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  1. Changes of Intestinal Antigen Presentation and Mucosal Immunization in the Heat-stress Rats,LiuXiaoZuo/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/81
  2. Research on the Influence of Foreign Genetic Resources for Cattle Husbandry in China,GaoRan/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/50
  3. Comparative and Synteny Analysis among Watermelon, Melon,and Cucumber Genomes,SunHongHe/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/102
  4. Study on Extraction,Purification and the Antioxidant Activity of Polyphenol from Castanea Mollissina Blume,ShiEnHui/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/92
  5. Establishment for a Frame of Fracturability and Chewiness Scale References,DuanHuiLing/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/88
  6. Determination and Migration of Photoinitiators in Paper and Board Food Packaging Materials,DingChao/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/86
  7. Influence of Infectious Bursal Disease Virus Infection on Immune Function of Bursa in SPF Chicken,GuoXinFeng/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/72
  8. Study of Smad7Ubiquitination and Its Regulation of Relational Factors Expressions of TGF-β1Signaling Pathway,LiaoFangFang/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/16
  9. Effects of Soy Isoflavones on Immunity Indexes in Lymphocyte of Lymph Nodes and Splenocytes of Dairy Cow,WangMing/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/47
  10. Establishment of Ornamental Crabapple Leaves Regeneration System and Effects of Extraneous Factors on Leaves Anthocyanins Metabolism,JinZuoNa/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/65
  11. Research on Mutagenic Mechanism of Plant Type Mutant of Salvia Splendens,HongPeiPei/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/81
  12. Isolation,Identification of Antagonistic Bacteria and the Preliminary Analysis of the Inhibition Effect to Strawberry Root Rot of Fusarium Oxysporum,WangXueJing/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/161
  13. The Classification and Identification of Tomato Phloem Protein Induced by Root-knot Nematodes,XingJiaYi/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/52
  14. Different Scale Analysis of Urban Thermal Environmental Effect Based on the Suburban Area,ZhangJinFang/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/79
  15. Preparation of Monoclonal Antibodies of Ochratoxin a and Research on Colloidal Gold Detecting Technology,YangYang/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/121
  16. Studies on Extraction Purification and Antioxidant Activity of Falconoid from Sonchus Oleraceus L,AnZhuo/Beijing University of Agriculture,1/665
  17. Effect of Manuring on Soil Microbial Community Diversity in Organic Production of Pear Orchard,ZhengDan/Beijing University of Agriculture,3/273
  18. Residual Dynamics of Several Pesticides on Shed Strawberry,XiaoYi/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/242
  19. Studies on the Programmed Cell Death during Mutant Short Catkin Development in Chestnut,ZhangZuo/Beijing University of Agriculture,5/228
  20. The Expression and Activity of Phosphodiesterase in Rat Pulmonary Microvascular Endothelial Cells and the Effect of Related Heat-clearing Herbs on Its Activity,HouXianTao/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/94
  21. The Study of BTH-Induced Resistance to Alternaira Alternata F.sp.mali in Apple,WangWenJuan/Beijing University of Agriculture,2/141
  22. Structure and Diversity of Arthropod in Different Managed Areas in Organic Pear Orchard,LiYiLin/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/120
  23. Changes of Qualities and Physiological Characters in Post-harvest Persimmon Fruits and Peach with Acetaldehyde Treatments,QuFengJing/Beijing University of Agriculture,2/92
  24. Cloning and Expression of Chicken IL-2 and GM-CSF,XuZuo/Beijing University of Agriculture,1/114
  25. Investigation of the Cryopreservation for Dormant Mouse Embryo,LuTianZuo/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/93
  26. Mechanism of RTECs Transdifferentiation Induced by AAⅠ,WangYanYing/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/13
  27. Effects of Edible Coatings on Quality and Relative Physiological Characteristics in Fresh-cut Peach,JiaHuiMin/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/206
  28. Investigation of the Mechanism of Heat Stress-induced Damage and Repair in Pig and Rat Small Intestinal Mucosa,YuJin/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/163
  29. Influence on Soil Microorganism and Soil Enzyme Activity and Soil Nutrient of Intercropping Aromatic Plants in Pear Orchard,HuJingHui/Beijing University of Agriculture,4/263
  30. Research on Optimizing Product Organic Fertilizer of Flower by Utilizing Cow Dung,JinZhuLiDa/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/216
  31. Study on Expression Differences of IFN-τ on Early Implantation between in Vivo and in Vitro Ovine Embryos,LinZiLi/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/51
  32. Study on Biological Activity of the Extract of Pharbitis Purpurea Seeds Against Tetranychus Cinnabarinus,WangYan/Beijing University of Agriculture,1/153
  33. Mechanism of RTECs Apoptosis and Renal Interstitial Fibrosis in Mouse Induced by AA Ⅰ,LiJing/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/13
  34. Study on Genetic Regulation of Loci Gene in Inbreeding Pig,LiKai/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/63
  35. Lactic Acid Inhibits NF-κB Activation by LPS in Rat Intestinal Mucosa Microvascular Endothelial Cells,LiuJing/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/17
  36. Study on Development of Beijing Creative Agriculture,RenZuo/Beijing University of Agriculture,2/204
  37. Study on Biological Activity of the Extracts of Inula Britanica Against Tetranychus Cinnabarinus,DuanDanDan/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/22
  38. The Study on Forsythiaside a Inhibit IBV and Regulat the Expression of IFN-α Signaling Pathway-related Factors,LiHuaWei/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/31
  39. The Construction of Mutant Populations Induced by Physical and Chemical Mutagen and Screening of Iron Uptake Mutants in Azuki Bean(Vigna Angularisi),ZuoXing/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/61
  40. The Construction of VIGS System in Peach Leaf and Strawberry Fruit,JiaHaiFeng/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/152
  41. Development of an Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay for Pyrethroids,ZhangZuo/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/60
  42. Identification of Species and Effect of Six Rhizosphere Microorganisms Involved in Peach Replant Diseases,ZuoRuiJie/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/32
  43. Isolation and Identification of the Acaricidal Substance from Mentha Piperita and Primary Study on Mechanism of the Extracts Against Tetranychus Cinnabarinus,RenJianJun/Beijing University of Agriculture,0/75

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