different spot concentrates the function to the cadmium biology to have the big difference, in which muscle concentrates rate is lowest, the gill fish internal organs concentrate rate are high, concentrate rate:Gill> liver pancreas> muscle. In when the water body cadmium ion concentration is lower than 0.1mg/L, in the carp liver pancreas trypsin activeness and the intestines tolerant starch enzyme activity increases along with the cadmium ion concentration rise, digestion ability enhancement:In when the water body cadmium ion concentration is bigger than 0.1mg/L, in the carp liver pancreas trypsin activeness and the intestines tolerant starch enzyme activity rapid drop, digestion ability is weaken. Rises gradually along with the water body in cadmium density, in the carp organization’s SOD enzyme activity strengthens gradually. In the water body cadmium density achieved when 0.01 mg/L, in the carp organization’s SOD enzyme activity is strongest high; But in the water body cadmium density achieved when above 0.05mg/L, in the carp organization’s SOD enzyme activity starts to drop. Each experiment supposes 2 repetitions, the tentative data takes its average value (below same).Through the configuration including the cadmium quantity is 0,0.005,0.05,0.50,2.0, 5.0, the 10.0mg/L seven concentration gradient carries on the blunt-snout bream. Through 80 day-long cultivations, counts each group blunt-snout bream the mortality rate, the computation average rate of liveweight growth, the proteinase, the amylase and lipase activeness. The result indicated, cadmium under low density to blunt-snout bream just-hatched fish’s growth, promoter action, but has the promoter action to the blunt-snout bream juvenile fish fat enzyme activity; The cadmium has the obvious inhibitory action under the high potency to the blunt-snout bream growth and the digestion enzyme activity. With after contains the cadmium nutrient fluid has processed the duckweed (Lemna minor Linn) to feed the grass carp, in the research different time compartment the grass carp in vivo metal sulfur protein (Metallothionein, is called MT) the content and the liver pancreas, the intestines starch enzyme activity change. The experiment altogether takes 11 time sections grass carp and without processing control group for object of study. The test result indicated that, from feeds starts including the cadmium duckweed, in the grass carp in vivo MT content short time concentrates the enhancement along with the cadmium to be quick, afterwards the MT content enhances the speed reduces, has the drop slightly to the final content. The liver pancreas, the intestines amylase along with feeds assumes the drop tendency including cadmium duckweed’s time increase activeness.Through the water body in the different density cadmium (0,0.005,0.02,0.10,0.50, 1.0,2.0 mg/L) carries on the small lobster cultivation experiment, determines 6h,12h,24h, 48h,96h,6d and the 10d correlation data. The result indicated that,The shrimp internal organs concentrate ability to the heavy metal cadmium to be higher than the muscle spot obviously, but the muscle concentrates the quantity to the heavy metal to be low. The result showed that, under the different density cadmium exposition processes, the small lobster in vivo metal sulfur protein content has the obvious organization difference, also presents certain dosage effect and the time effect. This indicated in the water body Cd2+ may induce in the small lobster organization the MT synthesis and the expression, also induction time mainly in 48h. The small lobster’s heart, the liver, and in the gill organization MT may take the appraisal extraneous source heavy metal Cd pollution the biological designated object.

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