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  1. Suspension Cell Culture and Changes in Resveratrol Content from Polygonum Cuspidatum,WangDanDan/Tianjin University of Science and Technology,0/16
  2. Diversity of the Endophytic Fungi from Vitex Negundo Var. Negundo and Vitex Negundo Var. Cannabifolia and Their Secondary Metabolites,HuangFang/East China Normal University,0/11
  3. Studies on Tissue Culture of Paeonia Ostii and the Effects of Cultured Conditions on the Content of Paeonol in Callus,WeiLiuCheng/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/18
  4. Study on Using Various Strategies to Improve the Contents of Tepenoid Indole Alkaloids in Catharanthus Roseus,XingShiHai/Shanghai Jiaotong University,0/63
  5. Habitat Investigation and Genetic Diversity Analysis of Dracaena Cochinchinensis in Hainan Provice by ISSR Marker,YangSong/Hainan University,0/7
  6. Analysis of Genetic Diversity and Construction of Fingerprint of Rosa Laevigata Michx,YangChenXi/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/8
  7. Study on Contents Variation of Phillygenin of Osmanthus Fragrans Lour. during Flowering and Post-harvest Storage,YuanXinXia/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/5
  8. Establishment of AFLP Technical System on Anther of Mitochondria DNA in Lycium Barbarum L,LinJia/Ningxia University,0/75
  9. Study on the Comprehensive Extraction Technology of the Active Components of the Leaves and Samara of Eucommia Ulmoides,CuiLi/Hunan Agricultural University,0/7
  10. Effects of Doubled Atmospheric CO2Concentration on Photosynthesis Product Allocation and Fruit Quality in Lycium Barbarum,PanJing/Ningxia University,0/43
  11. On EST-SSR Primer Design and Genetic Diversity in Eucommia Ulmoides Oliver,HuangHaiYan/Chinese Academy of Forestry,0/85
  12. Comparative Study on Lycium Barbarum of Different Producing Units and the High-quality Strains Selection,LinZuo/Gansu Agricultural University,0/63
  13. Genetic Diversity of Eucommia Ulmoides in Anhui Province Based on ISSRs,ZhuXiaoMin/Anhui Agricultural University,0/23
  14. Application of ISSRs to Analysis of Genetic Diversity and Sex Identiifcation for Eucommia Ulmoides,WangXianYun/Anhui Agricultural University,0/20
  15. Effects of Irrigation and Mulching on Growth and Water Use Efficiency of Lycium,ZengXiaoChun/Gansu Agricultural University,0/22
  16. Research on Optimization of determination and fingerprint of the effective components in Fructus Corni many at the same time,LiuYanNi/Shaanxi Normal University,0/77
  17. Study on the Isolation, Identification of Endophytic Actinomycetes from Melia Toosendan,ChenMeng/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/114
  18. Physiological Reaction of Paeonia Ostii and Paeonia Suffruticosa and the Transcriptome Analyses of Paeonia Ostii in Response to Copper Stress,DongChunLan/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/3
  19. Variation in Seedling Growth and its Contents of Leaf Medicinal Compositions in Different Cyclocarya Paliurus Provenances,YangWanXia/Nanjing Forestry University,0/96
  20. Chemical Constituents of Machilus Ichangensis Rehd. Et Wils. and Their Biological Activities,ChengFan/Beijing Forestry University,0/12
  21. Study on the Separation and Purification of Aucubin from Eucommia Ulmoides Leaves,DaiHongBo/Hunan Agricultural University,0/9
  22. Morinda Citrifolia Linn(NONI)Study on Genetic Diversity of Germplasm Resources,LaiMaoLiang/Hainan University,0/1
  23. Isolation and Purification of Condensed Tannins from the Leaf of Manilkara Zapota Van Royen and Its Structure and Bioactivities,FengHuiLing/Xiamen University,0/1
  24. Research on Pollination Biology and Embryology in Fatsia Japonica (Thunb.) Decne. Et Planch.,DingXueJiao/Zhejiang Ocean University,,0/3
  25. Study on Molecular Markers Linked to Sex of Celastrus Orbiculatus Thunb,WeiLiJuan/Lu Tung University,0/0
  26. Effects of Organic Fertilizer and Biogas Slurry on Lycium Barbarum Chlorophyll Fluorescence Parameters、Growth and Soil Nutrient,ChenNa/Gansu Agricultural University,0/34
  27. The Quality Performance of Lonicera Macranthoides in Suining and the Correlation with Soil Research,WangFeng/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/0
  28. Effects of Rhizobium Inoculation on Nitrogen Nutrition and Abrine Metabolism in Abrus Mollis,ZhangMin/Guangxi University,0/0
  29. Effects of Different Leds on the Growth and Contents of Medicinal Active Components of Sophora Tonkinensis Seedings,WangMeiYing/Guangxi University,0/1
  30. Studies on the Changes of Endogenous Hormone Contents and Fruit Development and Their Relationship in Lycium Barbarum L.,YangXiaoWan/Ningxia University,0/1
  31. Effects of Mycorrhizal on Physiological Characteristics and Secondary Metabolites of Amur Cork and Japanese Yew Seedlings,XiaChunMei/Northeast Forestry University,0/0
  32. Endophytic Fungi Isolation from Eucommia Ulmoides and Study on the Antimicrobial Activities of Their Metabolites,JiangJiaoLong/Jiangnan University,0/1
  33. Studies on fungal flora diversity and its antioxidant activity in student Fortunearia,WuZhenYing/Nanjing Normal University,0/3
  34. Multi-scale Difference Analysis of Alkaloid Content in Natural Populations of Phellodendron Amurense Distributed in Northeast of China,XuLiJiao/Northeast Forestry University,0/0
  35. Combined Effects of Genotype and Environment on the Soluble Polysaccharide of Cyclocarya paliurus Leaves,ZhouXiaoDong/Nanjing Forestry University,0/2
  36. Influence of Illumination Intensity and Provenance on Triterpenoids Accumulation in the Leaves of Cyclocarya paliurus Seedlings,LiYan/Nanjing Forestry University,0/4
  37. Study on Formation of Resinous Substances by Hormone Induction in Aquilaria Sinensis Tree,WangZhiZuo/Nanjing Forestry University,0/3
  38. Study on Extraction and Separation of Active Ingredients from Pandanus Tectorius Sol.,ZhanLiLi/Hainan University,0/2
  39. Study on the Bioactive Components from the Roots of Strophanthus Divaricatus,ChengWen/Hainan University,0/1
  40. Construction of cDNA Library and Expressed Sequence Tags(EST) Analysis of Tripterygium Wilfordii Leaf,XueYiMin/Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University,0/2
  41. Study on the Quality and Ecological Suitability of Lycium Chinense from Different Producing Areas Based on Climatic Characteristics,WenMeiJia/Shanxi University,0/3
  42. The Establishment of Optimal Culture System and the Pilot-scale Culture of Adventitious Root of Tripterygium Wilfordii Hook. F,YangZuoZuo/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/3
  43. Preliminary Study on the Identification, Cultivation and the Regulation of Secondary Metabolites of Tripterygium Wilfordii Hook.f Hairy Root,FengHuiNa/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/3
  44. Study on Effective Component Content Analysis and Plus Tree Selection Technology of Magnolia Officinalis Plantation,GaoDeQiang/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/0
  45. Cloning and Prokaryotic Express of Fls Gene from Eucommia Ulmoides Oliv.,ChangLi/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/1
  46. Study on Efficient Separation Technology of Active Ingredients from Schisandra Chinensis (Turcz.) Baill. and Multistage Utilization of Medicinal Resources,MaChunHui/Northeast Forestry University,0/4
  47. Studies on Micropropagation and Plant Regeneration in Vitro of Tengcha(Ampelopsis Grossedentata),ZhangXia/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/26
  48. Effect of Auxin on Adventitious Root Formation of Cephalanthus Occidentalis L.,MaZuo/Agricultural University of Hebei,0/12
  49. The Regulation of Microecological Conditions on Tissue Culture of Tripterygium Wilfordii Hook.F,LiJianJuan/Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University,0/14
  50. Genuine medicinal materials schisandrin standardized planting (GAP) study of quality standard,WangLinLin/Shenyang Pharmaceutical University,0/45

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