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  1. Usage of metaphor in Russian terminology,LvHaiXia/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,0/2
  2. The Popularization of the Translation of American Business Books,ZhouQi/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,0/13
  3. Internet-based Translation Criticism Model from the Perspective of Communication Models,HuangXiaoYan/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,0/40
  4. The Research of Japanese Government Macroeconomic Regulation and Control Means(1985~2003),CaiQiao/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,0/1
  5. Harmony out of Involutions Stylistic Idiosyncrasies of the Sound and the Fury,LiuBo/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,2/671
  6. The Eventuality of Mandarin Chinese,SunZhaoChun/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,0/325
  7. A Study of Discourse as Social Representations in the Chinese Context,HuangYing/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,1/654
  8. The Dimension View of Metalanguage and Its Philosophical Stand,WangAiHua/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,1/279
  9. Evasion: The Interviewee’s Pragmatic Strategy in Chinese Economic News Interview,YangZuo/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,0/455
  10. L2 Acquisition of Chinese Unaccusative Verbs by English-Speaking Learners:,XueChangMing/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,2/449
  11. L’analyse Du Rapport Entre La Migration Intérieure Et La Situation Linguistique De Canton,WangShuYan/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,0/219
  12. The Acquisition of English Spatial Prepositional Semantics by Chinese EFL Learners,MaShuHong/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,3/893
  13. Making Sense of ’Sense’,WangXiaoHai/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,0/465
  14. The Acquisition of English Progressive Aspect by Chinese-Speaking L2 Learners: Towards an ot Account,WuHePing/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,0/761
  15. Academic Reflection and Strategy Reconstruction,ChenWei/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,0/465
  16. Morphological Effects on Word Order and Subject Omission: A Diachronic Study,ZhangLiPing/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,0/236
  17. A Pragmatic Study of Deception as a Strategy in Verbal Communication: An Adaptation-based Approach,ZhangShuLing/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,7/933
  18. Toward Prototypical Exemplification in English Dictionaries for Chinese EFL Learners,XuHai/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,2/545
  19. An Empirical Study of POS Labeling in Chinese-English Dictionaries: A Cognitive Approach,WangRenQiang/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,11/649
  20. Analyzing Interdiscursivity: Complexities and Tendencies in Contemporary Chinese Public Discourse,WuJianGuo/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,7/835
  21. Towards a Frame Analysis of Activity Sememes’ Definitions,YuPingFang/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,10/622
  22. Grammar Checking in a Combined Model,HeJunJie/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,0/246
  23. The Construction of Meaning: A Cultural Study of the Representation of Women in American Magazine Advertising in 2002,DingShaoYan/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,1/1487
  24. Sense Differentiation and Description,TianBing/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,1/587
  25. Representations of "Otherness" in Disney Animated Films,PengBaoLiang/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,1/973
  26. L2 Acquisition of Chinese Unaccusative Verbs by English-Speaking Learners:Testing on Unaccusative Trap Hypothesis,XueChangMing/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,0/381
  27. A Study of Chinese Learners’ Interlanguage Knowledge of the English Articles,ZhouBaoGuo/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,3/718
  28. The Syntax of Restrictive Relative Constructions,ChenZongLi/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,0/396
  29. Relevance and Adjustability: A Study of Translating Process in Cultural Image Renderings,LiZhanXi/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,19/2607
  30. L2 Acquisition of English Nominalization by Chinese EFL Learners: A Cognitive Linguistics Perspective,ZhongShuNeng/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,2/1243
  31. Deliberate Misinterpretation as a Pragmatic Strategy in Verbal Communication,ShenZhiQi/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,9/1532
  32. Semantic Processing: The L2 Lexical Competence Perspective,LiHong/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,2/1133
  33. The Acquisition of Psych Predicates by Chinese-Speaking Learners of English: A Semantic Salience Hierarchy Model,ZhangJingYu/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,0/485
  34. Researching L2 Word Knowledge Depth and Its Acquisition Pattern: A Cross-sectional Study of Chinese EFL Learners in the Classroom Setting,LiuShaoLong/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,0/1089
  35. The Other Looks: Interrogating Chineseness in Hollywood Cinema 1980-1999,LiYuFeng/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,0/855
  36. A Pragma-Cognitive Approach to Metaphor Understanding,XuZhangHong/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,9/2378
  37. Pragmatic Vagueness as a Strategy in Chinese Verbal Communication,WuYaXin/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,8/1467
  38. An Empirical Study of Dictionary Use by Chinese EFL Learners in Chinese-English Translation: Towards a Model of Collegiate Chinese-English Learner’s Dictionary,HeJiaNing/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,1/604
  39. Chinese Keyword Extraction by Term Positions,WANG Jiayue/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,0/151
  40. Bridging Reference in Chinese Discourse: A Pragmatic Approach,MoAiPing/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,1/645
  41. Phonological Analysis of Hongkui to,Xu Zhuo/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,0/197
  42. L2 Learning of the English Passive by Chinese Learners,WangYunFeng/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,5/889
  43. Nominal Constructions Beyond IP and Their Initial Restructuring in L2 Acquistion,ZhengChao/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,1/388
  44. The Chinese/English Codeswitching as Realization of Linguistic Adaptation,YuGuoDong/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,0/969
  45. Looking for Better Chinese Indexes: A Corpus-based Approach to Base NP Detection and Indexing,Hongbiao CHEN/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,0/128
  46. The Pragmatics of Chinese Refusals: An Adaptation-Based Approach,Zhang Xinhong/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,0/1501
  47. Types of Misunderstanding and its Causes in Chinese Discourse,ZongShiHai/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,69/1607
  48. Neuro Trans,Xu Luomai/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,0/175
  49. Understanding Metonymy: A Cognitive Pragmatic Perspective,JiangXiaoHong/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,1/1142
  50. A Pragmatic Study of Mitigation in Television Interview Talks,LiHaiHui/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,1/853

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