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  1. Research on Energy Consumption Analysis and Energy Demand Forecast of Traffic Transport Industry in Jilin Province,LiChunRong/Jilin University,0/171
  2. Research on Image Correction Method of Accident Scene Based on Inherent Geometric Features of Road Environment,WangJiLiang/Jilin University,2/43
  3. The Influence Law of City Travel Route Choice on the Fuel Consumption of Passenger Car,TianLiYou/Jilin University,2/64
  4. The Simulation of Controllability and Stability of Tractor Semitrailer and Its Braking Performance Based on Trucksim,HanShuChang/Jilin University,0/203
  5. Research on Real-time Calculation Model of EV Energy Consumption Based on VA Distribution,LaiXiangXiang/Jilin University,0/66
  6. A Study on Control of Nonlinear Stability for Tractor-Semitrailer,PengTao/Jilin University,2/332
  7. Research on Bus Handling Stability Analysis and Control Strategy,ZhangHao/Jilin University,3/713
  8. Research and Development of Engine Vitrual Assembly Simulation Software Based on Virtools,JiangShiZuo/Jilin University,0/133
  9. Research on Flow Characteristics in Bionic Non-Smooth Surface Diesel Helical Intake Port,NiWeiXin/Jilin University,0/46
  10. Research on Optimization Design of CNG/Diesel Dual Fuel Engine Inlet,WangPinZuo/Jilin University,1/286
  11. Research on Highway Driver’s Anti-collision Decision-making System Based on Wireless Network Technology,FengKui/Jilin University,0/99
  12. Research on Monitoring and Early-warning System for Truck Brake Safety Status,WangHaiZheng/Jilin University,0/37
  13. Research on State Parameters of Bus Handing Stability Based on Testing Experiment,WangQiBo/Jilin University,0/25
  14. Dynamics Modeling and Simulation Assessment of Operating Bus Chassis Performance Based on Trucksim,XuYan/Jilin University,1/167
  15. Research on Speed Limit of Arterial Highway in Jilin Province Based on Traffic Safety,LiuXia/Jilin University,0/65
  16. Research on Driver’s Visual Characteristics and Heatr Rate on Xpressway Tunnel Sections,QiaoFeiYan/Jilin University,2/135
  17. Research on the Risk of Drivers’ Adverse Driving Ehavior on Freeway,SiDongMei/Jilin University,1/252
  18. Research on Driver’s Visual Characteristics and Physiologic Factor on Urban Congested Roads,LiBianZuo/Jilin University,0/26
  19. Simulation of Pedestrian Flow in Signal Control Crosswalk of Intersection,LiJingJing/Jilin University,0/37
  20. Research on Image Processing of Accident Scene Based on Multiple and Unfixed References,WangWeiXia/Jilin University,0/27
  21. A Study of Surveying and Mapping Accident Scene Elements Based on Geometric Corrected Images,LiuZhongShi/Jilin University,0/34
  22. A Study on Vehicle Operation Risk Based on Typical Case Analysis of Traffic Accident,LiFu/Jilin University,0/47
  23. Road Traffic Safety Comprehensive Evaluation and Simulation of Urban and Rural Ecotone of Central Cities,LiYan/Jilin University,0/196
  24. Traceability Technologies of Suspects’Vehicle Base on Information of Tire,WangZhen/Jilin University,0/124
  25. Study on the Impact of Freeway Tunnel Environment on Drivers’ Physiology and Psychology,DingGuangMing/Chang'an University,0/173
  26. Adaptive Assessment and Optimization of Traffic Safety Facilities of Road Network,BianHaoYi/Chang'an University,0/150
  27. Research on Mechanisms and Enhancement Countermeasures of Emergency Management Capabilities for Road Hazardous Materials Transport Enterprise,ZuoYuanChun/Chang'an University,0/114
  28. Reasearch on Vehicle Conflict Detection and Resolution Algorithm at Unsignalized Intersection,EWenJuan/Jilin University,2/393
  29. The Study of Driver’s Heart Rate Variable Rule on Mountain Highway,SongPing/Jilin University,1/70
  30. Simulation of Vehicle Conflict under VBox&Cellular Automata,ZhangJi/Jilin University,0/103
  31. A Study on Vehicle Operating Safety Characteristics Based on Molecular Dynamics,ChenXiuFeng/Jilin University,0/132
  32. Study on ECG and Operating Behavior Characteristics of Long-distance Bus Drivers on Nighttime Freeway,QianYuBin/Chang'an University,1/171
  33. Athematical Analysis of Driving Behavior Eerrors Based on Driver and Road Environmental Factors,FuKun/Jilin University,0/216
  34. Analyzing Traffic Accident Situation with Bayesian Network,ZhangHuiYong/Jilin University,0/593
  35. Continuous Long Slope Road Alignment Research Based on Driver’s Factors,ZhangJuan/Chang'an University,0/56
  36. Analysis and Comprehensive Evaluation on Traffic Pollution at Urban Road Intersection,ShiJiHong/Jilin University,2/296
  37. Pollution Characteristics and Control Technology of Urban Road Runoff in Xi’an City,ChenYing/Chang'an University,0/243
  38. Study of Speed Control Inducement Technology in Mountainous Highway and Wide Area Application,Zhang(WeiHua)/Chang'an University,0/71
  39. Monitoring and Early-warning System for Cargo Unusual Status of Truck,ChenZuo/Jilin University,0/41
  40. Study on Multi-Scale Dynamic Behavior of Debris in Automotive Crash,DuXueJing/Jilin University,0/327
  41. Research on Comprehensive Evaluation and Simulation Method for the Impact of High-grade Highway Landscape on Driving Safety,YangZhiFa/Jilin University,9/777
  42. A Study on Comprehensive Evaluation for the Traffic Safety of High-Grade Highways and Multifactorial Prediction Model for the Traffic Accidents,LiuZhaoHui/Jilin University,6/1676
  43. Research on Person Trip Characteristics and the Capacity Structure Model of Passenger Transport for Rural Population,FengZhongXiang/Chang'an University,5/283
  44. Study on Laws of Space Distance Cognition Variance on the Ground in Dynamic Environment,ZhaoZuoHua/Chang'an University,3/189
  45. Simulation and Experiment Research on the Failure Diagnosis for the Electronically Controlled GASOLINE/CNG Flexible-fuel Engine,YuanHuaZhi/Chang'an University,8/382
  46. Study on Vehicle Emissions Reduction in Urban Traffic Network,GuoDong/Jilin University,6/411
  47. Highway safety division Measurement of accident scene,ZhangWenHui/Jilin University,7/455
  48. Study on Reliability of Urban Road Network Based on Combinational Network,DongShengWu/Jilin University,0/375
  49. Driving Directional Stability and Brake Compatibility Control Strategy of Tractor-Semitrailer Braking in a Turn,DongJinSong/Jilin University,3/425
  50. Research on Driving Stability of Tractor-semitrailer Based on Closed Loop Control,ZhangJianGuo/Jilin University,4/339

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