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The Study on the Marine Engineering Production Cost Control Method Based on Project Management Technology

Author: CuiJiMei
Tutor: SuXiang
School: Jiangsu University of Science and Technology
Course: Management Science and Engineering
Keywords: Project management Marine engineering production WBS Earn value Cost control
CLC: F406.72
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Executive Summary

Marine engineering production is a huge system engineering, which involves multiple areas, and whose characteristic determines the necessity of using project management. Aiming at the cost control of Marine engineering production dynamic, agility and complexity characteristics , the paper makes the following three aspects of the research work.According to Marine engineering production’s characteristics and demands, the paper firstly constructs the cost of the dynamic control model of double cycle of Marine engineering production. The model for the control of Marine engineering production with objects, according to Bid-winning price, the paper constructs Marine engineering production WBS, allocates all levels of project budget, makes progression plan, sets and decompositions target costs; Through the target cost management, the paper respectively controls process target cost, manufacturing target cost, purchasing target cost in Marine engineering production design, purchasing, manufacturing controlling point; Accounting Marine engineering production manufacturing cost, the paper analyses the difference between target cost and actual cost; In the necessary conditions, the paper makes adjustments to target cost to realize the dynamic cost control of Marine engineering production in the value. The paper presents a "four value of earn value" which combines with WBS ,realizes to work of dynamic adjustment and optimization, realizes the dynamic control the cost of the operations of Marine engineering production in work.Then elaborating Marine engineering production dynamic cost control model in four key module - plan, design, purchasing, manufacturing cost control. In plan stage module, the chapter uses WBS of project management tools and the WBS coding system, and distribution every level of WBS project budget providing a quantitative reference for schedule planning. In design phase module, the paper combining WBS method, realizes Marine engineering production cost analysis and improvement and realizes the dynamic control cost on the basis of the target cost management. In purchasing stage module, the paper on the basis of supply chain controls purchasing cost, separately from external sourcing to internal purchasing department. In addition to external sourcing, the paper use OFE management and BFE management two patterns. In manufacturing stage module, the paper using group technology realizes the specialized production of Marine engineering, expands production batch of production unit, makes production unit of one-of-a-kind into production unit of mass batch, which make full use of resources , save resources and reduce cost. For production unit of one-of-a-kind, the paper constructs mini-batch production unit of cost control model. The model seeks lowest cost under various resource constraints on the basis of target cost, and ensure be able to control costs. On this basis, the four modules formed offshore products cost control double closed loop control.Finally the paper through to research earned value puts forward "four value of earn value". Through the increased earn value parameters, the paper improving the original index. Combining the WBS method, the paper realizes a dynamic adjustment and optimization of Marine engineering production WBS, thus fulfills the dynamic control the cost in Marine engineering production work. Therefore, the paper has formed the dynamic control of Marine engineering production cost of dual control.

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Abstract     6-7
Abstract     7-13
Chapter 1 Introduction     13-22
issues 1.1 Background     13 - 14
the purpose and significance of the subject 1.2     14-15
1.3 research status     15-19
1.3.1 China Research     15 - 16
1.3.2 domestic research     16-18
1.3.3 Project Management trends     18-19
1.4 research ideas and the main content     19-21
1.4.1 research ideas     19
the 1.4.2 main content     19-21
1.5 this innovation     21
1.6 Chapter Summary     21-22
Chapter 2 the theoretical basis of the thesis     22-31
2.1 project management     22-26
2.1. the meaning of a project management   the   22-23
the 2.1.2 project cost management meanings     23-26
2.2 WBS and coding     26-27
2.2.1 WBS Overview     26-27
2.2.2 Coding System Overview     the 2.3 earned value management 27
2.3.1 earned value concept     27-28
2.3.2 earns, the value of the basic principles     28-29
2.4 target cost management     29-30
2.4 .1 the basic concepts of the target cost management     29
2.4.2 the basic principle of the target cost management     29-30
2.5 Chapter Summary     30-31
Chapter 3 marine products dynamic cost control model analysis     31-37
3.1 the marine product dynamic cost control model overall framework     31-35
3.1.1 The model magnitude of value dynamic control   the   32-34
3.1.2 The model job dynamic control     34-35
3.2 marine dynamic cost control model characteristics nbsp to;   35-36
the 3.3 marine dynamic cost control model to establish the technical requirements     36
3.4 Chapter Summary     36-37
Chapter 4 of the cost of marine products dynamically control module design     37-70
4.1 The planning stage cost control     37-53
4.1.1 The overall framework of the planning stage cost control     37-38
4.1. 2 WBS marine products     38-43
4.1.3 encoding     43-48
4.1.4 schedule preparation     48-52
4.1.5 Cost planning     52-53
the 4.2 design phase cost control     53-56
4.2.1 The overall framework of the design phase of cost control     53 -54
4.2.2 target costing in the design phase of the application     54-55
4.2.3 WBS in the design stage of the application     55-56
4.3 Procurement The stages cost control     56-61
4.3.1 the external procurement management mode     57-59
4.3.2 internal procurement department's cost control     59-61
4.4 manufacturing stage cost control     61-65
4.4.1 batch production unit cost of manufacturing control     61-63
4.4.2 single piece of small batch manufacturing production The unit cost control     63-65
cost between 4.5 marine products module dynamic loop control   the   65-69
4.5.1 marine products cost the Value of dynamic loop control     65-67
4.5.2 marine products job the dynamic cycle control     67-69
4.6 Chapter Summary     69-70
Chapter 5 earned value   70-81
5.1 traditional earned value method of cost control and analysis of marine products       70-72
5.1.1 defects of the traditional earned value method     70
5.1.2 traditional use of earned value method steps     70-72 5.2 four values ??
earned value method proposed     72-74
5.2. a four-value earned value method introduced     72-74
5.3 four-valued use of earned value method     74-80
5.3.1 WBS earned value     74-75
5.3.2 four value earned value analysis     75-78
5.3.3 earns, use the key value method     78-80 < br /> 5.4 Chapter Summary     the 80-81
conclusions and the outlook     to References 81-82
studying for a degree during the academic Publication List     86-87
Acknowledgements     87-88 The
detailed in summary     88-92

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