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  1. The Study of Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Indicators Comprehensive Evaluator Resistometer and Influence of Parameters for Ethylene Oxide Sterilization,WangJiaQi/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/2
  2. Study on Distribution Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Echinococcosis in Aba Prefecture,SiChuan Province,QiYanFeng/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/2
  3. Epidemiological Studies of HFRS in China,2007-2011,QuJing/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/8
  4. Study of Dosimetric Verification for Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy Quality Control,DiHeZheng/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/7
  5. Study on the Changes and Interactions of Mitochondrial Gene Cytochrome Oxidase Expressions Induced by Irradiation,FengXianWu/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/7
  6. Investigation and analysis of the current situation, the nuclear power plant China nuclear accident emergency ability health city,ZhengKeFei/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/6
  7. Establishment of Hyperglycemia Animal Model and Affected Factors,WangZhu/Disease Control and Prevention Center,1/390
  8. A Study on Intrathecal Methotrexate and Cytosine Arabinoside Contamintated with Trace Vincristine Adverse Events,LiuHuiHui/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/39
  9. The Research about Antioxidant Activities of the Functional Food Comman Material in China,Zhou/Disease Control and Prevention Center,1/863
  10. Screening, Cloning and Expression of Diagnostic Antigens for Babesia Microti Infection,SunJiaHui/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/5
  11. Construction of JE/DV2Chimeric Virus with JEV Vaccine Strain SA14-14-2,WeiYan/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/81
  12. Study on Malaria Epidemic Situation and Vector Evaluation and Geographic Information System of Yunnan Province,YuGuoWei/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/305
  13. The Analysis of Spatio-temporal Character of Malaria Epidemic Situation and Its Determinants,WangLiPing/Disease Control and Prevention Center,4/425
  14. The Establishment of Integrated Model of Schistosomiasis Japonica Based on Landscape Pattern Analysis and Bayesian Modeling,YangKun/Disease Control and Prevention Center,1/262
  15. Study on Doses Delivered to Chinese Adult Patient Underwent Digital Chest X-ray Radiography,LiuJianJun/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/115
  16. Genotyping of Human Metapneumovirus Strains Isolated in Hunan, China and Preliminary Study on Its Candidate Vaccines,LiuWenPei/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/140
  17. Study on Molecular Basis of Different Reactions of Plasmodium Falciparum to Various Antimalarial Drugs,QuanHong/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/90
  18. The Research on Screening the Molecular Targets of Praziquantel Against Schistosomes,ZhangLing/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/151
  19. The Effect of Physical Activity Intervention in Children of Primary School in Urban Beijing,HaoLiZuo/Disease Control and Prevention Center,2/370
  20. Sexual Characteristics of HIV-positive Men Who Known or Unknown Their HIV Status among Men Who Have Sex with Men,WangShuo/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/149
  21. The micronutrients risk assessment of food fortification and amend standards,LiXiaoZuo/Disease Control and Prevention Center,1/170
  22. Four cities with the male sex behavior characteristics and HIV/syphilis infection status,XuJuan/Disease Control and Prevention Center,12/202
  23. Study on Urinary Naphthol and 3-Phenanthrol as Exposure Biomarker of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons,HuangChuanFeng/Disease Control and Prevention Center,1/130
  24. The Study on Epidemiological Characteristics and Disease Burden of Bacterial Foodborne Disease in China, during 2003-2008,MaoXueDan/Disease Control and Prevention Center,3/432
  25. Study of Regulation Mechanism of Virulence Genes in ToxR Regulon in Vibrio Cholerae,XuZuo/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/85
  26. Typing Phage VP5 for Vibrio Cholerae O1 Biotype El Tor Strains and Its Receptor,XuDongLei/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/67
  27. Study of Type 2 Diabetic Rat Model and Its Application in the Valuation of Hypoglycemic Functional Food,XiangXueSong/Disease Control and Prevention Center,3/1129
  28. Study on Different Adjuvants That Can Increase the Immunogenicity of the Universal Influenza Vaccine NM2e,JiangTao/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/155
  29. Construction, Expression and Immunogenicity Analysis of a Fusion Protein Containing M2e of Influenza a Virus Fused to a Modified Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Exotoxin A,XuYi/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/122
  30. Research on Modification, Expression and Immunogenicity of HIV Vaccine Expressing Cellular Immune Antigen,GaoZuoZuo/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/134
  31. Co-infecton of HIV and Intestinal Parasites in Highly Endemic Areas of HIV/AIDS in China,TianLiGuang/Disease Control and Prevention Center,1/216
  32. Screening of Potential Diagnostic Targets to Yersinia Pestis,WangPeng/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/68
  33. Genetic Stability of Salmonella Typhi and Salmonella Paratyphi a in Experiment Microevolution,HanHui/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/110
  34. Characteristics of Sexual Behavioral Networks and Drug use Networks in People with HIV Infections in Lancang County, Yunnan,WangLiYan/Disease Control and Prevention Center,1/103
  35. Diagnosis of dengue virus infection,HangXiaoTong/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/103
  36. Etiological Investigation of HFMD in China and Study on Small Interfering RNA Inhibiting Enterovirus 71 Replication in Vitro,HuYongFeng/Disease Control and Prevention Center,3/443
  37. Divalent Metal Ion Influences the Biological Characteristics of PrP and CytoPrP Induces Apoptosis of Cell by Disrupting Microtubule Assembly,LiXiaoLi/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/45
  38. Surveillance for Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease in China and the Studies for Two Genetic Human Prion Diseases,ShiZuo/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/60
  39. A Study on microRNAs Associated with Lung Cancer and Lung Injury Induced by Radon and Its Progeny,GaoGang/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/184
  40. In Vitro Inhibition of HBV Replication by a Novel Compound and Its Efficacy to Adefovir-resistant HBV Mutations,WangXueYan/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/96
  41. Food and biological materials beta agonists and beta blockers residue detection technology research and pollution evaluation,MiaoHong/Disease Control and Prevention Center,1/372
  42. Applied Analysis of Small Area Estimators in Complex Sampling,LiuJianHua/Disease Control and Prevention Center,1/82
  43. The Study of Conceptual Framework of Public Health Service Evaluation and Indicator System,WangHaiJun/Disease Control and Prevention Center,1/748
  44. Study of Endocrine Disruptor Screening Methods System and Assessment about Soy Isoflavone Safety,ZhangWenZhong/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/319
  45. Arboviruses Investigation in Xinjiang,LvZhi/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/158
  46. Study on the Viable But Nonculturable State of Waterborne Intestinal Pathogens and Which Pathogenicity,SunZongKe/Disease Control and Prevention Center,1/173
  47. Study on Application of Risk Analysis on Management of Food Additives in China,ZhangJianBo/Disease Control and Prevention Center,4/847
  48. Surveying on Use of MF Tableware in Catering and Risk Assessment on Two Initial Monomers of MF by Simple Exposure Assessment Models.,LuJie/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/195
  49. DNA-PKcs/JNK/p53 Signaling Pathway Mediates Silica-Induced DNA Double Strand Breaks Repair in Human Embryo Lung Fibroblasts,ZhangFengMei/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/156
  50. Study on the Safety Evaluation of Apigenin and Its Effect on Decreasing Blood Pressure as Well as Its Possible Mechanisms,SuiHaiXia/Disease Control and Prevention Center,3/669

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