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  1. Compulsory education curriculum standard version of 2011 Japanese culture literacy education teaching implementation strategy research - to the current experimental textbook of "Japanese" as an example,MengZhenZuo/Liaoning Normal University,0/2
  2. The research situation of Japanese junior high school classroom teaching mode,JiXue/Liaoning Normal University,0/1
  3. Combining Culture with Vocabulary Teaching in Senior High School English Classes,ChengJing/,0/10
  4. Transfer in Zoucheng Middle School Students' Learning of English Alveolar and Palato-Alveolar Fricatives and Affricates,MengZuo/Tianjin University of Science and Technology,0/14
  5. Application of Communicative Language Teaching in China's Rural Areas,ZhangHongYing/Tianjin University of Science and Technology,0/21
  6. Lexical Chunks and Guangling Middle School English Teaching,ZhangYanYun/Tianjin University of Science and Technology,0/6
  7. The Research on Serior English Teaching Based on the New Curriculum Standards,ZhangAnYun/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/0
  8. Recast in SLA and Its Implications for L2Teaching,JiangLi/Harbin University of Science and Technology,0/10
  9. Application of Five-step Model of Guided Learning Plan to English Teaching of Junior Middle School Students,ZhangXiuQing/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/3
  10. A Study of Using Vocabulary Teaching Strategies to Improve the English Vocabulary Learning Ability of Senior High School Students,WuLan/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/12
  11. The Status Quo of EFL Teachers' Professional Development at Primary and Secondary Schools in Rural Areas,DengZuoMei/Gannan Teachers' College,0/7
  12. The Application of Multiple Intelligences Theory to English Teaching in Junior Middle School,HeHaiYan/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/11
  13. Application of Task-based Language Teaching to Teaching English Reading in Junior Middle School,YinJing/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/10
  14. Survey about the Effect of Chinese Proficiency of Mongolian Students on Their English Learning in Mongolian Senior High School,MaBaoLiang/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/2
  15. The Investigation Research about the Rural Junior Middle School English Teacher Professional Development Present Situation and Countermeasures,QiYan/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/15
  16. An Experimental Research of Scaffolding Instruction in Senior High School Writing Class,QianXiaoZuo/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/14
  17. The Application of Task-based Language Teaching in the English Writing in Junior High Schools,TaNa/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/10
  18. Research on the Application of Multimedia-aided Cooperative Writing in Teaching English in Junior High School,ZhangShiYue/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/5
  19. The Applied Research of Participatory Teaching Mode in English Classroom Vocabulary Teaching in Senior Middle School,DongZhongJie/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/3
  20. A Study of Improving Senior Middle School Students' Reading Competence through Reading Strategy Training,ZhouJieQiong/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/4
  21. A Research of Teacher-student Interaction Effectiveness in Senior High School English Classroom,WangYuMei/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/11
  22. A Study on the Effect of Reading Strategy Training in the Vocational Middle School,WuZuo/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/2
  23. A Study on the Influence of English Corner on Middle School Students'Oral Competence,MaLiLi/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/3
  24. Application of Group Cooperative Strategy in Teaching English Writing of Senior Middle School Students,YuHong/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/12
  25. A Study on Learning Vocabulary through Reading of Senior One Students,ZhangZuo/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/3
  26. A Exploratory Study of Process Writing Applied to Middle School English Writing Teaching,JiaZhong/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/4
  27. Designing Task-based Activities to Improve Students' Writing Ability in Senior Middle School,LiangLiPing/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/1
  28. Wash-back Effect of MMET Reading on Reading Learning in Senior Three Students,WangZuoZuo/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/11
  29. Teachers in Classroom Management Skills of High School English Classroom Efficiency,YangBo/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/17
  30. The Use of CALL in Teaching Listening in Middle School,WenLiXia/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/6
  31. Perimental Research on Improving Senior Students' English Writing by Writing Summaries after Reading,DiWenYan/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/6
  32. A Study on English Listening Schema Strategy Training of Senior English Students,SaRenGeRiLe/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/13
  33. Research on Integrating Information Technology in Teaching English Reading in Middle School,LiYunFeng/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/4
  34. Application of Task-based Language Teaching Approach in Senior Middle School English Reading Classroom,HeHui/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/14
  35. In Investigation of the Coursebook Project English Used in No.4Middle School in WuHai City,FanYaPing/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/1
  36. The Research on Job Burnout of Junior Middle School English Teachers in Wuhai,WangWei/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/17
  37. Application of the Process Genre Approach in English Writing Teaching at Vocational School,WuYiMei/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/0
  38. The Application of Cooperative Learning in English Writing Teaching in Senior High School,LiMin/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/12
  39. A Research on the Application of Process Approach in the Teaching of English Writing in Senior High School,LiuMeng/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/4
  40. An Empirical Study on Situational Language Teaching in English Grammar Class for Senior Middle School,HanTao/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/27
  41. Task-based Teaching in English Grammar Teaching in Senior High Schools,LiuYan/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/6
  42. The Application of the Task-based English Reading Teaching Method in Beishi Senior Middle School,ZhangYanLi/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/7
  43. An Investigation of Culture Teaching in English Class in Senior High Schools in the City of Wuhai,ZhaoZuo/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/1
  44. Study on Reading Strategy Training of Underachievers in Grade Three of Number Four Middle School in Hulunbeier,JiangHaiYan/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/11
  45. The Study on Teaching English Reading Based on the Model of Problem-Solving in Senior Middle School,FengHong/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/6
  46. The Causes, Analysis and Countermeasures of Underachievers in English Learning in No.1High School of Wuhai,GuiHua/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/5
  47. An Investigation of English Classroom Learning Anxiety of Mongolian Students in Hailaer No.3Middle School,LiuLin/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/2
  48. Research on the Relationship between Gender Difference and English Academic Achievement of Senior High School Students and Relevant Strategies,SuFang/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/4
  49. A Study on Improving Students' English Writing Ability Through English Newspaper Reading in Senior High School,TuoZuo/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/7
  50. The Application of Discourse Analysis in English Reading Teaching in the High School,HuangJianJiang/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/12

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