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  1. Synthesis of Phosphoramidates and Study of Their Flame Retardant Properties,YaoBinBin/Donghua University,0/19
  2. A Study on Microstructure and High-Performance of Textile Steel Ring,SongDongLiang/Donghua University,0/9
  3. Study on the Synthesis of Phosphazenes and Their Flame Retartant Properties,ZhangZuo/Donghua University,0/162
  4. Study on the Properties of Maleinated Starch and Its Sulfonated Modification Using as Warp Size Agents,WangMiao/Jiangnan University,0/30
  5. Study on the Cationically Grafted Starch of Quaternary Ammonium Salts as Sizing Agents,ZhuZhongQiu/Jiangnan University,0/46
  6. Research on Preparation and Performance of Biodegradable Thermoplastic Films and Textile Sizes from Natural Proteins,ChenLiHong/Donghua University,0/52
  7. The Study and Application of Amylase and Sodium Persulfate in Desizing Process of STARCH/PVA Mixed-Size,WangZuoZuo/Donghua University,0/21
  8. The Synthesis of Silica Areogel via Atmospheric Pressure Drying and Its Application in Thermal Insulation Textile,HeXiangMei/Donghua University,0/105
  9. Maglev Type Driving Knitting Design and Simulation Thermal Analysis,WangChangHu/Wuhan Textile University,0/34
  10. Study on the Synthesis and Performances of Water-Soluble Polyurethane Sizes,LvFuJu/Jiangnan University,0/119
  11. The Research of New Suspension Needle Selection Principle and the Digital Simulation Design of Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine,SongXiaoNing/Wuhan Textile University,0/14
  12. Study on Super Anti-friction and Wear Resistanc of the Ring Traveler,ChenYi/Jiangnan University,0/28
  13. Needle Modeling of Suspension Type Drive of New Knitting Machine and Researching on Experiment System,HuangZhen/Wuhan Textile University,0/32
  14. Research of Chemical Initiator Trigger Grafted Modified Starch,ChenZuoZuo/Suzhou University,0/74
  15. Study on Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Aided Desizing of the Mixture of Phosphate Starch and Poly(vinyl alcohol),LiXuMing/Donghua University,0/60
  16. Preparation and Characterization of Vinyl Ester Resin Emulsion Type Sizing Agent for Carbon Fiber,LiuJianYe/Jinan University,1/96
  17. Study on the Conditions of Microbial Degradation of Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) and the Mechanism of the Degradation Process,ZhangYing/Jiangnan University,6/711
  18. Solubility of Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) Film and Desizing of Cotton Fabric Treated with Atmospheric Pressure Plasma,PengShuJing/Donghua University,0/246
  19. Study on the Dynamic Performance of Size Film and Its Applications in Evaluation of Modification Effect of the Size Doped with Montmorillonite,ZhangZhiFen/Donghua University,0/19
  20. Study of Nanometer TiO2 Modified Polyacrylic Copolymer Sizing Agent,CuiJianWei/Donghua University,0/64
  21. Research on the Clean Preparation Processing and Property of Grafted Starch Size,LiLiang/Donghua University,0/154
  22. Determination and Elimination of Interference Factorsin PVA Fast Identification,LiGuiChun/Donghua University,1/109
  23. Study on the Polyacrylic Acid Size Modified by Nano-TiO2,XueJinLiang/Donghua University,0/236
  24. Characterization for the Effect of Plasma-Induced Graft Polymerization on Starch Grafted with Polyacrylic Acid,WangZuo/Donghua University,1/132
  25. Preparation and Properties of Starch Graft Comoplyer Sizes,WangLei/Qingdao University,1/200
  26. Development of the Green Alkylpolyglucosides Starch Size,ZhangYong/Donghua University,0/89
  27. Study on Biological Modification of Chitin Size,ChenYan/Donghua University,1/130
  28. Research on the Polyacrylic Acid Size Modified by Nanomaterial,ZhouRenYong/Donghua University,0/206
  29. Technology Study on Fault Characteristics Extraction and Classification of High-speed Ring-spinning Spindle,QiXiaoXu/Donghua University,2/56
  30. Study on Technology of Biological Deacetylation of Chitin,WangXing/Donghua University,0/256
  31. Research of Synthesis and Properties of Textile Sizes,ChangZhiWei/Qingdao University,4/374
  32. Studies on the Polyacrylate Sizes Prepared with Emulsion Polymerization,ZhengZhiRong/Jiangnan University,2/314
  33. Effect of High-speed Shearing on the Properties of Size Solution and Size Film,XieGaiJun/Jiangnan University,0/112
  34. Studies on the Sizing Behavior of Two Kinds of Ionized Starch Sizes,ChengZheQiong/Jiangnan University,3/174
  35. The Influence of Nanoparticle SiO2 on Size Film of Starch Size,ChengXiuPing/Jiangnan University,0/107
  36. Research on the Heat Pipe Heater with Nano-fluids Used in Textiles,LiHongLiang/Qingdao University,2/74
  37. Study on Mechanical Properties of Starch-PVA Blend Film for Warp Sizing,ShaoZhengPing/Jiangnan University,1/215
  38. Study on New Polishing Technology and Mechanism of Textile Ring,JiaXiaoHua/Jiangnan University,0/72
  39. Esterified alkenyl succinic anhydride grafted starch slurry of,ZhangLongQiu/Jiangnan University,2/217
  40. Recycled polyester silk glycol alcohol solution prepared slurry of polyester,LiZhunZhun/Jiangnan University,1/291
  41. Study on the Purpose and Effect of Alkyl Carboxylic Acids Used as Sizing Auxiliary for Sizing Warp Yarns,XuMengHua/Jiangnan University,0/36
  42. Low-substituted carboxymethyl starch of the water phase and the sizing properties of Synthesis,ZhangLvXiang/Jiangnan University,2/147
  43. Study on Allyl Etherification Pretreatment of Starch for Preparing the Grafted Starch as Sizing Agents,LiManLi/Jiangnan University,1/117
  44. Studies on Sizing Behavior of Amphoteric Starch Sizes,LinXiuPei/Jiangnan University,2/162
  45. Preparation and Properties of Non-ionic Nitrogen-containing Etherification Starch Sizes,ChenPeiHua/Jiangnan University,1/89
  46. Preparation of Starch Grafted Poly-hydroxy Alkyl-acid Esters and the Sizing Performance,GuoLiangHong/Donghua University,0/82
  47. Research on PVA-Degrading Enzyme Applied in Desiziing of Fabric Sized by Polyvinyl Alcohol,LiuHongYu/Donghua University,0/124
  48. Improvement Study on Testing Method of Size Adhesion,ChenJiCheng/Donghua University,0/76
  49. Studies on the Function of Hydrophilic Constituent Units of PALS Sizing Agents,XuCongFang/Jiangnan University,1/38
  50. Research on Dynamic Characteristics of High-speed Spindle Based on Virtual Prototype Technology,ZhaoLiang/University of North,0/68

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