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Analysis on the Ecological Adaptability to Drought Stress of Hippophae Native Species and External Species

Author: LiuRuiXiang
Tutor: Yang
School: Inner Mongolia University
Course: Ecology
Keywords: Sea Buckthorn Indigenous species Alien species Drought Stress Ecological adaptability
CLC: S793.6
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2005
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Chinese sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides sinensis) in arid, semi-arid distribution of native species, Russian Seabuckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) as alien species with good biological characteristics and economic benefits in many areas of the country, including Inner Mongolia area of ??introduction and cultivation. Different drought stress conditions in different habitats and field growth of wild sea buckthorn, from the anatomical structure of the protective enzyme system, osmotic adjustment substance, endogenous hormones, changes in photosynthesis and transpiration, and genetic characteristics and phenotypic characteristics of the relationship between Chinese Seabuckthorn and Russian Seabuckthorn systematic study of indigenous species and alien species ecological adaptability to drought stress, the results are as follows: anatomy, Seabuckthorn has developed trichomes, can form micro-climate cycle, reducing transpiration of water in order to avoid excessive water loss under drought conditions: thick stratum corneum is an effective way to reduce cell dehydration; blade has a relatively well-developed palisade tissue, Seabuckthorn anatomical structures have to adapt to drought. Drought conditions, the sea buckthorn leaf thickness is reduced, fence tissue development is stronger than the spongy tissue, is one of the strategies of the sea buckthorn adapt to arid environment. Chinese Seabuckthorn palisade tissue and spongy tissue thickness ratio was significantly greater than the thickness ratio of palisade tissue and spongy tissue of the Russian sea buckthorn, sea buckthorn female plants than male plants. Therefore, from the anatomical structure of leaves indigenous species of sea buckthorn adaptable to drought, sea buckthorn female plants to drought adaptability in the male plants. Chinese sea buckthorn leaves proline, soluble sugar content reduced in the wild with soil moisture increased significantly, the increase in female than male plants. Seabuckthorn in the field under drought stress, proline and soluble sugar content as drought stress and drought stress time increases, and Proline Accumulation capacity of sea buckthorn GT; Russian sea buckthorn, female plants gt; male plants, the accumulation of soluble sugars female and male plants and different varieties there are some differences, the performance of Russian Seabuckthorn GT; sea buckthorn, female plants gt; male plants; With the increase in the degree of drought stress, sea buckthorn leaves prolyl acid and soluble sugar content amplitude increases, drought stress stimulate the potential of sea buckthorn strain to environmental change. Comprehensive changes in proline and soluble sugar content, proline in osmotic adjustment greater contribution. Field under drought stress, with the reduction of soil moisture, sea buckthorn leaves SOD activity early in the stress significantly reduced, As drought stress extension of time continued to decrease, sea buckthorn leaf SOD activity of sea buckthorn male plants GT; Russia sea ??buckthorn female plants gt; Russian Seabuckthorn male plants gt; Chinese Seabuckthorn female plants; CAT activity was increased early in the stress after began to decline, the Chinese sea buckthorn is higher than Russian Seabuckthorn female plants than male plants; membrane lipid peroxidation MDA content with dry

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