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  1. Lumbrokinase byproduct physicochemical analysis, a preliminary study of the efficacy and acute toxicity,DingXiaoLi/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,1/96
  2. Immunogenicity of collagen - class medical device products,DuXiaoDan/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/175
  3. Studies on the Cellular Immune Response to Japanese Encephalitis Vaccines and Rabies Vaccines,LiMaoGuang/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,1/325
  4. BW006 cell immune activity and its hepatitis B vaccine adjuvant effect,ZhangXianChen/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/89
  5. Recombinant chimeric anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody preliminary study of a structure of conclusive evidence of its sugar chain functions,TaoLei/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/215
  6. Development and preliminary application of fake virus human papillomavirus (HPV) and antibody detection methods and animal infection models,WuXueLing/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/341
  7. Bovine fetuin and heparin quality analysis,HanChunXia/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/129
  8. Rotavirus live attenuated vaccine titer determination method and serum RV-IgA diagnostic reagents developed,LiuYueYue/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/112
  9. A Correlation Study on Drug Quality and Safety,WangZuo/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/373
  10. The construction and application of monkey B virus detection method,LiXiaoBo/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/65
  11. Reducing substances in disposable plastic blood bags Its Security,FuBuFang/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/63
  12. Studies on the Quality Control of Tongren Wuji Baifeng Wan,NieLiXing/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,1/303
  13. Cloning, Expression, and Purification of a Nontoxic Mutant of Diphtheria Toxin-CRM197 and Preliminary Application in the Glycoprotein Conjugate Vaccines as a Carrier Protein,WangChunE/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,1/166
  14. Cloning and Expression of Mutant Hepatitis B Surface Antigen in Pichia Pastoris and Their Recognition by Commercial Detection Assay,YaoZuo/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/84
  15. Studies on the Biological and Molecular Characteristics of Japanese Encephalitis Virus Strains Newly Isolated in China,LiuXinYu/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,1/212
  16. HIV-1 membrane antigen transformation and immunogenicity evaluation,NieJianHui/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/114
  17. The Pegylation of Recombinant Human Plasminogen Kringle 5 and Preliminary Research on Its Antitumor Activity,HuangBaoBin/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/144
  18. The benzodiazepine class of drugs related substances,ChengDongSheng/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/341
  19. Approach to a Common Method for Construction of NIR Universal Quantitative Models of Pharmaceutical Solution,HouShaoRui/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/248
  20. The Construction of the PAT System for Penicillin Sodium of Lower Allergy Rate and the Study on the Method to Control Polymers in Antibiotics,YangMeiQin/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,1/138
  21. Inbred rat major histocompatibility complex (RT1) method for detection of genetic,Li/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/36
  22. Mouse H-2 gene locus genetic testing technology,MaLiYing/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/56
  23. Preparation and analytical methods of the fur seal skin gelatin plasma substitutes,LiZuoLi/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,1/75
  24. Preliminary study of bacterial endotoxin national standard raw material extraction , characterization and preparation of standard processes,YuZuo/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/203
  25. Establishment of the Immunologic and Molecular Biological Methods for Detecting Bordetella Pertussis and Gene Sequence Analysis of Chinese Pertussis Vaccine Strains,XuYingHua/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/92
  26. Development of detection method for endogenous retroviruses in pigs in the pig - derived medical devices , and albumin biological glue,FuHaiYang/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/62
  27. Construction and expression of recombinant vaccinia virus expression of dengue virus nonstructural protein,ZhangJunXia/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/65
  28. The Establishment of the Method to Detect the Porcine Parvovirus Potentially Contaminated in the Biological Products for Human Use from the Swine,WuShuFang/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,1/81
  29. Study on Infection Cell Culture Model for Hepatitis C Virus,LiuYan/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,1/113
  30. Pharmacodynamics and Biodistribution of Recombinant Adeno-associated Virus/Type Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor: IgG1 Fc in Rat Rheumatoid Arthritis Model,ZhouXiaoBing/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/136
  31. New isolates and characteristics of an attenuated strain of dengue virus type 4 dengue JE chimeric virus constructed Preliminary,LiuZhiWen/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/74
  32. Cloning, Expression, Purification and Bioassay of Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor Mutant,BiHua/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/75
  33. Study on the Residual Solvents in Biochemical Drugs、Genic Drugs and the Preservative in Biological Products,ChengSuYuan/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/258
  34. Contruction and Detecting Method Establishment of SIVmac239 Provirus and a SIVmac239/HIV-1 B(Thai) Chimeric Virus,WanYanMin/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/42
  35. A of blood peptide X and its derivatives synthesis , purification , activity was measured , and the quality of research,ZhaoZongGe/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,3/159
  36. Primary Study of the Role of NDRG2 in Tumor Cells by shRNA-mediated RNA Interference,PeiDeNing/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/85
  37. The Cellular and Molecular Biology Evaluation of Medical Polyacrylamide Hydrogel,FanChengXiang/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,1/155
  38. Comparative Study on Quality of Cefpodoxime Proxetil & Quantitative Analysis of Its Dry Suspensions by Near-Infrared Spectrometry,XueJing/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/209
  39. Angiogenesis Inhibitor-Kringle5 Protein: Secretory Expression in Pichia Pastoris and Construction of Mammal Expression Plasmid,ShiXinChang/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/76
  40. Study on Component Analysis of Human Gallstones,YueZhiHua/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,2/345
  41. Research on the Chemical Constituents and Quality Control of Ophiopogonis Tuber,YaoLingWen/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,4/785
  42. Cloning of ORF2 Gene of Hepatitis E Virus Genotype 1 and 4 and Primary Antigenicity Analysis of Their Expressed Products,HePeng/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/66
  43. Research on Human Genetically Engineered Antibodies to Structural Protein of Human Immunodificiency Virus Type 1 (HIV-1),XuSiHong/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/114
  44. Rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus capsid protein VP60 gene cloning , expression and ELISA detection method and its preliminary application,FuRui/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/86
  45. The Primary Study on Kinetic Process of Harp Seal Oil in Rats with Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry,RenLiPing/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/69
  46. Study on Immunogenic of Outer Membrane Proteins of Salmonella Paratyphi A and Preparation on Monoclonal Antibody Against O-antigens of PA,LiangZuoYu/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/174
  47. The Prokaryotic Expression of E、NS1 Protein of SA14-14-2 Strain and Their Immunology Study,XuHongShan/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,2/134
  48. Human Plasminogen Kringle 5 DNA Clone with Eukaryotic System and Study on Anti-tumor Effect,ZhangYongChao/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/105
  49. The construction and application of the simian parainfluenza virus detection method,WuFan/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/63
  50. Establishment of the Method of SNP Genetic Monitoring and the Molecular Biological Study of Biochemical Markers of Mice,HuPeiLi/Chinese Pharmaceutical and Biological Products,0/163

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