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  1. Chang Chun Govemment Land Expropriation Policy Implementation the Deviation of the Research,WangChunJie/Changchun University of,0/67
  2. Resettlement Community Governance Mode Problem Research,LiZuo/Changchun University of,0/96
  3. Research on the Rehabilitation of the Disabled Security Law Regulation,HouHuiJun/Changchun University of,0/107
  4. A Study of Shanghai Build Community Day-care Service,CuiShuang/Changchun University of,0/178
  5. Jilin Province Science and Technology Innovation Policy Research on Integration and Optimization,HeKeLi/Changchun University of,0/89
  6. Research and Comparison of Leadership Culture Between China and American,XuZuo/Changchun University of,0/185
  7. Improvement of the Audits System Performance of the Social Insurance Fund in Our Country,SunYuanBo/Changchun University of,1/207
  8. Research on Regulatory Issues of the CPA Profession in China Government,ZhangZuoYue/Changchun University of,0/400
  9. The Research of Development Countermeasures of Agricultural Policy Insurance in Jilin Province,YuDuoDuo/Changchun University of,0/79
  10. Innovative Study on the Rural Social Security Payment Model,QiBing/Changchun University of,0/88
  11. Study on Flexible Employees’Participation in Endowment Insurance in Changchun City,GaoYingYing/Changchun University of,0/189
  12. Researh on Fragility of Chinese Bank System in China,LiKai/Changchun University of,0/111
  13. Research on Depending Factors of Foreign Trade Structure,ZhouYueYing/Changchun University of,0/95
  14. Research on Competitiveness Evaluation of Regional Modern Service Industry,WangQing/Changchun University of,0/231
  15. The Application and Promotion of Chinese Traditional Elements in VI Designing of Business Hotel,ZhaoHuiLing/Changchun University of,0/269
  16. Empirical Research on Cninese Large Enterprises Overseas Expand,WangYang/Changchun University of,0/84
  17. Research on Guiding Private Capital for the Velopment of Jilin Home Service Industry,QinXing/Changchun University of,0/76
  18. The Welfare Study of National Enterprise,LiYaTao/Changchun University of,0/455
  19. Research on Culture Construction of Private Enterprises,SongRenFei/Changchun University of,0/658
  20. Study on Reemployment Issue of Chang Chun Faw’s Group ’Redundant Workers’,MouXiWei/Changchun University of,0/28
  21. Analysis on Social Insurance System to Jilin Province Farmland Confiscated Peasants,LiuChang/Changchun University of,0/71
  22. On the Problems of Land Expropriation,JinDeSheng/Changchun University of,0/100
  23. The Way of Improve China Local Government Over-Reliance on Lana Financial,HaoJianPing/Changchun University of,0/381
  24. Comparative Study of the Economic Development Path Under the Two Social Systems,LiuMingBo/Changchun University of,0/44
  25. Chinese Government for Control of Real Estate Industry,ZhangJinCheng/Changchun University of,0/330
  26. Vanke Real Estate Advertising Forms and Study of Culture Connotation,HouYan/Changchun University of,1/671
  27. The Research on Marketing Strategy and It’sapplication of China’s Third Party Logistics Enterprise,CaiShanShan/Changchun University of,0/1770
  28. A Quantile Regression Analysis on Chinese Resident’s Consumption,LiShiMin/Changchun University of,0/106
  29. High-Frequency Data Extreme Value of the Stock Market Statistical Characteristic and Changes Research,XueChenGuang/Changchun University of,0/80
  30. The Application of ACD Model in the Stock Market Trading Information Analysis,ShiJing/Changchun University of,0/67
  31. The Improvement of the GARCH Model and Its Application in the Analysis of Stock Market Volatility,ChenXiaoXin/Changchun University of,0/510
  32. The Study of Real Estate Investment Becision on Bayes Therory,ZhaoChangLong/Changchun University of,0/163
  33. The Dependencies of Price Changes and Risk Control for Different Financial Market of China,HuoJunShuang/Changchun University of,0/37
  34. Research of Influence Factors of Knowledge Management Strategy Based on Organizational Learning,DengQingFu/Changchun University of,0/73
  35. Research on the Influences of Split Share Structure Reform on Listed Companies Performance,GongYingZuo/Changchun University of,0/95
  36. The Study about the Building of Financial and Revenue Mechanism in China’s Energy-saving Industry,WangDongWei/Changchun University of,0/81
  37. Study on the supervision system of food safety in China,XingXin/Changchun University of,0/7
  38. Changchun Palace Museum Puppet Display Design Research,WangYue/Changchun University of,0/69
  39. The Moderate Management Research of Government to Network Opinion,HeXiZuo/Changchun University of,1/134
  40. Official Media Literacy Problem Research,ZhangZuoZuo/Changchun University of,0/175
  41. Research on the Impact of Network Public Opinion to the Government Decision-making,ZhangJian/Changchun University of,0/258
  42. GPIB-based AWG Programmable Communication System Design and Implementation,WangZuo/Changchun University of,0/34
  43. Research of Rapid High-pressure Flammable Gas Leak Detection Technology,HuangLiang/Changchun University of,0/153
  44. Research of Preventing Splashing of AOD Furnace System Based on Fuzzy Control,YuHuanHuan/Changchun University of,0/24
  45. Internal Model Control in the Application of Molecular Distillation Device,ZhangYang/Changchun University of,0/35
  46. Design and Research of Control System of the Paper Tensile Strength Tester,ZhangLiQiang/Changchun University of,0/40
  47. Research on Integrated Control Technology of Improving AOD Furnace’s Life,XuHongYan/Changchun University of,0/40
  48. Application of Inferential Control to Molecular Distillation Equipment,LiYunPeng/Changchun University of,0/47
  49. Research and Apply of Fuzzy Self-tuning PID Control Algorithm in Molecular Distillation Device,ShiZuo/Changchun University of,0/54
  50. Research on Optimal Modeling and On-line Optimization Control of Distillation,JinJing/Changchun University of,0/78

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