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  1. The Study on the Texture of Ni-W Substrates,LiMeiJuan/China Institute of Atomic Energy,0/153
  2. Study of Microscopic Optical Potentials for Nucleus-Nucleus Scattering,MaYinQun/China Institute of Atomic Energy,0/107
  3. Study of the Transport Theory in Heavy Ions Fusion Reactions and Strongly Damped Reactions,TianJunLong/China Institute of Atomic Energy,2/75
  4. Magnetic and Chiral Rotation in ~(106)Ag,HeChuangYe/China Institute of Atomic Energy,0/55
  5. Investigation of Mechanism of DNA or Organism Damage Induced by High LET Radiation and Corresponding Radioprotection,SuiLi/China Institute of Atomic Energy,1/246
  6. The Effect of the Softening of the Symmetry Energy on the Ground-state Properties and Giant Resonance of Finite Nuclei as Well as Shape Coexistence in Neutron-deficient at Isotopes in Relativistic Mean Field Theory,LiangJun/China Institute of Atomic Energy,0/78
  7. The Development of Fuel Rod Damage Character Analysis Code for Light Water Reactor of Nuclear Power Plant,ChenPeng/China Institute of Atomic Energy,0/161
  8. Study on AMS Measurement of Ultra Trace Nuclides in Rare Event Detector Material,DongKeJun/China Institute of Atomic Energy,0/56
  9. Application of Skyrme Energy Density Functional to the Properties and Reaction of Nuclei,LiuMin/China Institute of Atomic Energy,3/91
  10. 5He pre- formation probability studies and neutron -induced ~ ( 16) O and ~ ( 19 ) F reaction pairs of differential cross sections of the document to establish,DuanJunFeng/China Institute of Atomic Energy,0/29
  11. Research on Detection Method of ~(182)Hf with Accelerator Mass Spectrometry,ChouJiuZi/China Institute of Atomic Energy,1/71
  12. 20MeV neutron induced to ( 10,11 ) B ~ 6Li reaction double differential cross sections document the establishment and ~ 5He emission in the reaction of n ~ (10,11) B,WangJiMin/China Institute of Atomic Energy,0/42
  13. ( D , p ) reaction to determine the unstable nuclei Astrophysics ( p , gamma) reaction rate,GuoBing/China Institute of Atomic Energy,0/76
  14. Experimental study of neutron cause the deuteron rupture reaction,RuanXiChao/China Institute of Atomic Energy,1/73
  15. Establishment of preequilibrium fission dynamics studies and n ~~ (12) C - response theory analysis and neutron nuclear data,SunXiaoJun/China Institute of Atomic Energy,1/80
  16. Cavitation in enhancing the degradation of EDTA in simulated radioactive waste water treatment,WangJinGang/China Institute of Atomic Energy,1/284
  17. Total Energy Surface Based on the Projected Shell Model and Its Application,TuYa/China Institute of Atomic Energy,0/110
  18. ~~ ( 90) Sr , (137 ) Cs in cereals , vegetables and other plant interception and translocation experiments,LiJianGuo/China Institute of Atomic Energy,0/51
  19. China coal mine underground staff occupational exposure,ChenLing/China Institute of Atomic Energy,0/214
  20. The CARR cold neutron source performance and stable characteristics optimization of,ShenFeng/China Institute of Atomic Energy,0/92
  21. Gas-Filled Time-of-Flight Method and Its Application in Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Measurements,GuanYongJing/China Institute of Atomic Energy,0/108
  22. Neutron monochromator crystal model , performance, and production testing process,XiaoHongWen/China Institute of Atomic Energy,2/53
  23. Non-human species radiation dose assessment methods,YaoQingShan/China Institute of Atomic Energy,2/191
  24. The Study on the Mechanism of Proton-induced Spallation Reactions and the Nucleon-nucleon In-medium Effective Interaction and Cross Sections,OuLi/China Institute of Atomic Energy,1/109
  25. Studies on the Measurement Method of Thoron by Passive Solvent Absorption and the Equilibrium Factor of Thoron,ZhangHong/China Institute of Atomic Energy,1/65
  26. China Experimental Fast Reactor core single direction of the level of seismic analysis,WenJing/China Institute of Atomic Energy,1/125
  27. Study on the Measurement of ~(151)Sm with Accelerator Mass Spectrometry,YinXinYi/China Institute of Atomic Energy,1/66
  28. Research on Radiation Dosimetry Problems Caused by Beam-Loss in Intermediate-Energy High Intensity Proton Linacs,GuoWen/China Institute of Atomic Energy,1/252
  29. High-temperature superconductors Irradiation Effects,ZhaoXinJie/China Institute of Atomic Energy,0/111
  30. ~ (235) U fission yield changes with the incident neutron energy experimental study,YangYi/China Institute of Atomic Energy,7/201
  31. The Isospin Effect in Heavy Ion Collisions at Intemediate Energy and the Studies on the Equation of State,ZhangYingXun/China Institute of Atomic Energy,1/179
  32. Temperature Dependence of Electron Screening in D(d,p) T Reaction for Deuterated Metals,ZengZuo/China Institute of Atomic Energy,0/49
  33. With Trojan horse method indirect research object reaction ~ 9 be (p, alpha ~ 6 li,LiChengBo/China Institute of Atomic Energy,0/81
  34. ~ (32) S ~ (90 I) Zr quasi elastic scattering extraction barrier distribution and neutron transfer effect research,WuXiuKun/China Institute of Atomic Energy,0/31
  35. Structure and Properties Study on La(NiMMn)5+x,Ti-Mo,Ti(Zr)/Mn2 Base Laves Phase Hydrogen Storage Alloys,SunKai/China Institute of Atomic Energy,1/249
  36. Study on the Structure、Magnetic Properties and Thermal Expansion Anomalies of ThMn12-type Rare-earth--Fe Compounds,XueYanJie/China Institute of Atomic Energy,1/190
  37. A microcomputer simulation study accelerator-driven subcritical system (ADS) beam transient dynamic response,YuTao/China Institute of Atomic Energy,3/324
  38. The Research and Development of the Digital Auto-startup & Power Regulating System of China Advanced Research Reactor,ZengHai/China Institute of Atomic Energy,3/535
  39. Study on the Chemical Behavior of Pu under the Special Geological Environment,ZhangYingJie/China Institute of Atomic Energy,7/243
  40. The Study and Application of the Descriptive Chemistry of the Masking Agent in Fast Chemical Analysis,WuJiZong/China Institute of Atomic Energy,0/216
  41. Physical Design of QWR Cavity, Cryostat and ISOL High Mass Resolution Spectrometry for BRIF Project,PengChaoHua/China Institute of Atomic Energy,0/63
  42. Research on some problems in the high-pressure ionization chamber developed nuclear facilities for continuous monitoring of environmental radiation,WangHongYan/China Institute of Atomic Energy,1/312
  43. Study on Optimization Control of Radioactive Effluent Discharge to the Environment from Nuclear Facilities,LiuHua/China Institute of Atomic Energy,4/624
  44. Radioactive Annexin V apoptosis imaging agent,ChenDaMing/China Institute of Atomic Energy,2/148
  45. Study on Leaching Behavior and Model of HLW-glass under Repository Conditions,ZhangHua/China Institute of Atomic Energy,8/405
  46. Research of Absolute Determination of Isotopic Abundance Using Multiple-Collector Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry and Determination of Samarium Atomic Weight,ZhouTao/China Institute of Atomic Energy,0/173
  47. Radioactive ion beam generation and related physical and technical problems,CuiBaoQun/China Institute of Atomic Energy,3/135
  48. Monte Carlo Simulation for Energy Deposition of Ionization Chamber Based on the Equivalent Electron Source Theory and Experimental Verification for the Theory,RenXiaoNa/China Institute of Atomic Energy,0/124
  49. Research of Monitoring Method for Neutron Ambient Dose Equivalent(Rate),LiTaoSheng/China Institute of Atomic Energy,12/455
  50. Measurement of the Thermal Neutron Cross Sections of the Reaction of ~(126)Sn(n,γ)~(127)Sn~g, ~(127)Sn~m,ZhangShengDong/China Institute of Atomic Energy,0/159

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