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  1. Synthesis and Photocatalytic Properties of Oil-Soluble Nano-Titania,LiuYongGen/Donghua University,0/12
  2. Study on Preparation and photocatalytic properties of urea modified industrial TiO2 system,PiJunMin/Chongqing Technology and Business University,0/4
  3. Fabrication and Photocatalytic Properties of Ti Net-based TiO2Nanotubes by Anodization,LiuChangYan/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/37
  4. Study on Components of Surface Modification of Titanium Dioxide,YangLiFen/Chongqing University,0/43
  5. Artificial Z-scheme Photocatalytic System Based on Wood-templated TiO2,PanZuo/Shanghai Jiaotong University,0/22
  6. The electromagnetic properties of structural defects of TiN nano composite material and wave absorbing performance based on,ChengXiaoQiang/Henan University,0/23
  7. Studies on the Photocatalysis of Transitional Metal Modified Titanium Dioxide,MaShiLiang/Zhejiang University,0/1
  8. Ultrafine TiC/Ti(C1-xNx) Powder Derived from Tetrabutyl Titanate,XuZhuo/Guilin University of Technology,0/39
  9. Study on the preparation of doped TiO2 and its photocatalytic properties of polymer network gel method,ChenXingXing/Kunming University of Science and Technology,0/86
  10. A Study on the Synthesis of NH4TiOF3and Na2Ti6O13 Powder,ChenJin/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/2
  11. The Process Factors Research on Synthesis of TiN by Carbonthermal Reduction and Nitridation of TiO2,ZhangYanMing/Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology,0/5
  12. Study on Preparation of Titanium Sub-oxides of Magneli Phases and Application for Oxygen Evolution Reaction,TangChao/Central South University,0/37
  13. Preparation of Ordered Mesoporous TiO2Thin Film and Its Application in Methanol Catalytic Combustion,BianYuRong/Shanghai University,0/43
  14. Study on Preparation and photocatalytic activity of anatase titanium dioxide of high,SunJia/Yangzhou University,0/133
  15. The Study on Self-cleaning Glasses with TiO2Photocatalyst Films,LiJian/Henan University of Technology,0/130
  16. Preparation of N-Doped TiO2Nanotubes and Its Photocatalytic Activity in Removing NOx,RanLingFeng/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/53
  17. Ultrasonic Spray Preparation of TiO2-based Porous Microspheres and Their Photocatalytic Properties,LiuHong/Northeast Normal University,0/52
  18. Modification and Bioactivc of TiO2Nanotube Arrays,XiaJinYang/Wuhan University of Science and Technology,0/23
  19. Study on Photocatalytic Performance of titanium dioxide plasma copper surface effects,KangLiMin/Northwestern University,0/16
  20. Properties of N/Y Doped Titanium Dioxide Thin Films,HuangJingJing/Nanchang University,0/24
  21. Reserach of Preparationand Photocatalytic of TiO2Nanofibersmaterials,TianYe/Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology,0/44
  22. The Effects of Non-stoichiometric TiN0.3 on the Interfacial Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Refractory Material,YeYaNan/Yanshan University,0/0
  23. Preparation of TiC_x by Mechanical Alloying and Compositing with Second Phase,LiCui/Yanshan University,0/1
  24. Microwave-Assisted Low-Temperature in Situ Synthesis and Performance of Nano Tungsten-Doped TIO2Coated Cotton Fabric,FengJing/Donghua University,0/71
  25. Hybrid TiO2Porous Films and Superhydrophilicity Without UV Irradiation,SunLin/Zhejiang University,0/53
  26. The Study on the Electronic Properties of Nb-doped TiO2Based Transparent Conductive Oxides,YangZhenHui/Zhejiang University,0/4
  27. Study on Preparation of Nano-TIO2and Composite Hydrosol and Application in Functional Textiles,YeFengYing/,0/12
  28. Study on the Controllable Preparation and Erformance of Titanate Composite,XuYing/Changchun University of Science and Technology,0/3
  29. Stud on Hydrothermal Synthesis, Characterization and Properties of Perovskite Oxide Micro-and Nanostructures,YangZuo/Zhejiang University,0/7
  30. Synthesis and Photocatalytic Effect of TiO2Nanoparticles by Improved Sol-gel Method,BaiXiaoLong/University of North,0/5
  31. The Hydrothermal Synthesis of TiO2Nanordos Array and Its Photoelectric Property,WangJia/Zhejiang University,0/1
  32. The Experimental Research of Boiling Heat Transfer with TiO2Nanotubearrays Surface on Titanium,WangXinLiang/Hebei University of Technology,0/7
  33. Research on Surface Treatment of Titanium and Titanium-based Insoluble Anode,GaoLei/Hunan University,0/33
  34. Preparation and Photocatalytic Activities of TiO2Using Ionic Liquid Assisted,WeiWei/Dalian University of Technology,0/0
  35. Synthesis and Characterization of Water-dispersible Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles with High Photocatalytic Activity,JingJieYing/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/38
  36. Preparation and Catalytic Performance of Modified TiO2Nanotubes,SongJuanJuan/Nankai University,0/27
  37. Dye Photo-sensitized TiO2and Hematite Photoelectrocatalytic Oxidation of as (Ⅲ),ZhuHongQiao/Zhejiang University,0/29
  38. Synthesis of TiO2Nanowire Arrays on Diverse Substrates and the Photocatalytic Performance,LiZuo/Zhejiang University,0/2
  39. Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity of Nano-scaled TiO2by Natural Schorl,LiuWeiChao/Harbin University of Science and Technology,0/26
  40. Preparation of TiO2Composite Nanofiber and Photocatalytic Properties Research,HeZhiXiao/Shanxi Normal University,0/1
  41. Preparation, Characterization and Property of Titanium Dioxide with Special Morphology,ZhangShuMin/University of North,0/18
  42. The First-principle Study of Nitrogen and Chalcogen Elements Codoped TiO2,LiChangSheng/University of North,0/6
  43. The Research on Catalysis Performance and Stability of Enzyme Covalently Immobilized Onto the Surface-modified TiO2Microspheres,LiangYanPeng/Tianjin University,0/1
  44. Controllable Synthesis of Nano-TiO2and the Anti-ultraviolet Radiation Property Investigation of Acrylic Resin Modified with It,SongXiuLian/Hubei University,0/25
  45. Preparation of TiO2/Ti Composite and its Photocatalytic Activity,WangZuo/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/36
  46. Preparation of Titinium Dioxide Film with High Photocatalytic Activity by Sol-Gel Process,ZhangZuo/South China University of Technology,0/42
  47. Effect of crystal type control and rare earth doped nano titanium dioxide electrorheological properties of the,WuMaoYan/Yangzhou University,0/59
  48. Controllable Synthesis and Characterization of TiO2Nanocrystals and Their Composites Induced by Nanocrystalline Cellulose,PengXinYan/South China University of Technology,0/68
  49. Preparation and Electrochemical Properties of TiO2Anode Materials for Lithium-ion Battery,ChenLin/Xinjiang University,1/461
  50. Study on Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Ilmenite Concentrates by H2-CO Reduction,SiXinGuo/Shanghai University,0/153

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