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Studies on the Social Security of Peasant Laborers in Guiyang

Author: LuHong
Tutor: LuoGuangQiang
School: Hunan Agricultural University
Course: Regional and Rural Development
Keywords: migrant works The social security system
CLC: D412.6
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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Executive Summary

The formation and development of migrant workers in line with the industrialization, urbanization and modernization. migrant workers has played a crucial role for the rural economic prosperity and communication links between urban and rural areas. China’s migrant workers Laborers was an important form through which china rural workers become to a modern industrial workers. it is significance for increase China’s migrant workers income and for the transfer of rural surplus labor .But migrant workers caused sereies problems showed that the transition from farmers to urban residents in china is not complete, accumulated a lot of social unrest factor .Why the transfer of agricultural labor not complete, why the process of urbanization would delay, its causes are various, but a important reason is the defects of social security systemTherefore Attention migrant workers and further improve the social insurance system, it is nessary for China’s economic structural reform, socialist market economy prefect, and socialist legal system building.In precent, the work of building China’s migrant workers social security system is at the initial stage, so we meet a lot of problem when in the process of practice, it was necessary the problem solves needed the theoretical and practice exploration. this paper take Gui Yang City as example, analyed and stuied the peasant laborer social security. inspected Gui Yang City peasant laborer social security current situation and found out the problem existed , Then writer suggest solve the problem through the method of "classify and stratifying improving gradually " .step by step,build industrial injury insurance of the peasant laborer , medical insurance especially , system such as endowment insurance , unemployment insurance ect. safeguard and realizated Positive and effective the social security strategy on grant workers basic rights and interests in order to protect migrant workers basic rights and promote GuiYang economic and social harmonious.

Full-text Catalog

Abstract     4-5
Abstract     5-10
Chapter I Introduction     10-17
the background and significance of the study
1     10-12
2 research status     12-16
2.1 foreign research     12-13
2.2 of the domestic research     13-16
2.2.1 migrant workers social security status quo and the behind     13-14
2.2.2 migrant workers social security building meaning     14
2.2.3 migrant workers social security mode select     14-15
2.2.4 the establishment of migrant workers social security countermeasures     15-16
3 research ideas and research methods     16-17
theoretical basis of the
migrant workers social security     17-31
Definition and Characteristics of the
1 migrant workers     17-20
2 migrant workers social security meaning     20-22
3 migrant workers social security     22-26
3.1 migrant workers social insurance     22-25
3.1.1 injury insurance     22-23
3.1.2 Medicare     23-24
3.1.3 endowment insurance     24
3.1.4 Unemployment Insurance     24-25
3.2 Social Assistance     25-26
3.3 social welfare     26
4 establish the need for migrant workers social security     26-31
4.1 to establish the social security of migrant workers is the need of development of social sciences     26-28
4.1.1 build migrant workers social security needs of agricultural development     26-28
4.1.2 to establish the social security of migrant workers is the need of urbanization     28
4.2 the establishment of migrant workers social security is social harmony and development needs     28-31
the third chapter of Guiyang City, the social security of migrant workers Analysis     31-51
1 Guiyang City, migrant workers social security system analysis     31-38
1.1 workers' compensation insurance     32-34
120 migrant workers health insurance     34-35
1.3 migrant workers pension insurance     35-36
1.4 migrant workers unemployment insurance     36
1.5 Guiyang City, migrant workers social security matching system analysis     36-38
1.5.1 to deepen the reform of household registration management     36-37
1.5.2 implementation of the \
2 Guiyang City, the empirical analysis of the social security of migrant workers     38-44
2.1 The basic situation     38-40
2.2 social insurance     40-43
2.2.1 injury insurance     40
2.2.2 Medicare     40-42
2.2.3 endowment insurance     42-43
2.2.4 Unemployment Insurance     43
2.3 Social Assistance     43-44
2.4 social welfare     44
3 Guiyang City, the migrant workers social security problems in     44-47
3.1 social security system is not perfect     44-45
3.2 social security system is imperfect,     45-47
3.3 The level of social security low     47
4 causes of Guiyang City, migrant workers social security     47-51
4.1 social factors     47-48
4.2 Government factors     48
4.3 enterprise factors     48-49
4.4 migrant workers factors     49-51
4.4.1 lack of awareness of their rights of access to social security     49
4.4.2 migrant workers insured limited capacity     49-50
4.4.3 migrant workers social security to hold attitude of doubt and hesitation     50
4.4.4 migrant workers low degree of organization     50
4.4.5 migrant workers mobility     50-51
Chapter domestic related by experience and revelation     51-59
1 social security of migrant workers in Shanghai     51-54
1.1 migrant workers social security system,     51-53
1.1.1 for migrant workers alone design comprehensive insurance     51
1.1.2 scope of     51-52
1.1.3 Payment     52
1.1.4 enjoy the treatment     52-53
1.1.5 business managers and fund management     53
1.2 migrant workers social security system in practice     53-54
2 Shenzhen City, migrant workers social security     54-56
2.1 migrant workers social security system,     54-56
2.1.1 endowment insurance     54-55
2.1.2 Medicare     55
2.1.3 injury insurance     55-56
2.2 migrant workers social security system in practice     56
3 relevant experience of revelation     56-59
Chapter solve Guiyang City, the problem of migrant workers social security countermeasures     59-67
1 accelerate the related reforms     59-60
1.1 speed up the household registration reform     59-60
1.2 to accelerate the pace of legal construction and     60
2 establishment and improvement of migrant workers and social protection     60-62
2.1 to establish and improve the workers' compensation insurance system     60
2.2 establishment and improvement of migrant workers medical insurance system     60-61
2.3 to establish and improve the migrant workers pension insurance system     61
2.4 establishment and improvement of migrant workers social assistance system     61-62
3 migrant workers to improve the level of social security     62-64
3.1 implementation of the pilot reform of land for protection     62-63
3.2 implementation of various channels to raise the security fund system     63-64
4 supporting measures to strengthen the construction of social security of migrant workers     64-67
4.1 migrant workers to strengthen social security information management construction     64-65
4.2 migrant workers' union organization     65-67
References     67-70
thank     70-71
of resume     71

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