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  1. The Zhanguo Ce Clique "political" thought research,XieChao/Beijing Language and Culture University,0/18
  2. The Research of Classification of New Branch Topic Sentences,JiCui/Beijing Language and Culture University,0/10
  3. The Survey and Analysis on Space-time Distribution of Annual Neologism,YuDongQing/Beijing Language and Culture University,0/79
  4. Transcendence of Traditional Dualism,ZhouYing/Beijing Language and Culture University,0/16
  5. The Variance Research of Un-nuclear Tone、Erhua and Qingruzi in Beijing Speech,ZhouChenMeng/Beijing Language and Culture University,1/730
  6. A Study of Said’s Theories of Literary and Cultural Criticism,ZhaoJianHong/Beijing Language and Culture University,5/1220
  7. A Study of Narrative Strategies in the Early 20~(TH). Century English Autobiographical Novels,LiuDan/Beijing Language and Culture University,1/924
  8. Cultural Studies on Robert Van Gulik and His Judge Dee Msteries,ZhangPing/Beijing Language and Culture University,2/436
  9. Natsume and modern Japan 's cultural identity construct,ZhangXiaoLing/Beijing Language and Culture University,2/904
  10. Innovation, Integration and Transcendence-A Study of Ralph Ellison’s Literary Works,TanHuiJuan/Beijing Language and Culture University,1/722
  11. Virginia Woolf : gender differences and women writing,PanJian/Beijing Language and Culture University,4/2230
  12. On Chun-Qiu-Gu-Liang-Zhuan,YangDeChun/Beijing Language and Culture University,0/345
  13. Novel Monthly \,GaoZhiQiang/Beijing Language and Culture University,4/825
  14. The Analysis of Presupposition Resolutions,LiuQiang/Beijing Language and Culture University,2/287
  15. A Study on Modern Chinese Psychological Verbs,WenYaLi/Beijing Language and Culture University,20/1798
  16. The Study of the Double-Reduplicated-Four-Word Form AABB in Chinese,HuXiaoBin/Beijing Language and Culture University,7/1161
  17. The Research about the Consraint Rules of Syntax Relation in Cross-Punctuation Sentence in Written Mordern Chinese,ZhangRuiPeng/Beijing Language and Culture University,4/397
  18. Research on Word Distribution of General Words and Relations among Characters Words and Phrases Based on Dynamic Circulating Corpus,HanXiuJuan/Beijing Language and Culture University,4/638
  19. The Structure of Knowledge and Abilities of Chinese Teachers Who Teaching Foreigners,ZhangJie/Beijing Language and Culture University,18/4619
  20. Research on Rules of Lexical Semantic Change and Cognitive Motivation of Chinese Body Nouns,ZhaoZuo/Beijing Language and Culture University,20/1561
  21. The Research on the Blending Features of Clausal-Object Constructions in Modern Chinese,WangHua/Beijing Language and Culture University,4/525
  22. The Research on the Directivity of One-syllable Action Verbs in Modern Chinese,WangZuo/Beijing Language and Culture University,2/697
  23. Comparative Study on One-Syllable-Adjectives as Adverbial and Complement,LiuZhenPing/Beijing Language and Culture University,13/1183
  24. Research on Chinese Marked Constructions Based on Social Cognition,JieZhengMing/Beijing Language and Culture University,5/802
  25. The Syntactic Position of Chinese Adjunct,PengJiaFa/Beijing Language and Culture University,4/595
  26. The Semantics of Chinese Indefinite NPs: Reference & Quantification,WangGuangCheng/Beijing Language and Culture University,3/696
  27. A Study of Stuart Hall’s Cultural Theories,WuGuiJie/Beijing Language and Culture University,1/1099
  28. A Study on Recognition and Extrction Method of Contemporary Chinese Basic Vocabulary Based on Dynamic Circuit Corpus,ZhaoXiaoBing/Beijing Language and Culture University,5/810
  29. The JAC Mandarin Rusheng research,ShiShaoLang/Beijing Language and Culture University,8/877
  30. On the Models and Theory of Information Retrieval Based on Kolmogorov Complexity,WangXiuLi/Beijing Language and Culture University,2/322
  31. Byron in China,SongQingBao/Beijing Language and Culture University,2/718
  32. Irving Babbitt in the Trans-Cultural Perspective,YuHaiBing/Beijing Language and Culture University,4/362
  33. Mu Dan and English Modernist Poetry,XuLiQian/Beijing Language and Culture University,4/900
  34. Fredric Jameson & the Construction of Utopian Theory,ZhangWei/Beijing Language and Culture University,4/585
  35. Foreigner Forever,WangJingHui/Beijing Language and Culture University,9/927
  36. Image Narrative: The Visual Orientation of Contemporary Culture,LiuZuo/Beijing Language and Culture University,3/1616
  37. Chinese and Vietnamese voice lines and their corresponding relationship with Chinese,Nghiem Thuy Hang(YanCuiHeng)/Beijing Language and Culture University,5/764
  38. Research on Dating the Bronzes with Inscriptions of the Western Zhou Dynasty: An Integrated Approach,ChenZuo/Beijing Language and Culture University,1/624
  39. Research on Extraction and Clustering of Term Definition and Term Extraction,ZhangZuo/Beijing Language and Culture University,5/909
  40. Query Analysis for Information Retrieval,XiongWenXin/Beijing Language and Culture University,5/334
  41. A DCC-based Study on the Automatic Extraction of Interpretative Information of Popular Words,XieXueMin/Beijing Language and Culture University,2/547
  42. A Research on the Extraction and Analysis of the Newspaper Theme Words Group Based on the Dynamic Circulating Corpus,ShiYanZuo/Beijing Language and Culture University,3/868
  43. Contemporary Chinese Predicate resultant asymmetry,YangZuoLin/Beijing Language and Culture University,7/1127
  44. \,YueLiJing/Beijing Language and Culture University,5/583
  45. A Study of Phonology in Shanbei Jin Dialect,LiJianXiao/Beijing Language and Culture University,18/701
  46. Social Stratification words commonly used words in Beijing,GaoHaiYang/Beijing Language and Culture University,0/716
  47. Studies of the Mandarin Chinese Aspect System,SunYingJie/Beijing Language and Culture University,16/1332
  48. Sluicing in Chinese,LiuLiPing/Beijing Language and Culture University,4/429
  49. Studies on Donkey Sentences,WenWeiPing/Beijing Language and Culture University,8/670
  50. On the Information Extraction of the Sudden Events,YangErHong/Beijing Language and Culture University,37/1785

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