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  1. The Research and Development of Gas Station Management System on SAP,ChenGang/China University of Petroleum,0/32
  2. Study on the Numerical Value Simulation of Natural-Gas Combustion and the Optimization of Fire Box Structure,XuDong/China University of Petroleum,0/73
  3. Study on Development and Using of Renewable Energy in Huang He Delta,GuanBin/China University of Petroleum,0/45
  4. Developing and Researching into Engineering Equipments with Copper Tube-fin Type Radiators,LiShiMin/China University of Petroleum,0/33
  5. Research and Utilization of Produced Water Reinjection Processing Technique for Low Permeable Oil Reservoir,LuoJiangTao/China University of Petroleum,0/50
  6. Study on the Hydrocarbon Degrading Bacteria and Degrading Characteristics from Oil Contaminated Soil of Kelamayi Oilfield,XueRongRong/China University of Petroleum,0/144
  7. Study on Flocculent Purification of Waste Water from Soybean Protein Isolated,HouYang/China University of Petroleum,0/47
  8. Study on Non-consumable Disk-shaped Electrode Gouging Technology,LiQingHe/China University of Petroleum,0/10
  9. A Numerical Simulation and Optimization of Convective Heating Surface of Water-jacket Heater,LiBaoJi/China University of Petroleum,0/18
  10. Structure Design and Flowfield Simulation of Supersonic Swirling Separator,DuYongJun/China University of Petroleum,0/34
  11. Design and Manufacture of 60m~3/h Water Jet Dispersing and Dissolving Polymer Unit,GaoYong/China University of Petroleum,0/14
  12. The Design of PDC Bit for Drilling Pyrogenetic Rock in Nanpu Oil Field,DingShiQing/China University of Petroleum,0/50
  13. The Design and Character Analysis of Casing Drilling Retrievable BHA,PanGuangHui/China University of Petroleum,0/61
  14. The Design and Study of the Automatic Pipe Connection System of ZJ70DHY Oil Derrick,YinXiaoLi/China University of Petroleum,0/70
  15. The Research and Application on Profile Control Agent in High Water-content Petroleum Deposit of Oil Field Mid-late Development Stage,YangTianZhi/China University of Petroleum,0/118
  16. The Study and Application of Anti-blockage Coring Technology,SiYingZuo/China University of Petroleum,0/58
  17. Study on the Newly Drilling Fluid Technology for Lost Circulation Prevention and Control,NiuSiZhao/China University of Petroleum,0/174
  18. Research on a Low Temperature and Low Hydration Heat Cement Slurry System,QiZhiGang/China University of Petroleum,0/99
  19. Research on Annual Allocation of Crude Oil Production for DaGang Oil Field Company,WangGuangCheng/China University of Petroleum,0/60
  20. Feasibility Study on SDLL Petroleum and Gas’s Sales Company,ZhuMingYing/China University of Petroleum,0/24
  21. Influencing Factors on the Service Performances of the Transformer Oil,YuanHui/China University of Petroleum,0/43
  22. Study on Nanofiltration Membrane for Extraction Solvent Recovery of Crude Oil Deacidfying,LiLinYing/China University of Petroleum,0/23
  23. The Process Simulation of Reaction and Fractionation for Delayed Coking Unit,ZhengCi/China University of Petroleum,0/44
  24. Dechlorinating Research of Shengli Refinery VDU S~#1 Oil,ZhuZhenXiang/China University of Petroleum,0/59
  25. Studies on the Catalyst for Hydrodearomatization of Diesel Oil,HuChengJiang/China University of Petroleum,0/80
  26. The Selection and Application of Distillate Hydrocracking Technology,WangQiuPing/China University of Petroleum,0/123
  27. Study of Presulfided NiMo Hydrotreating Catalyst,ChaiYongMing/China University of Petroleum,0/141
  28. Preparation of Ionic Liquids and Applications in Diesel Oil Desulphurization,SunJiePing/China University of Petroleum,1/71
  29. The Preparation and Characterization of the Supported Catalysts for Hydroformylation of Octene,KongXiangJun/China University of Petroleum,0/28
  30. The Development of Prodcing Technologies of Enviroment-friendly Aromatic Oil,DaiXianChao/China University of Petroleum,0/74
  31. Experimental Study of Modifying Soybean Hull to Reduce the Hardness of Water,LiChunXia/China University of Petroleum,0/38
  32. Numerical Simulation of Swirl Gas-Solid Flow Control,XuWeiWei/China University of Petroleum,0/37
  33. Experimental Research on the Gas-Solid Flow Control Mechanism in the Guide-vane Cyclone Tube,WangXinHua/China University of Petroleum,0/39
  34. Study on the Esterification of Acetic and Butylenes,ZhouYongMin/China University of Petroleum,0/132
  35. The Study of Microfacies and Sequence Stratigraphy with Logging Data in Wu-xia District of Junggar Basin West-north Margin,YuJie/China University of Petroleum,0/106
  36. Prestack Elastic Impedance Inversion Theory and Its Application,WangBaoLi/China University of Petroleum,0/111
  37. Scanning and the Digitization Processing Technology for Old Seismic Paper Sections,YanShiLei/China University of Petroleum,0/20
  38. The Log Lithofacies Analysis of Mesozoic Formation in JiYang Depression,LiuWei/China University of Petroleum,0/46
  39. Study and Application of Array Lateral Logging Inversion Method,ChenHua/China University of Petroleum,0/97
  40. Reservoir Rock Electrical Properties Study Based on Percolation Network Model and Upscaling,WangKeWen/China University of Petroleum,0/46
  41. The Study and Application of AVO Seismic Parameter Inversion Methods,LiShaoPeng/China University of Petroleum,1/147
  42. Analysis on Geological Model of Permian and Triassic in Puguang Area,ZhangJiXi/China University of Petroleum,0/31
  43. Geological Modeling of SZ36-1 Oilfield in Bohai Bay,WangXueJun/China University of Petroleum,0/131
  44. Research on Watering Discipline of the Horizontal Wells in SeBei Gas Field,LiuXiaoXiao/China University of Petroleum,0/135
  45. Study on The Methods of Petroleum Resource Quantitative Evaluation,GeShengQuan/China University of Petroleum,0/127
  46. The Comprehensive Reservoir Evaluation of the upper ES4 Member in Dongfenggang Oil Field,ZhaoZhenYu/China University of Petroleum,0/38
  47. A Study on Interaction of Source Rock and Oil with Evaporates in Saline-Lake Facies,WangJuan/China University of Petroleum,0/42
  48. Study on High Efficiency Electrical Discharge Grinding for Non-conductive Engineering Ceramics,LiXiaoPeng/China University of Petroleum,2/252
  49. Research on Reservoir Management System Decision Based on Uncertain Optimization Theory,SongJieZuo/China University of Petroleum,3/509
  50. Theoretical Study of Superconducting Junctions,LiHong/China University of Petroleum,0/385

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