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  1. Research and Application of Key Technology of DCS Control System of Wet Spinning Production Line,FangMing/Hefei University of Technology,0/23
  2. Preparation of Hydroxyethyl Cellulose(HEC) Fibers and Their Crosslinking,ZhangPeng/Donghua University,0/32
  3. Phase Change Mechanism of Waterborne Polyurethane Energy Storage Material and Thermo-Regulated Viscose Fiber,HongWei/Yanshan University,0/10
  4. Study on the Mechanism and Preparation of Regenerated Silk Fibroin Fibers,ShaoWeiLi/Zhongyuan Institute of Technology,0/4
  5. Synthesis of Drug-loaded Alginate Fiber and Its Release Behavior,XuGuoKai/Zhejiang University of Technology,0/0
  6. Wet spinning (chitosan fiber) control system,LiChao/Qingdao University,1/57
  7. Preparation and Characterization of Artificial Chest Wall Based on Biodegradable PLLA/CHS Braid,HuaHui/Donghua University,0/18
  8. Regenerated Silk Fibroin Fiber Wet Spinning and Cross-linking,GaoYanFei/Suzhou University,0/64
  9. Etherification Modification of Cellulose and Study on the Fiber Forming Behavior,LiuHuaChong/Donghua University,0/130
  10. Study on the Structure Regulation of As-Spun Fiber in Dry-Jet Wet Spinning for PAN/DMSO Solution,SuHua/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/104
  11. The Fabrication and Characterization of Pan Based Mesoporous Carbon Fibers,LinHuiMin/Donghua University,0/128
  12. One step preparation and properties of polyimide fiber,ChenHui/Zhejiang University of Technology,2/339
  13. β - chitin extraction and dissolution test and performance of fiber cotton spinning,ZhaoQingKai/Qingdao University,0/91
  14. Preparation, Structure and Properties of Regenerated Silk Fiber with a Ternary Solvent,LvHong/Suzhou University,0/23
  15. Preparation of Collagen Composite Fibers,ZuoZuo/Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology,0/73
  16. Research on NC spinning technology and its application,DengHuiPing/Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering,0/17
  17. Effect of Microcosmic Kinetic Parameters on Fiber Morphology in Wet Spinning Process,HanYu/Fudan University,0/64
  18. Study on the Spinning Process of PPEK and the Properties,Structure of PPEK Fiber,YuanYongJia/Dalian University of Technology,0/57
  19. The Study of Wet-dry Spinning for Crosslinked Chitosan Fibers,YanXiaoCai/Southwestern University,0/16
  20. Fluid Properties and Dynamic Simulation of Acrylic Copolymer/1-Butyl-3-Methylimidazolium Chloride Solution during Dry-jet Wet Spinning,ZhuXinJun/Donghua University,0/98
  21. Study on the Preparation, Structure and Properties of Alginate Fiber,GuoXiaoQing/Qingdao University,6/597
  22. The Preparation and Structure-Properties Study of Polyimide Fibers with Biphenyl Side Chains,LiuXiangYang/Sichuan University,2/534
  23. Study on Preparation of Thiohydroxy Modified Polysulfone Chelating Affinity Membrane Chromatogram and Its Removal Properties for Hg~(2+),WangBing/Tianjin Polytechnic University,0/260
  24. Study on the Preparation, Characterization and Properties of Poly(Vinyl Alcohol)/attapulgite Nanocomposties,PengZhiQin/Donghua University,1/290
  25. Preparation of Cellulose Nanowhiskers from Mulberry Barks and Their Application to Reinforce Regenerated Bombyx Moir Fibroin Fibers,LiuLin/Zhejiang University of Technology,0/97
  26. Synthesis of High Molecular Weight PAN Copolymer and Spinning Technology of PAN Precursor by Wet Spinning,YiKai/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/43
  27. Study on the Wet Spinning of PEG/PLA and Electrospinning of SF/PLA,XiaYongLin/Suzhou University,0/180
  28. Acrylic acid - acrylamide copolymer / polyvinyl alcohol blend fibers,DingYuanRong/Tianjin Polytechnic University,2/307
  29. Structure and Properties of Shape Memory Fibers with Different Drawing Ratio,YuXiao/Tianjin Polytechnic University,2/178
  30. Preparation and Separation Performance of Aromatic Polyamide Nanofiltration Membrane,RenXiaoJing/Tianjin Polytechnic University,1/340
  31. Preparation of Collagen Protein/PVA Composite Fiber and Its Structure and Properties,LinYunZhou/Sichuan University,0/342
  32. Research on Properties of Silk Fibroin/Poly (Lactic Acid) Blend Fibers,GuWei/Suzhou University,0/303
  33. Preparation of RSF Fibers Using Self-dialysis Process and Their Structure and Properties,CaoHui/Suzhou University,1/97
  34. Study on Rheological Behavior of PAN/DMSO Solution and Dry-jet Wet-spinning Spinability,WangPeng/Donghua University,6/382
  35. The Mechanism of Dry-Jet Wet Spinning of Pan Based Carbon Fiber and Its Computer Modeling,WangRenJun/Donghua University,0/278
  36. Study on Streching Technology, Mechanism, Structure and Properties of Pan Precursor,ChenHuiFang/Donghua University,1/402
  37. Phthaloyl chitosan liquid crystalline behavior research,WangMian/Xiamen University,1/165
  38. Preparation and properties of novel anti-electromagnetic radiation seaweed fiber,YangPeng/Qingdao University,3/145
  39. The Preparation of Drug-Loaded Pan Fibers and Evaluation Sustained Release Performance,ZhangXiaoFei/Donghua University,1/183
  40. XHM spinning technique and its application,LiuBo/Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering,0/29
  41. A New Method Making Coloured Acrylic Fibers by Cationic Dyes Stained Polyacrylate Powder,ShiZuo/Donghua University,1/79
  42. Study on the Properties of Chitosan Spinning Dope and Its Wet-Spinning Process,ZhangHong/Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology,2/162
  43. Study on Formation Mechanism of PAN-Based Carbon Fiber Precursor in Wet-spinning Process Computer Modeling,JiangFan/Donghua University,1/179
  44. Wet Spinning Process of Alkali-Soluble Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose,LiWei/Donghua University,1/142
  45. Dissolution and Spinning Process of Cellulose-Phosphoric Acid/Poly Phosphoric Acid,XuHe/Donghua University,0/140
  46. Biomimic Artificial Spinning of Regenerated Silk Fiber,ZhouGuanQiang/Fudan University,1/110
  47. By spinning technology to prepare micro-nano structural materials and its application,ChenLiLi/Qingdao University,3/159
  48. Carrageenan Preparation and properties of the fibers,YinLiZhong/Qingdao University,1/133
  49. Artificial Spinning and Characterization of Regenerated Silk Fiber,YanJiaPing/Fudan University,1/47
  50. Study on Wet-Spinning Process of High Molecular Weight PAN Precursor,JiaCunLong/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,2/157

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