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  1. The Comparative Study on Competitiveness of Trade in Services between Beijing and Hong Kong,ZhangXiaoFang/Beijing International Studies University,0/11
  2. Research on Indirect Influence of Booth Staff’s Emotional Display on Visitor’s Communication Intention,WangMeng/Beijing International Studies University,0/1
  3. Research on the Influence of Reform of Replacing Turnover Tax with Value-added Tax on Hotel Enterprise,LiuLin/Beijing International Studies University,0/8
  4. Measurement of Risk Spillover Effects of the Tourism Value Chain,WangZuo/Beijing International Studies University,0/2
  5. Research of Service Quality Improvement in Tourism Booking Websites in Perspective of User’s Perception,WangJiHong/Beijing International Studies University,0/7
  6. International City Tour Hub Functional Assessment System Research,RenYaQing/Beijing International Studies University,0/7
  7. A Study of the Impact of FDI on the Structural Competitiveness of China’s Manufacturing Industry,YueZhaoYang/Beijing International Studies University,0/5
  8. The Study on Leisure, Quality of Life and Policy Design,FanHong/Beijing International Studies University,0/2
  9. The simultaneous interpretation of translation explicitation - the empirical study of the interpreter to students,GaoZuoYang/Beijing International Studies University,0/2
  10. Conversation class Japanese Chinese simultaneous interpretation (no release of information ellipsis) - to student trainees as the research object of,HuHuanHuan/Beijing International Studies University,0/1
  11. Research - promote tone pronunciation about China learners from the perspective of experimental phonetics,LiGang/Beijing International Studies University,0/2
  12. Study on the subtitle translation of Russian translation of cultural translation theory and the reflection,ZhangMeiZuo/Beijing International Studies University,0/4
  13. A Study on the Organization Pattern and Its Influencing Factors of Chinese&English Logical Resultative Formulae in the Mental Lexicon of Chinese-english Bilinguals,HeShuang/Beijing International Studies University,0/2
  14. On the E-C Translation of Legal Term Translation from the Perspective of Relevance Theory,NiHaiZhou/Beijing International Studies University,0/4
  15. An Analysis of Choice-making and Adaptation in the Interpretation of Premier Li Keqiang's Press Conference,ShaoHe/Beijing International Studies University,0/9
  16. A Comparative Study of Verbal Humor in Chinese and American Sitcoms from the Perspective of Cross-cultural Pragmatics,TangQiongYan/Beijing International Studies University,0/8
  17. To promote the study of translation teaching case of students' autonomous learning in University of Mainz School of translation translation exercise class as an example,WangJie/Beijing International Studies University,0/2
  18. Boundless Soul,Endless Pursuit,ZhouXiaoLi/Beijing International Studies University,0/7
  19. Spatial Construction of Angelou's Cultural Identity in I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,HanShanShan/Beijing International Studies University,0/3
  20. "Change" in modern novels depicted the image of women in the,ChenSi/Beijing International Studies University,0/2
  21. "Analysis of women and rose" narrative focalization,DongYanLi/Beijing International Studies University,0/2
  22. Study of early modern poetry of Xu Tingzhu,LiShu/Beijing International Studies University,0/3
  23. Li Shangyin and Paul Weil's poems sentimental beauty comparative study,LiuChang/Beijing International Studies University,0/1
  24. " target="_blank">"Family" - based on the translation practice and translation comparison of equivalent and functional translation theories analysis

    ,LuZhe/Beijing International Studies University,0/1
  25. The Aesthetic Composition and Cultural Connotation of Literati Garden in Tang Dynasty,WangZuo/Beijing International Studies University,0/1
  26. The Study on Relationship Quality between Exhibitors and Organizers,WangPengFei/Beijing International Studies University,0/95
  27. The Study of Trade Visitors’ Behavior at a Business Trade Show,JiaXiuFang/Beijing International Studies University,0/251
  28. Does Female Senior Management Affect Accounting Conservatism,JiangHaiXia/Beijing International Studies University,0/155
  29. Measures and Analysis of Terms of Trade of China’s Manufactured Products,ChenHongYan/Beijing International Studies University,0/92
  30. How Does China’s Foreign Trade Affect National Economic Welfare,YangHua/Beijing International Studies University,0/126
  31. A Positive Study on the Relationship between ASEAN’s Investments to Guangxi and Their Bilateral Trade,LiXingZuo/Beijing International Studies University,0/440
  32. Research on the Impact of the New Income Tax on Fixed Investment,LiuJianMei/Beijing International Studies University,0/767
  33. Research of the Impact of China’s Software Outsourcing on Software Industry Agglomeration,ZhaoXinJia/Beijing International Studies University,1/216
  34. Subjective Well-being, Work Motivation, Affective Commitment, and Job Enrichment:a Moderated Mediation Study of Chinese Hotel Employees,XuShi/Beijing International Studies University,0/288
  35. The Senses of Tragedy for the Existence,MaoJing/Beijing International Studies University,0/121
  36. The comparative study on the "back door" custom,WangRui/Beijing International Studies University,0/166
  37. The Reflections on American Women’s Dilemmas in American Chick Flicks Since the1990s: in View of Postfeminism,ZengZuo/Beijing International Studies University,0/39
  38. Self-seeking and Construction of Cultural Identity,ZhangMin/Beijing International Studies University,0/281
  39. As the Chinese translation of attributive clause is investigated by comparison with translation,CuiMingQing/Beijing International Studies University,0/42
  40. " target="_blank">On the role of language in conversation translation implications based on "Harry Potter and the Philosopher 's Stone" in English and Japanese control of

    ,HaoYue/Beijing International Studies University,0/61
  41. The interpretation course in Russian Chinese design - Taking Beijing International Studies University Russian interpreting teaching for example,LiLinLin/Beijing International Studies University,0/66
  42. Nominalization in Argumentative Essays: a Comparative Study,WuCuiNa/Beijing International Studies University,0/40
  43. The Effect of the Usage of L2Prefabricated Chunk on the Quality of Interpreting,ChaZuo/Beijing International Studies University,0/118
  44. Strategies in Transediting English Sports News,GuoZiKai/Beijing International Studies University,0/121
  45. On English Translation of Fuzzy Numerals in Chinese Classical Poetry,DuXiaoZuo/Beijing International Studies University,0/147
  46. A Study on English and Chinese Translation of Humor from the Perspective of Relevance Theory,LiZuo/Beijing International Studies University,0/171
  47. On the Translation of Chinese Time-honored Brand Introduction from the Perspective of Adaptation Theory,TangNing/Beijing International Studies University,0/253
  48. Analysis of Museum Texts Translation from the Perspective of Skopos Theory,JiaChenXing/Beijing International Studies University,0/324
  49. On the Employment of Four-character Idioms in English-chinese Translation,SongLingHan/Beijing International Studies University,0/349
  50. An Analysis on the Phenomenon of Explicitation in Chinese-English Interpretation,FengXueMei/Beijing International Studies University,1/243

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