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  1. The Research Onthe Religious Thought of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty,WuGuanYu/Shanxi University,0/0
  2. On the Folk Beliefs of the Northern Shaanxi,ZhaoXiCheng/Yan'an University,0/35
  3. Issues Related to the Filial Piety in the Five Dynasties,LiLi/Anhui University,1/54
  4. Research on the Origin and Evolution of "DE" Concept in Pre-Qin Period,LiDeLong/Jilin University,0/315
  5. Tang Shunzhi’s Choice about Becoming an Official or Being Reclusive and the Change of His Thoughts,ChenYuLing/Northeast Normal University,0/3
  6. The Study on LinXiyi’s Thought about the Three Religions Fusion,WangWeiZuo/Hebei University,0/7
  7. Exploration of New Confucianism’s Cosmic Ontology,GuoHongChao/Jinan University,0/255
  8. Study on the Bamboo Metaphysical Trend,YanQiuFeng/East China Normal University,0/130
  9. Jiao Xun "the Analects" Preliminary Study,WanMiaoWang/Jiangxi Normal University,0/0
  10. Struggling for Salvation and Enjoyment for the Life,WangShangPing/Central China Normal University,0/3
  11. The Research of Wangchong’s Idea on "the Compliment of the Han Dynasty",LiuFengPing/Suzhou University,0/8
  12. The Study of Guan Zi Bu Zhu of Liu Ji,WuGuangXue/Anhui University,0/16
  13. Han Fei under the Influence of Academics in the Late Zhou Dynasty,QuWen/Jilin University,0/171
  14. The Discussion of "Ming" in Han fei-zi,ChenZuo/Lanzhou University,0/26
  15. The Jian-Bo Literatures——The Five Elements and Zist-Mencius School,SunXiGuo/Jilin University,0/243
  16. Chun Qiu Wei and Han Dynast Thought World,WangXiaoMing/Hunan University,0/35
  17. The political thought of Xunzi on the evil as the starting point,CuiGuangXi/Liaoning Normal University,0/100
  18. Research on Quotation of Zhouyi of the Han and Latter Han Dynasties,MaJuan/Hebei Normal,0/78
  19. Study on Li Bin--Fengcheng Hou of Ming Dynasty,LuYanQin/Nanchang University,0/3
  20. Discussion of Jiao Zhi Province Treasure Minister,Huang Fu,LeiChao/Nanchang University,0/1
  21. Invstigate to Fanzhongyan Academic Thought,ZhangJunYing/Yan'an University,0/19
  22. Study of Li Xian,MaJiaZe/Jilin University,0/45
  23. Study on the Well-konwn Doctor Chun Yuyi in Western Han Dynasty,MenShuFen/Lanzhou University,0/86
  24. Study on Fan Zuyu and His Book Tang Jian Comply with the Lixue Angle,LiuZuo/Nanchang University,0/0
  25. A Study on Huyuan’s Academic and Education Thought from Tiyong,MaLan/Hebei University,0/3
  26. Genealogy Discourse and Power Expression,ZhangAiHua/East China Normal University,0/286
  27. Found in the Han Dynasty Unearthed in the Northwest of"Nourishing"and Its Study of Issues Related,MengJianSheng/Guangxi Normal University,0/109
  28. The Discussion of Qingyang National Inscriptions,ZhangHong/Lanzhou University,0/67
  29. The Study on the Formation of the Clothing System and Social Hierarchy in the Pre-QIN Period,WuAiQin/Henan University,0/2
  30. A Study of the Qin Dynasty Bamboo Slips Wei Li Zhi Guan Ji Qian Shou Which Kept in Yuelu Academy,ZhangJunWei/Zhengzhou University,0/37
  31. The Study on the Bamboo Slips Called Rujiazheyan,LiuFanChao/Hebei Normal,0/68
  32. Study on the Beliefs of the Late Tang Peopie by Epitaph,SongGuoCai/Shandong University,0/86
  33. From the Bamboo and Wooden Slips to Study the Warring States Period Qinchu Civilians Family,HuZuoZuo/Hebei Normal,0/91
  34. Rheological Study on Shanhaiching Genie’s Image,ChenShuai/Yan'an University,0/82
  35. The Comparative Study between Xiadu of Yan State and Lingshou of Zhongshan State,XuWenYing/Hebei Normal,0/86
  36. In the Western Han Dynasty bronze wine vessels,WangYuan/Nanjing Normal University,0/118
  37. A Study on Landlords’ Manors in Northern China from Wall Paintings of Han Dynasty Tomb in Helinger Town,LiShuFen/Inner Mongolia University,0/95
  38. Study on the Warring States Chu burial system,WangXiWei/Northwestern University,2/364
  39. National Amalgamation Seen in the Inscription in the Central Plains Since Song and Yuan Dynasties,WangZe/Zhengzhou University,0/91
  40. The Labor Punishment Sinners Reflected in the Qin Bamboo Slips,YangGuangCheng/Jilin University,0/144
  41. On Ideology of Carving of Statues in Yungang Grottoes,ZhangYanHong/Shanxi University,0/144
  42. The Research of the Path That North Bronze Culture Propagate to Central Plains in Shang Dynasty,SunXiaoPeng/Hebei Normal,0/202
  43. A Study on Bronze Inscriptions of the Zhou Dynasty Unearthed in the Nanxiang Basin,ZhangDan/Wuhan University,1/271
  44. A Study on Franchise of Salt in Macao in the Late Qing Dynasty (1851-1911),GuoYanRu/Jinan University,0/5
  45. Guangdong Governor Zhang Zhidong and the Negotiation of Macao,LiMiao/Jinan University,0/11
  46. Yi Gu and Land Reclaimation in Ordoso,ZhouLi/Inner Mongolia University,0/46
  47. Issues of Wang You Dun,YaoWei/Anhui University,0/51
  48. The Historical Complex of Zhang Dai,ShiZuo/Central China Normal University,0/101
  49. Protestant Missionaries and the Opium War,YangYuQiu/Jinan University,0/28
  50. The Modernizaiton Development of Tongling Where is along Yantze River in Anhui Province,YaoXueMei/Anhui Normal University,0/69

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