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  1. Empirical Research on Accrual Anomaly of Pre and Post Implementation of New Accounting Standards,YangJieKun/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/141
  2. An Empirical Study of Influence of the Brand Personality Perception of China Lottery on the Purchase Intention Of Lottery,WuZhenXuan/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/125
  3. Study on Typhoon Insurance Loss Distribution and Pricing with Stable Distribution in China,XieZuoZuo/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/120
  4. The Pricing Mechanism of Agricultural Drought Disaster Reinsurance in China,TanHaiLi/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/244
  5. The Study on Financing Mode of Public Pension System in China,YuYi/Guangdong College of Commerce,1/277
  6. The Study of Formation Mechanism U.S Exchange RatePolicy To China,WangMeiXia/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/65
  7. A Study of Cross-Hedging on RMB Exchange Rate Risk,TianMiao/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/163
  8. The Foreign Exchange Exposure of Chinese Listed Banks,WeiYouLan/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/220
  9. A Comparison Study of the Effects of RMB Exchange Rate on Foreign Exchange Reserve Pre and Post the Exchange Rate Mechanism Reform,YinTao/Guangdong College of Commerce,1/627
  10. Measuring the Speculation of China’s Stock Market,ZhuHaiBo/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/125
  11. New Accounting Standards’ Influence on the Accrual Anomaly of China’s Stock Market,ChiHuiFeng/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/139
  12. The Structure of Performance Evaluation Index System and Empirical Analysis of Chinese Privately offered Funds,QiuLongZuo/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/211
  13. A Study on the Performance of China’s Rural Microfinance,YangZhi/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/350
  14. Financial Regulatory Index Construction,LuFei/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/141
  15. Research on Sampling of Tax-checking Based on Data Mining,ZhangYongHeng/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/144
  16. On the Research of the Realistic Controdiction of Imopsing Social Security Tax,ZengJinFei/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/334
  17. Study on Effective Government Purchase Cost Controls,WuZhen/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/363
  18. The Study of Assets Allocation and Performance in Institutions,JiXiao/Guangdong College of Commerce,1/182
  19. The Research of Circulation Change in Economic Virtualization,GongTie/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/73
  20. Comparative Study of Tertiary Industry among Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong,DengWei/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/217
  21. Research on Tourism Cooperative Developing in the Provincial Border Regions,LuoZeShun/Guangdong College of Commerce,1/202
  22. A Content-analysis-based Study of Minority Race Tour Image Design,WangLeiLei/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/381
  23. Research on Hot Spring Resort Tourism Industry Upgrading Development in Guangdong,LiJing/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/548
  24. The Historical and Comparative Institutional Analysis of Shanxi Merchants and Chaoshan Merchants,LiYan/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/123
  25. On the China National Security Review of Foreign Acquisition,XiaoHongXing/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/126
  26. A Study of the Internal Governance Mechanisms’ Impact on the Dividend Distribution Policy,HuBingJie/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/267
  27. Study on Service Quality,customer Satisfaction, Customer Value and Repurchase Intention,LinHaiJia/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/254
  28. Research on Influence Factor of Guangzhou Processing and Trading Enterprises’ Self-Owned Brands,HuangZuo/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/326
  29. Research on Policy for Promoting Small and Medium Size Enterprise Autonomous Innovation,CuiDi/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/376
  30. Study on Chinese Manufacturing Enterprise’Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions,WangXiaoZuo/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/527
  31. Research of Government-led Poverty-relief,XiaoGuoLiang/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/355
  32. A Study on the Property Rights System of Rural Land and the Protection of Farmer’s Land Rights and Interests on Rural Land,ZhuZuoZuo/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/510
  33. Comparative Study Between2008SNA and1993SNA,XieJunYun/Guangdong College of Commerce,1/151
  34. National Happiness Indicator Research and Empirical Analysis,QiuTian/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/426
  35. The Evolution Analysis of Chinese Urban and Rural Resident’s Consumption Structure Since the Reform and Opening up,LiXiaoMei/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/784
  36. Cause and Analysis of the Economic Development of China’s Income Distribution Gap,LiuFei/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/659
  37. Study on the Industry Structure Optimization in China-base on the Development of the Securities Market,LiuXianChao/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/138
  38. The Research on Harmonious Development between Fictitious Economy and Real Economy of China under the Globalization Background,ZhangZuo/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/234
  39. Study on Infrastructure of the Urban Agglomeration Provided by the Government,YangZhiJie/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/46
  40. Studies on the Construction and Countermeasures of Housing Security System of Guangdong Provinces from Livelihood Perspective,ZhangHuaiXin/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/190
  41. The Quantitative Study on Coordinated Development of Industrialization and Urbanization in Guangdong Province,JiaNa/Guangdong College of Commerce,1/198
  42. The Construction on the Indicators for Monetary Policy Intervention on the Fluctuation of Asset Price,LiuDongLin/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/62
  43. Empirical Analysis for the Effect of the Precautionary Saving Motive in the Consuming Behavior of Chinese Inhabitants,ZhuRan/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/191
  44. The Empirical Research of Institutional Change on Economic Growth in Rural Areas of Guangdong Province,ZhouQin/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/130
  45. Cultural Consumption Effect Analysis of Local Government Expenditure in China,YiShun/Guangdong College of Commerce,1/181
  46. Chao-Shan Ethic Guoup and Chao-Shan Economy,WenJuan/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/346
  47. Research on Industrial Tourism Spots Ticket Pricing,XieRuiJun/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/142
  48. Brand Equity on Shareholder Value: the Regulatory Role of Managerial Ownership,ZhuXingXing/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/73
  49. An Empirical Study of Heterogeneity in Team, Trust Relationship on Knowledge Transfer,ZhaoMing/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/165
  50. An Empirieal Study of the Impact of Internal Social Capital on Organizational Innovation,ZhangBin/Guangdong College of Commerce,0/124

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