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The Study on the Relationship between Organizational Climate and Job Burnout of Employees

Author: LiWenLing
Tutor: ZuoWenBing
School: Beijing Jiaotong University
Course: Business management
Keywords: Organizational climate Job burnout Emotional exhaustion Depersonalization Reduced personal accomplishment
CLC: F224
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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Executive Summary

In recent years,our economic expericence a rapid development and the Competition becomes more fierce.The fiercely competition make the empolyee in the compant have to face more and more Serious working pressure.Job burnout has become the "invisable killer" to mordon company,Job burnout will make the empolyee Have a negative attitude to work,and it will also lead to the decline in individual job performance,lower satisfaction,the tendency to leave etc---the problems of human resources,affecting the survival and development organizations.How to relieve the serious job burnout of staff become a very difficult problem faced by Enterprise Operators.And the rearch of Job Burnout experience rapid development in recent years,has became the important research field of Organizational Behavior research and occupational health psychology research.The research on Organizational climate study had been the hot research field of the Western Organization research since the early 60th century.And the reason why this paper choose Organizational climate,and to explore the the relationship between Organizational climate and job burnout is that the organizational climate is be experienced in the daily life.And Organizational climate can help can help Enterprise Operators understand and improve the organizational behavior model,enabling members to increase motivation and thus help the effective attainment of organizational goals.Therefore,the research on the impact that the Organizations climate to the staff’s Psychological and behavioral has a very clear practical significance for the practice management applications of Enterprise Operators.Meanwhile,as an important cause of job burnout,it has very important significance to research the relationship between Organizations climate and job burnout.On the basis of review and summary on previous studies,through the in-depth research and data analysis,the paper conducts variance analysis, correlation analysis,regression analysis and other methods of data analysis, systematically investigates characteristic variables of employees and enterprises how to affect on organizational climate and job burnout of employees.Moreover, the paper investigates dimension of organizational climate as well as its relationship with job burnout.The paper builds the prediction model of organizational climate’s impact on the job burnout.Therefore,the research has some practical significances,as it provides scientific advice and effective means for enterprise managers to improve staff attitude and relieve their burnout.

Full-text Catalog

Acknowledgements     5-6
summary     6-7
ABSTRACT     7-10
1 Introduction     10-14
1.1 research background and significance     10-12
a 1.2 research purposes and processes     12-14
1.2.1 Objective     12
1.2.2 Research process     12-14
2 Literature Review     14-25
2.1 organizational climate literature review     14-19
meaning of 2.1.1 organizational climate     14-15
2.1.2. organizational climate dimensions     15-17
2.1.3 tissue climate. employees     17-19
2.2 burnout literature review     19-25
burnout 2.2.1 connotation     19-22
2.2.3 burnout consequences and performance     22-25
3 Design     25-33
3.1 ideas and frameworks     25-26
3.1.1 research     25
3.1.2 Objective     25-26
3.1.3 assumed     26
3.2 Research variables and measurement scales     26-33
3.2.1 Research variables defined     27
3.2.2 Organizational Climate Questionnaire     27-31
3.2.3 burnout questionnaire preparation     31-33
4 data analysis     33-59
4.1 Descriptive analysis     33-36
4.1.1 sample distribution     33-35
4.1.2 job burnout     35-36
4.2 variance analysis     36-46
4.2.1 personal characteristic variables of organizational climate and job burnout variance analysis     36-42
the 4.2.2 enterprise features variable variance analysis of organizational climate and job burnout     42-46
4.3 correlation analysis     46-47
4.3.1 organizational climate analysis burnout     46
4.3.2 organizational climate dimension of burnout dimension correlation analysis     46-47
4.4 Regression Analysis     47-59
4.4.1 burnout on regression analysis of the organizational climate     48-50
4.4.2 emotional failure of the regression analysis of the organizational climate     50-53

4.4.3 depersonalization regression analysis of the organizational climate     53-55
4.4.4 accomplishment reduce the regression analysis of the organizational climate     55-59
5 conclusions   59-65
5.1 conclusions are summarized     59-60
5.1.1 organizational climate and employee burnout group differences     59-60
5.1.2 Organizational Climate to staff burnout     60
theoretical value of 5.2 conclusions     60-62
the 5.2.1 hierarchy of needs theory     60-61
5.2.2 Two-factor motivation theory     61
5.2.3 full compensation theory     61-62
5.3 conclusions of practical value     62-65
5.3.1 emphasis on job burnout phenomenon, cultivating good organizational climate     62
5.3.2 promote staff communication, good interpersonal atmosphere     62
5.3.3 improve job autonomy given to employees to fully support     62-63
5.3.4 clearly defined positions powers and responsibilities, to improve the management of operational efficiency     63
5.3.5 establishing reasonable objectives, performance evaluation of the implementation of human     63-64
5.3.6 private enterprises to focus on nurturing their own organizational climate     64-65
6 Summary and Outlook     65-67
6.1 innovation     65
the 6.2 inadequate research and Prospects     65-67
References     67-70
Appendix     70-73
of resume The     73-75
Dissertation datasets     75

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