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Our tea beverage industry competitiveness study

Author: WangKeMing
Tutor: LiuZhongHua
School: Hunan Agricultural University
Course: Tea Science
Keywords: Tea drinks Industrial competitiveness Diamond Theory
CLC: F426.82
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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Executive Summary

As people of tea ingredients, function better understanding, as well as \Our tea beverage industry after more than ten years of cultivation, to obtain rapid development. However, from raw material processing, technology investment, brand creation, marketing and other aspects of view, tea beverage industry as a whole is still in the factor-driven to investment-driven stage of transformation, direct the performance of industrial competitiveness is low. Moreover, China has widely participate in international economic competition and cooperation, the domestic industry with the international market becoming increasingly close. If no timely response measures, not only difficult to consolidate and expand the international market, the domestic market will be a huge impact. The author in the history of the development of tea industry and the reality on the basis for the empirical analysis, relying on the theory of industrial competitiveness, competitiveness evaluation index around the industry, using Michael Porter (Micheal Porter) \tea beverage industry competitiveness of the reality of the situation, and designs to enhance the competitiveness of its industry countermeasures. This article first tea beverage industry competitiveness to explore the basic meaning is mainly based on the basic theory of industrial competitiveness for the development of the practice of tea drinks, tea drinks industry competitiveness on the basic meaning to be determined. Then according to industrial competitiveness and the current theory, the formation mechanism of the industrial competitiveness of different research methods, scientific and systematic follow focus and accuracy combined feasibility and operability of the three principles, build tea beverage industry competitiveness evaluation index system. Finally, drawing on Porter's diamond model, the article proposed research paradigm. Both through production factors, demand factors, relevant to support industrial and corporate strategy and organizational structure of the \Specific to the industrial development as the goal, combined with industry life cycle theory to determine the appropriate countermeasures system: a comparison of productivity in the industry for tea drinks market structure, market behavior and market performance empirical analysis and theoretical outlook; Second, the use of industrial life-cycle theory to explore ways to present comparative advantages into competitive advantages that will translate into real market potential markets, namely through the competitive model of innovation to optimize the allocation of resources, to extend the industry's growth, enhance industrial competitiveness; Third, promote the industry combination of resources, the implementation of low-cost strategy. Currently, tea drinks market is in a pitched battle stage, whether it is being engaged in pitched battle in the business or those who are ready to enter the tea beverage market foreign competitors, take the low cost is necessary, and the implementation of cost-effective way to promote the industry mix of resources; Fourth, the combination of the use of marketing strategies. With the development of the market and competition intensifies, tea beverage companies are unable to meet any single marketing strategy competition in the market, use a combination of a variety of marketing strategy is the development of tea industry, the inevitable choice; Fifth, the optimization of human resources development and management, breeding industry competitive Fountainhead. Because tea drinks market is rapidly expanding and market competition, making the company's human resources requirements continue to present new challenges. The development of rational human resources strategy, survival and development of enterprises has a crucial significance. Six, tea drinks industry and related industries marriage of capital and technology.

Full-text Catalog

Abstract     4-5
Abstract     5-10
Chapter Introduction     10-15
1 the purpose and significance of     10
2 research trends and Commentary     10-13
2.1 on competitive research     10-11
2.2 research on industrial competitiveness     11-13
2.3 about tea beverage industry competitive research     13
3 ideas and methods     13-14
4 research     14-15
Chapter industrial competitiveness of the basic theory     15-19
1 industrial competitiveness meaning     15
2 tea beverage industry competitiveness meaning     15
3 industrial competitiveness formation mechanism     15-16
4 industrial competitiveness research paradigm     16-17
4.1 competitiveness of industries sources hierarchical model     16-17
4.2 competitiveness of industries econometric analysis theory     17
4.3 Michael Porter's diamond model     17
5 Tea beverage industry competitive research paradigm     17-19
5.1 factor of production     17
5.2 Domestic demand     17-18
5.3 related industries and supporting industries     18
5.4 corporate strategy, structure and competition     18-19
The third chapter is based on the theory of diamond tea beverage industry competitiveness evaluation index system     19-25
1 tea beverage basic connotation     19-21
1.1 Definition of tea     19
1.2 Classification of tea     19-21
1.3 teas efficacy     21
2 Diamond Theory-based tea beverage industry competitiveness evaluation index     21-25
2.1 Evaluation of the principle of selecting     22
2.2 Comprehensive Evaluation Index System     22-25
2.2.1 tea beverage market competitiveness indicators     22
2.2.2 tea beverage production Competitiveness Index     22-23
2.2.3 tea beverage technology competitiveness index     23
2.2.4 tea capital Competitiveness Index     23-24
2.2.5 tea beverage industry sustainability indicators     24-25
The fourth chapter is based on the theory of the diamond industry competitiveness tea empirical analysis     25-45
1 Production Elements     25-28
1.1 Materials Analysis     25-26
1.2 human resources and technical capacity analysis     26-27
1.3 Government Support and market regulation analysis     27-28
2 domestic market demand analysis     28-31
2.1 of the domestic market introduction phase     29
2.2 of the domestic market growing     29-31
3 related and supporting industry analysis     31-33
4 business strategy, structure and competition analysis     33-45
4.1 corporate strategy analysis     33-42
4.1.1 price behavior     33-35
4.1.2 advertising practices     35-36
4.1.3 brand strategy     36-42
4.2 Market Structure Analysis     42-43
4.3 Market Performance     43-45
Chapter tea beverage industry to enhance the competitiveness of countermeasures     45-54
1 study countermeasures ideas     45
2 tea beverage industry life cycle analysis     45-46
3 tea beverage industry to enhance the competitiveness of countermeasures     46-52
3.1 of comparative advantage into competitive advantage     46
3.2 through market competition model innovation to enhance industrial competitiveness     46-47
3.3 mix of resources to promote the industry, the implementation of low-cost strategy     47-48
3.4 use a combination of marketing strategies     48-50
3.4.1 Market segmentation and positioning strategies     48
3.4.2 Product Strategy     48-49
3.4.3 brand strategy     49
3.4.4 advertising strategy     49-50
3.4.5 distribution strategy     50
3.5 optimization of human resources development and management, gave birth to industrial competitiveness Fountainhead     50-52
3.5.1 establish mechanisms for rapid deployment of human resources     50-51
3.5.2 form an effective incentive mechanism     51
3.5.3 build industrial development talent pool mechanism, intelligence support systems     51-52
3.6 Strengthening tea beverage industry and related industries, capital and technology marriage     52
4 Conclusions and recommendations     52-54
Summary     54-55
References     55-58
Thanks     58-59
Author Biography     59

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