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  1. Study on Carbon Density Dynamics and Interference Factor of Chinese Pine Plantation in Shaanxi,ZhaoMengJie/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/7
  2. Evaluation on the Effect of Constructing Eco-agriculture with Commodity Driving by Grain for Green Project in Ansai County,CuiShaoFang/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/14
  3. The Ecophysiological Mechanisms of Maintaining Whole-plant Water Balance,WangWeiFeng/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/273
  4. Characteristics of CO2Flux of Natural Grassland in the Loess Hilly Region,ZhangZuo/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/59
  5. Research on the Influences of Disturbances Types on Vegetation and Soil in the Typical Steppe of Loess Region,ChenZuoRong/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,1/108
  6. Impact of Sites and Tree Age on Leaf Hydraulic Traits of Robinia Pseudoacacia and Populus Simonii,LiJunHui/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/36
  7. Effects of Fertilization on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Content of Roots, Stems and Leaves and on Law of Ecological Stoichiomentry in Larix Principis-rupprechtii Mayr Plantation,ZhangPan/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/62
  8. Carbon Storage and Carbon Sequestration Rate of the Main Vegetation Types in Liupan Mountain,MaZhengRui/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/51
  9. Responses of Pear-Jujube Trees to Different Soil Water Potential on Different Development Period,HanLiXin/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/86
  10. Responses of Pear-jujube Trees to Different Soil Water Content at Critical Water Requirement Stage,ZhangLinLin/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/18
  11. Research on the Diagnosis of the Soil Volumetric Water Content during Tomato’s Growth Period in Greenhouse,LiuZuo/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/64
  12. Effects of Different Irrigation and Fertilizer Levels on Fruit Quality and Antioxidant System and Soil Environment of Tomato in the Greenhouse,LinXingJun/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/484
  13. Respones of C and N Allocation of Maize Seedlings Under Elevated Co2,ZongZuoZuo/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/117
  14. Regulation Mechanism of Water Uptake by Maize Roots,LiuXiaoFang/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/149
  15. Post-anthesis Dry Matter and Nitrogen Dynamics in Winter Wheat as Affected by Nitrogen Supply and Water Deficit,XuYing/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/28
  16. Study of Water and Fertilizer Efficient Utilization and Coupling on Winter Wheat of the Loess Plateau,FuQiuPing/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/134
  17. Influences of Sediment Characteristics and Water Temperature of Muddy Water on Anti-Clogging Performance of Labyrinth Channel Emitter,LiuZuo/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/59
  18. Research on Principles and Modes of Ecological Restoration of the Water Transfer Canal Project,ZhengLiangYong/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/266
  19. Experimental Study on Characters of Wetted Soil from Line-source Infiltration in Moistube Irrigation,ZhangJun/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/24
  20. Research on Prediction and Simulation of Water and Salt Transport under Drip Irrigation with Mulch in Arid Regional,DanYuYang/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/340
  21. Experimental Study on Crop Water Regulation of Ridge-Furrow Irrigated Intercropping System,ZhangFengYun/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/76
  22. Optimal Irrigation Schedule for Winter Wheat in the Guanzhong Irrigation District Based on DSSAT Model,WangWenJia/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/97
  23. The Characters of SOM Evolvement and Their Accumulative Machanisms for Robinia Pseudoacacia Forests in Zhifanggou Drainage Basin,LvHaiBo/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/165
  24. Soil Respiration of Different Ecosystems and Its Influencing Factors in Loess Plateau,ZhouXiaoGang/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,1/105
  25. Spatial Distribution of Soil Nutrients and the Impact Factors Across the Loess Plateau of China,LiuZhiPeng/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/9
  26. Effects of PAM Mixed with Urea on Soil and Apple Production in Weibei Rainfed Highland,ZhangChunQiang/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/21
  27. Spatial Frequency Spectrum Analysis of Erosion Gullies in Small Watershed Scale of Loess Plateau,WangLei/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/1
  28. Potential Nitrogenase Activity of Biological Soil Crusts from Different Erosion Regions on the Loess Plateau, China,MingZuo/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/19
  29. Using~7Be to Document the Response between Soil Erosion Intensity and Vegetation Coverage on the Slope,ZhangBo/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/19
  30. The Effects of Polymeric Material on Soil and Water Conservation in Mountainous Apple Orchard,LiJingJing/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/22
  31. Study on Scaling Effect and Transformation of Slope Gradient and Slope Length,GuoWeiLing/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/48
  32. Studies of Ecological Water Type and Traditional Control Measures of Soil Erosion Based on the Relation between Runoff and Sediment in the Water Source Area of Beijing and Tianjin,ZhaoZuo/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/29
  33. Study on Soil Water Characteristics of Laboratory Soil Column Experiment Planted Wheat with Different Planting Densities,MaChangChen/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/33
  34. Experimental Study on Dynamic Process of Soil Erosion of Engineering Accumulation in Steep Slope during the Process of Engineering Construction,ZhangLeTao/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/51
  35. The Limiting Factors in Vegetation Recruitment in the Hilly-gullied Region of the Loess Plateau: on Species Resources Aspect,WangNing/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/68
  36. Research of Spatiotemporal Trends of Erosion and Sediment and Driving Factors on the He-Long Region Recent30Years,LiuJianXiang/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/91
  37. Study on Event-based Rainfall-runoff Model for Multiple-scale Watersheds in the Hilly-gully Regions of the Chinese Loess Plateau,ZhouShuMei/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/102
  38. Study on Processes and Controlling of Runoff, Sediment and Nutrient Losses in a Watershed of the Middle Reaches of Han River,LiuQuan/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/102
  39. Using137Cs and7Be to Investigate the Soil Erosion Rate of the Wind-Water Erosion Crisscross Region on the Loess Plateau,SunXiJun/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/112
  40. Spatio-temporal Variability of Soil Water Content on a Loessial Slope,JiaYuHua/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/158
  41. Catchment-scale Available Soil Moisture Spatial-temporal Variability in the Hilly Areas of the Loess Plateau,GaoXiaoDong/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/177
  42. The Quantitative Characterization of Human Factors Effecting the Soil Erosion Environment,PangGuoWei/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/279
  43. Simulating the Solute Lost Via Runoff on the Loess Plateau,DongWenCai/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,1/171
  44. Slope Scaling Effect, Transformation and It’s Influence to Soil Erosion Assessment,WangChunMei/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,1/298
  45. Processes and Mechanisms of Soil Erosion and Nutrient Transportation in the Black Soil Region of Northeast China,AnJuan/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,4/532
  46. Stomatal Responses to Soil and Air Humidity and Models of Stomatal Conductance,ChenZuo/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/18
  47. Rhizosphere Microbial Response to the Revegetation of Abandoned Cropland in the Hilly Loess Region,ZhangChao/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/5
  48. Responses of Soil and Vegetation in the Vegetation Restoration Processes of Slag Yards in Qinba Mountain, China,QuXiaoWan/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/66
  49. The Effect and It’s Mechanism of Biological Soil Crusts on Soil Erodibility,GaoLiZuo/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/160
  50. Study on Nitrogen Distribution and Loss Mechanism in a Small Watershed of the Middle Dan River,XuGuoCe/Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/2

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