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The Regulation of Exogenous NO on Drought Resistance and Medicinal Active in Gredients of Isatis Indigotica in Drought Stress

Author: MaoYaBin
Tutor: WeiXiaoHong
School: Gansu Agricultural University
Course: Crop Genetics and Breeding
Keywords: Nitric oxide (NO) Banlangen Drought Stress Protective enzymes Stress resistance High Performance Liquid Chromatography
CLC: S567.239
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
Downloads: 87
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In this experiment the Radix (The Isatis is indigotica, Fort.) For the material, the use of pot culture test, combined with the methods of biochemistry and plant physiology, with different concentrations of exogenous NO donor sodium nitroprusside (the Sodium Nitropresside, SNP) treatment material, explore what changes under drought stress in the exogenous NO Banlangen seedling growth and drought resistance mechanism in a more in-depth research and Banlangen the effective composition indigo content in different concentrations of SNP treatment was determined by HPLC. The results showed that: Banlangen materials, soaking, of exogenous NO NO donor sodium nitroprusside (SNP) to drought stress under Radix seed germination and seedling growth. The results show that the :0.2-2 mmol / L SNP soaking 2d to drought stress under Radix seedling growth inhibition there is a certain degree of mitigation role soaking the effect of pretreatment with 0.5 mmol / L SNP best. Banlangen 10% PEG 6000 treatment the germination rate, germination potential, germination index was significantly lower than that of the control, and with 0.5mmol/LSNP dark Soaking 2d to drought stress under Banlangen seed germination rate, germination potential, germination index significant role in mitigation; Radix unused SNP soaking treatment under drought stress than seed germination rate, germination potential and germination index increased by 58.43%, 44.19%, 56.71%, a significant difference (P lt; 0.05). Relative water content is one of the important indicators that reflect the plant water status. Banlangen seedling roots and leaves during stress, each treatment relative moisture basically the same, compared with 10% PEG 6000 treatment, the appropriate concentration of NO treatment can alleviate drought stress under Radix seedling roots and leaf relative water content decreased, reducing plant water loss, reduce seedling damage was certainly more significant. 2 0.2,0.5 and 1.Ommol-/ L SNP treatment seedlings Radix, can alleviate the oxidative damage caused by the drought stress on Radix seedlings enzyme increase superoxide dismutase (SOD), peroxidase (POD) and over the activity of catalase (CAT). Of which the SNP0.2, 0.5 mmol / L treated seedlings significant effect (P lt; 0.05), in particular, can significantly induced SOD and POD activities increased. Stress-2d various activity reaches a maximum as the stress time began to decline, indicating that exogenous NO activity induced regulation. Exogenous NO reduced drought stress under Radix membrane lipid over-accumulation of malondialdehyde; during stress, drought control the content of MDA continues to increase with the stress increase in the number of days, SNP treated seedlings with changes similar trend, However, the level of increase is relatively slow. This may be exogenous NO eased the phase-change film, thus easing the membrane lipid peroxidation, 0.5mmol/LSNP processing cell membrane protective effect most significant (P lt; 0.05). Exogenous NO significantly induced drought stress on proline, soluble sugar accumulation (P lt; 0.05) SNP treatment group was significantly higher than normal growth control seedlings, of 0.5mmol/LSNP processing seedlings most obvious difference. That exogenous NO metabolism by regulating the penetration of substances drought relief stress the damage Banlangen seedlings. Description exogenous NO can improve of Banlangen leaves under drought stress penetration protection. (5) Establish Banlangen extract in different concentrations of SNP treatment indigo quality was determined by HPLC, Banlangen alcohol extract to shake off the ethanol, chloroform extraction, and then determined by HPLC. Use of ODS (4.6 × 100 mm, 5μm) mobile phase was methanol-0.1 mol / l ammonium acetate to acetic acid (volume ratio of 70:30:1); detection wavelength of 280nm. The results showed that indigo 0.00125mg · ml-1-0.005mg · ml-1 showed a good linear relationship (r = 0.9921). Integrated Indigo standards and samples HPLC chart, we can see the different concentrations of SNP treatment Radix extract ran in the 3-4min clock within the peak area, and in the 1mmol/LSNP treatment Banlangen medicinal components indigo content ( P lt; 0.05), the content of 0.047832mg / g, RSD = 0.31%.

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