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  1. Study on Microstructure and Properties of Grade690MPa Low Alloy High Strength Steel Based on the Trial-production,ChenXiaoZuo/Liaoning University of Science and Technology,0/64
  2. Study on Microstructure and Properties of Titanium and Niobium Multi-micoralloycd Steel,YangJing/Wuhan University of Science and Technology,0/56
  3. Basic research of Ti MICROALLOYED STEEL and titanium in nonmetallic element interaction,WangDong/Kunming University of Science and Technology,0/105
  4. Study on Tensile Layered Mechanism of Q345B,WangLiZuo/Wuhan University of Science and Technology,0/27
  5. Design and calculation of expandable tube and mechanical properties of low carbon microalloyed high strength steel,WangYiWen/Southwest Petroleum University,0/7
  6. The Effect of Grain Size on Mechanical Properties and Formability in Vanadium-alloyed Steel,CaiShouGui/Jiangsu University,0/45
  7. Laboratory Development of1500MPa Grade Super-strength Low Alloy Steel,SuChunXia/Northeastern University,0/71
  8. Basic Research on Preparation and Properties of Boron Steel with Iron Bearing Boron,ZhouZhenZhou/Northeastern University,0/76
  9. Friction and Wear Properties of a High-performance Plasma Nitrided Steel,WangGuangHong/South China University of Technology,0/21
  10. Study on Martensite Microstructure and Properties of Low-carbon Low-alloyed Steel after Rolling and Annealing,ChengMengMeng/Yanshan University,0/56
  11. Study of cast 2.25Cr1Mo0.25V steel coarse grain refinement,ZhaoGuangHui/Taiyuan University of Science and Technology,0/40
  12. Studies on Technology and Microstructure Performance of the Nb Micro-alloyed Q345R Plate,WangHui/Wuhan University of Science and Technology,0/70
  13. Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Medium-carbon Alloyed Steels by Austempering,LiuAnKai/Yanshan University,0/89
  14. Effect of Cu content on steel microstructure and mechanical properties of 9Ni at low temperature,OuYangHuangSheng/Kunming University of Science and Technology,0/86
  15. Study on Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of High-carbon Alloyed Steel by Low-temperature Isothermal Transformation,YangJing/Yanshan University,0/102
  16. Microstructurre and Mechanical Properties of Nanostructure Bainite in Surface Layer of Alloy Steel,ZhangPeng/Yanshan University,0/135
  17. Microalloyed non quenched and tempered steel basic theory and application technology research,LiuPan/Kunming University of Science and Technology,0/137
  18. The Research on Friction and Wear Properties of Low-Carbon Low-Alloy Steels,YaoYinQun/Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering,0/154
  19. Research on Impact Toughness of Boron-Nickel Added High Strength Low Alloy Steel,LiShuai/Shandong University,0/142
  20. Microstructure and Mechanical Property Optimization of HSLA Steel,HuJingYu/Harbin Engineering University,0/309
  21. The Effects of Ti in the Microstructure and Marcography Mechnics in Nb-microalloying Steel,ZhaoBaoHua/Wuhan University of Science and Technology,0/253
  22. Research on Solution/Precipitation of NB and Their Effects on Microstructure Evolution of High NB Microalloyed Teels,CaoYaBin/Yanshan University,0/247
  23. Study on Boron-NickeI Added High Strength Low Alloy Cryogenic H-beams,WangXiao/Shandong University,0/255
  24. Titanium micro alloying effect on titanium carbonitride dissolution and precipitation in austenite steel,ZhaoDongWei/Kunming University of Science and Technology,0/316
  25. Study of Structure Ultrafinement of Micro-alloyed Steel Based on Deformation Enhanced Transformation,LiXinCheng/Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering,0/388
  26. Application of Phase Equilibrium Thermodynamic Method in Alloy Design for High Carbon Alloy Steel with Ultra Fine Carbides,ZhangYang/Dalian Maritime University,1/451
  27. Niobium molybdenum complex microalloyed steels carbonitride precipitation,CaoJianChun/Kunming University of Science and Technology,4/776
  28. Investigation on Related Microstructure Control and Theory of Ultra-refinement of Austenite Grains in Microalloyed Steel,YaoShengJie/Northeastern University,1/609
  29. New ultra-high-strength steel alloy to optimize its organizational performance research,LuZuo/Kunming University of Science and Technology,0/109
  30. Composition-microstructure-properties and Remanufacturing of the High Strength Low Alloy Steel,HuangZhenYi/Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering,0/433
  31. Micro-alloyed steel Q345 CCT curves and Fracture Toughness,ZhangXiWang/Central South University,7/686
  32. Characterization and Analysis of Three Dimensional Morphology of Intergranular and Intragranular Ferrite in Low Carbon Micro Alloyed Steel,ChengLin/Wuhan University of Science and Technology,0/193
  33. Study on Continuous Cooling Transformation Diagrams of Alloy Steels,ZhangHuangQiang/Wuhan University of Science and Technology,3/685
  34. Study on Explosion Hardening Technology of Hadifield Steel,LiFeng/University of North,0/107
  35. IGF Non-Hardened-Tempered Steel Research,WangShuHua/Shandong University,1/214
  36. Theoretical Studies on Acicular Ferrite Transformation in Micro-alloyed Steels,XuXiaoFeng/China University of Petroleum,1/433
  37. Low-alloy high strength steel metastable , non- homogeneous organization and its impact on performance,YaoShanGang/Xi'an University of Technology,0/274
  38. 10Cr9MolVNbN steel and austenitic microstructure and properties after aging research,DaiZuo/Xi'an University of Technology,6/279
  39. Study on Technology and Microstructure of a Microalloyed High-strength Steel on CSP,WanLun/Wuhan University of Science and Technology,2/124
  40. Study on Oxidation Behavior at High Temperature for a Novel Tubing Steel with Higher Aluminum Content,RenZhong/Harbin Engineering University,1/87
  41. Effects of Deformation Parameter on the Microstructure of Micro-alloyed Steel,ChenZhenYe/Wuhan University of Science and Technology,2/156
  42. Research on Grain Refinement of 4137H Steels and Sn-P Bronze,HuiChunHua/Dalian University of Technology,0/35
  43. TMCP Microalloyed Steel with anti - corrosion studies,KangWei/Central South University,0/54
  44. The impact of rare earth elements on the microstructure and properties of low-alloy wear-resistant steel,PengHongWei/Central South University,0/245
  45. Analysis on Mechanism of Cleavage Fracture at the Lower Shelf of Ductile-to-brittle Transition of a Low Alloyed Steel,FangXiuYang/Lanzhou University of Technology,1/77
  46. Research on Preparation and Strength and Toughness of a New Style HSLA Steel for Perforating Gun,QiFei/Tianjin University of Technology,0/43
  47. Reliability Study on Creep Property in High Temperature of GH36 Steel,MaYanHui/Kunming University of Science and Technology,0/37
  48. Research on Application of Micro-alloying High Manganese Steel,ChaXiangDong/Northeastern University,0/132
  49. Study on Super High Managanese Steel with Trace Boron,LiShuQin/Northeastern University,0/65
  50. Research on TMCP Process of a Grade Q390 Type HSLA Steel Plate,WangPengFei/Northeastern University,1/122

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