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  1. Design and Synthesis of Chiral Lewis Basic Organocatalysts for Asymmetric Reduction of Imines,WangZhouYu/Chengdu Institute of Biology,0/342
  2. The Relation between Landscape Variation and Soil Erosion Dynamics in the Minjiang River Headwater Region in Sichuan, China,LiuYang/Chengdu Institute of Biology,2/381
  3. Cloning of B-hordein Genes and Upstream Regulating Sequences from Hull-less Barley and Their Expression,HanZhaoXue/Chengdu Institute of Biology,0/214
  4. Genetic Relationships among Poplar Species in Section Tacamahaca Spach from Western Sichuan of China,ChenZuo/Chengdu Institute of Biology,0/203
  5. Different Responses of Hippophae Rhamnoides Subsp. Sinensis Populations to Drought Stress and the Analysis of Drought-Responsive Proteins,XuGang/Chengdu Institute of Biology,0/490
  6. Effects of Elevated CO2 Concentration and Community Density on Uptake and Allocation of Carbon and Nitrogen in Red Birch (Betula Albosinensis Burk.) Seedlings,QiaoYunZhou/Chengdu Institute of Biology,0/178
  7. Effects of Elevated CO2 Concentration on Physiological Characteristics and Growth of Birch (Betula Albosinensis Burk.) Seedlings,ZhangYuanBin/Chengdu Institute of Biology,3/223
  8. Studies on the Chemical Constituents and Analysis Methods for Several Traditional Chinese Medicines,CaiMin/Chengdu Institute of Biology,0/1072
  9. Studies on the Dissociation Mechanisms of Organic Mass Spectrometry and Automatic Interpretation Method,LiRui/Chengdu Institute of Biology,1/691
  10. Genotypic Variability in Sequences and Expression of LEA2/LEA3 Genes in Tibetan Hulless Barley, Hordeum Vulgare ssp. Vulgare, Associated with Resistance to Water Deficit,QianGang/Chengdu Institute of Biology,1/508
  11. Genetic Diversity of Hippophae Rhamnoides Subsp. Sinensis Populations at Varying Altitudes in the Wolong Natural Reserve of China,ChenGuoJuan/Chengdu Institute of Biology,0/437
  12. Study on Carbon and Nitrogen Distribution Pattern and Cycling Process in an Alpine Meadow Ecosystem under Different Grazing Intensity,GaoYongHeng/Chengdu Institute of Biology,7/738
  13. The Responses of Several Species Seedlings to Enhanced Ultraviolet-B and Nitrogen Supply in East Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau,YaoXiaoQin/Chengdu Institute of Biology,5/201
  14. Ecophysiological Responses to Drought Stress and Manganese Toxicity in Different Populations of Section Tacamahaca Spach,LeiYanBao/Chengdu Institute of Biology,0/474
  15. Metabolites of Five Fungi from Genera Chaetomium and Aspergillus and Their Cytotoxicity,LiGuoYou/Chengdu Institute of Biology,0/243
  16. Synthesis of 3-Aryl-2-quinolinone and Transformation of Cysteine,TaoFeiYan/Chengdu Institute of Biology,1/160
  17. Effects of Experimental Warming on Growth of Several Species Seedlings under Two Contrasting Light Conditions in Subalpine Coniferous Forest of Western Sichuan, China,YinHuaJun/Chengdu Institute of Biology,0/238
  18. Acclimation and Adaptation of Three Leguminous Shrub Species to Drought Stress,LiFangLan/Chengdu Institute of Biology,2/801
  19. Response and Acclimation to Different and Varing Light Environment of Four Tree Species Seedings in Abies Faxoniana Community,LinBo/Chengdu Institute of Biology,0/199
  20. Study on Gluten Proteins and the Difference of Core Coding Region in Glu-B3 Loci and Their Relationships with Gluten Strength,WuFang/Chengdu Institute of Biology,0/188
  21. Genetic Diversity in Cultivated Hulless Barley from Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in China,PanZhiFen/Chengdu Institute of Biology,3/386
  22. Radiative Transfer in the Subalpine Forest Ecosystems of Western Sichuan,WangQian/Chengdu Institute of Biology,0/178
  23. Genetic Variation of Quercus Aquifolioides Populations at Varying Altitudes in the Wolong Nature Reserve of China,ZhangXueJiang/Chengdu Institute of Biology,0/260
  24. Genetic Variation in Natural Populations of Picea Asperata Mast.,WangYuHua/Chengdu Institute of Biology,0/232
  25. Dendroecological Studies on Dominant Conifers of Subalpine Coniferous Forests in Western Sichuan, Southwest China,HeHai/Chengdu Institute of Biology,4/399
  26. Ecophysioloical Responses of Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae Rhamnoides L.) to Low Temperature and Enhanced UV-B Radiation,YangYongQing/Chengdu Institute of Biology,0/410
  27. Population Genetic Survey of Populus Cathayana Rehd. Originating from Eastern Edge of Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau of China,PengYouHong/Chengdu Institute of Biology,0/312
  28. Difference in Adaptability to Enhanced UV-B Radiation between Different Species of Populus Section Tacamahaca Spach,RenJian/Chengdu Institute of Biology,0/114
  29. Effects of Shade and Exogenous Abscisic Acid (ABA) Application on the Drought Tolerance of Contrasting Populations of Picea Asperata Mast.,DuanBaoLi/Chengdu Institute of Biology,0/289
  30. Responses of Buckwheat Species (Fagopyrum Tataricum Gaertn. and F. Esculentum Moench.) to Ultraviolet B Radiation,YaoYinAn/Chengdu Institute of Biology,0/252
  31. Studies on the Chemical Constituents of Senecio Dianthus, Ligusticum Chuanxiong and Notopterygium Forbesii,LiYanHui/Chengdu Institute of Biology,2/712
  32. Studies on the Chemical Constituents of Eugenia Caryophyllata and Cimicifuga Foetida,DanChun/Chengdu Institute of Biology,2/890
  33. Ecological Characteristics of Timberline Tree Populations in Eastern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau,ZhangQiaoYing/Chengdu Institute of Biology,2/424
  34. Assessment Indicators of the Environmental Impact in Land Use Planning,ChenGuangJian/Chengdu Institute of Biology,14/2602
  35. Studies on the Chemical Constituents of Four Medicinal Plants and Microbial Transformation of Paeoniforin,WangXiaoLing/Chengdu Institute of Biology,3/954
  36. Studies on the Active Constituent of Aspergillus sp136 Against Antibiotic Resistance,QinLing/Chengdu Institute of Biology,0/158
  37. Synthesis of Polysubstituted Anthraquinones Possessing COX-2 Selective Inhibitory Activity,DingYongLiang/Chengdu Institute of Biology,0/153
  38. Chemical Components of Sauraia Napaulensis, Debregeasia Orientalis, Ilex Litseaefolia and Helwingia Japonica,XiaoYanHua/Chengdu Institute of Biology,1/219
  39. Studies on the Chemical Constituents of Daphne Tangutica and Euphobia Wallichii,PanLi/Chengdu Institute of Biology,2/528
  40. Studies on the Bioactive Constituents of Styrax Perkinsiae and Rabdosia Coetsa,LiZuoZuo/Chengdu Institute of Biology,1/198
  41. Difference in Adaptability to Drought Stress between Different Species of Populus Section Tacamahaca Spach,YinChunYing/Chengdu Institute of Biology,2/415
  42. Bioactive Components of Phacellaria Compressa Benth., Gymnosporia Varialilis Loes. and Buddleja Brachystachya Diels,ZhangXiuYun/Chengdu Institute of Biology,1/151
  43. Chemical Study on Phlogacanthus Curviflorus, Daphne Tangutica and Cipadessa Cinerascens,YuanXiaoHong/Chengdu Institute of Biology,0/216
  44. Chemical Study on Alus Nepalensis and Rhaphidophora Hongkongensis,ChenZuo/Chengdu Institute of Biology,0/84
  45. Studies on the Chemical Constituents of Eriophyton Wallichii Benth and Sanguisorba Officinalis L.,ZhangSong/Chengdu Institute of Biology,0/197
  46. A Highly Effective Organocatalyst System for Reduction of Both Ketones and Ketimines,ZhouLi/Chengdu Institute of Biology,0/142
  47. Effects of Wheat’s Seed Germination and Seedling Growth by Soaking Seeds with External Vitamins on Different Salinity,TangRui/Chengdu Institute of Biology,1/262
  48. Molecular Characterization and Molecular Markers of a New HMW-GS 1Dx5’ Gene,RenYan/Chengdu Institute of Biology,0/82
  49. Study on Genetic Diversity, Yield Characters and Quality Traits of Autotetraploid and Diploid Rice,LiuYuHua/Chengdu Institute of Biology,0/150
  50. Effects of Coumarin on the Seed Germination and Primary Nitrogen Assimilation of Alfalfa,CaiDengGao/Chengdu Institute of Biology,1/177

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