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  1. Academic or Application: the Exploration for the Training Mode of MSW in China,MiaoHuaiNing/China Youth Political College,0/115
  2. Research on Relationship between Subjective Elements and Illegal Judgment,ZhangYuGuang/China Youth Political College,0/19
  3. A Study on the Objective Aspect of Credit Card Fraud Crime,LiZuo/China Youth Political College,0/81
  4. Fund Rat Trading Criminal Regulation in China,ZuoJiaZuo/China Youth Political College,0/78
  5. On Illegal Possession Purpose of the Contract Fraud Identified,WengHengYuan/China Youth Political College,0/55
  6. Comment on Making a Clear Scope of Interpretation,ChenZuoLan/China Youth Political College,0/44
  7. The Justifiable Defence on Illegal Forced Evictions,ZhangChunYue/China Youth Political College,0/80
  8. Research on Problems about Encroachment on Equity and Theft of Benefits,HanHongBin/China Youth Political College,0/22
  9. Boundaries of the Blackmail Crime and Robbery Crime,SunZuo/China Youth Political College,0/71
  10. Research on the Crime of Refusing to Pay Labor Remuneration,WangMengZhu/China Youth Political College,0/78
  11. The Innocence and Guilty of Informal Credit,HuZuo/China Youth Political College,1/0
  12. Research on Stealing Virtual Property Legal Issues,YangZhiHui/China Youth Political College,0/94
  13. The Cognizance of the Underworld Property Organization,DanZuoMing/China Youth Political College,0/10
  14. An Advocate of the Traditional Objective Danger Theory,WangJun/China Youth Political College,0/38
  15. Criminal Legal Problems in Brain Dead Organ Transplants,ChangJingShan/China Youth Political College,0/28
  16. Research on Judicial Application of the Crime of Credit Card Fraud,YeBing/China Youth Political College,0/177
  17. Research on Some Issues about the Crime of Communication Freedom Violation,TaoZuo/China Youth Political College,0/31
  18. Research on Cross Relations in Law Concurrence,FanZhuoRan/China Youth Political College,0/52
  19. Research on the Crime of Organizing to Sell Human Organs,ChengGuoDong/China Youth Political College,1/0
  20. The Disputed Issue of the Crime of Dangerous Driving,WangFei/China Youth Political College,0/169
  21. Research on the Introducing Bribe Crime,ZhanBinBin/China Youth Political College,0/83
  22. Research on Stealing One's Own Property under Other's Control,ZhaoXue/China Youth Political College,0/56
  23. Analysis on the Cognitive Factors of Migrant Children's Further Studies Will,DuanXiuZuo/China Youth Political College,0/47
  24. Study on Influence Factors and Process of Young People's "Job-hopping" in Central Enterprises Based on Push and Pull Theory,DaiNa/China Youth Political College,0/115
  25. A Research on the Pattern of Public Nursing Institution for the Aged Operated by Private Sector,LiYunFeng/China Youth Political College,0/461
  26. On the Formation and Significance of New Democratic Culture Theory,ChengShuai/China Youth Political College,0/99
  27. On the Construction of RMB Offshore Market Group,RenHaiLing/China Youth Political College,0/259
  28. Study on the Market Behavior of China’s Public Offering Securities Investment Funds,CuiMeng/China Youth Political College,0/229
  29. A Study on the Evolution of the International Monetary Anchor,ZhaoJingPing/China Youth Political College,0/6
  30. Reasonable Analysis of China’s Individual Income Tax Burden and the Improvement of the System,LiLingYan/China Youth Political College,0/357
  31. Study on the Determinants of Intra-industry Trade of Mechanical and Electrical Products between China and ASEAN,LianRui/China Youth Political College,0/5
  32. The Research of China Receives International Technology Spillover Economic Effects,QianXingXing/China Youth Political College,0/4
  33. A Research on Private Finance and SME Financing,WangQiuShi/China Youth Political College,1/3813
  34. Overseas Students’ Entrepreneurial Motivation and Its Influencing Factors Analysis,HuOu/China Youth Political College,0/96
  35. Research on the Growth Bottlenecks of Chinese Farmers’ Operating Income,SongJiaLong/China Youth Political College,1/180
  36. Research on Liu Shaoqi’ Agricultural Co-operation Thought,LiuYaoBang/China Youth Political College,0/1
  37. Study on Middle Income Trap,SunPan/China Youth Political College,0/8
  38. A Study on Strategy of Balancing Urban and Rural Development in Our Country,ZhangShuai/China Youth Political College,0/3
  39. A Study on the Relationship between "the System of Unit" and Housing Acquisition of City Residents under the Background of the Social Transformation,YePingFang/China Youth Political College,0/2
  40. Research on Transmission Path of Sino-US Unbalanced Economy,SongZuoBo/China Youth Political College,0/73
  41. China Images in Pseudo-environment,LiuJuan/China Youth Political College,0/207
  42. A Study about the image of men and women in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala’s Short Sketches (1983-2012),FanXueJiao/China Youth Political College,0/1
  43. The Research on Reality Show in the View of Narratology,ZhangShiZuo/China Youth Political College,0/7
  44. Analysis on Phone-hacking Scandal of the News of the World,ZhouLieQiong/China Youth Political College,0/4
  45. The Representation of the14th Dalai Lama in the New York Times,HouXiaoSu/China Youth Political College,0/196
  46. German National Images,XiangJing/China Youth Political College,0/190
  47. Constructing China with Climate Change: Frames and Claim-makers in Representative English Newspapers Coverage of Climate Change Issue at Home and Abroad,ChenXiMeng/China Youth Political College,0/3
  48. The Research of the Development Strategy of City Party Newspapers’ Journalism for People’s Livelihood in the New Context,GuJianJun/China Youth Political College,0/5
  49. The Deviation Research of the Media Reports on Youth Employment,LiuZunRen/China Youth Political College,0/1
  50. The National Image of Japan Showed by Reports about "3.11" Earthquake on Global Times,ZhangHui/China Youth Political College,0/4

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