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  1. Synthetic Study of Land Use/Cover Change in Typical Area in Hanjiang River Basin, Guangdong Province (China),ZhangZhengDong/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,6/1051
  2. The Study of Evaluation on Urban Tourism Environment Competitiveness,WuXiangYang/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,1/1875
  3. Analysis of City Population Distribution Prediction Based on Multi-agent and GIS,JingZuo/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,7/1929
  4. An Investigation on Electrolyzed-Oxidizing Water and Its Application in Indoor Air Disinfection,XuXianGan/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,1/165
  5. Application of Charge Transfer Spectrophotometry and HPLC Using Microemulsion as Mobile Phase in the Determination of Antibiotic,LiJun/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,1/255
  6. A Study on the Application of Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry in Food and Clinical Examination,YuLingHan/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,0/822
  7. Analysis and Discussion of the Characters of the Origin, Migration and Distribution of CO2 Onshore and Offshoer Eastern China,HeJiaXiong/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,0/270
  8. Mesozoic Fault Activity and Its Oil and Gas Senses in Jiyang Sag,YuJunFeng/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,2/453
  9. A Study on Formation Conditions and Accumulation Regularity of Teriary Reservoirs in the Western Qaidam,CaoHaiFang/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,4/711
  10. A Study of Organic Sulfur Role on the Petroleum Hydrocarbon Generation,WangMaoChun/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,0/293
  11. Study of the Fluid Flow Mechanism Simulation and the Distribution of Residual Oil in Oil Field Developing,WanXinDe/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,0/706
  12. A Study on the Origin and Kinetic Model of Natural Gas Generation in the Oolitic Reservoir of Feixianguan Formation in Northeast Sichuan Basin,WangTongShan/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,1/586
  13. Petroleum Generation and Accumulation Patten in the Yangxin Depression,WangFeng/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,0/213
  14. Research on Phase State Distribution Rule and Its Genesis of Oil and Gas in Lunnan Area,ChenZhiYong/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,0/487
  15. Key Controlling Factors Comparison between High and Low Rank CBM Reservoir Formation,ChenZhenHong/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,6/868
  16. The Geologic, Geochemical Characteristics and Metallogeny of the Main Pb-Zn Deposits in South Tianshan Orogenic Belt,ZhangZhiBin/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,0/547
  17. Basic Investigation of the Genotoxicity and Cellular Toxicology by Environmental Phenyl Glycidyl Ether (PGE) and Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) Organic Pollutants,SongRenFang/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,1/553
  18. A Preliminary Study of the Solid Phase Microextraction Theory and Its Application in Assessment of the Bioaccessiblilty of Hydrophobic Organic Contaminants in Sediment Porewater,YangZeYu/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,0/437
  19. Oxidative Degradation of Organic Pollutants in the Interface of Iron Oxides/Water and Interface of Manganese Oxides/Water,LiuChengShuai/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,4/626
  20. Preliminary Study of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers, Organochlorine Pesticides and Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Human Blood and Milk of Special Populations from Guangdong Province,QuWeiYue/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,1/953
  21. Soil Nitric Oxide Emissions from Forests and Vegetable Fields in the Pearl River Delta,LiDeJun/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,1/257
  22. Primary Study on Odorous Organic Sulfides in Typical Polluted Rivers and Municipal Wstewater Treatment Plants in Guangzhou Urban,ShengYanQing/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,2/810
  23. Study on Pollution and Remediation of Circumjacent Environment of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant,GuiHongYan/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,3/1414
  24. The Condensed Organic Matter of Soil and Sediment from Pearl River Delta and Its Effect on the Sorption Behavor of Organic Contaminants,SunKe/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,1/728
  25. Degradation of Some Organic Pollutants Using a Combination Technique of Ozone-activated Carbon and Advanced Oxidation,WuXianGe/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,5/1713
  26. Exchange Fluxes of Volatile Organic Sulfur Compounds between Land Surfaces and Atmosphere in Selected Typical Terrestrial Ecosystems in the Pearl River Delta,YiZhiGang/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,1/188
  27. Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane in Sediments from the Pearl River Estusry to South China Sea,WuZiJun/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,3/284
  28. Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers in Sediments in the Aquatic Environments of the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta,ChenSheJun/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,0/1502
  29. Reductive Dechlorination of γ-HCH、1,2,3,4-TCDD by Zero-valent Iron, Zinc, and Bimetallic Fe/Pd, Fe/Ag,WangZhiYuan/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,0/528
  30. The Spatial Distribution of PCDDs/PCDFs of Soils and Sediments in the Pearl River Delta of China and Source Identification,ZhangSuKun/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,1/466
  31. Sediment Record of PAHs, OCPs and PBDEs in Meiliang Bay and Xukou Bay in Taihu Lake, East China,LinHaiTao/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,0/1436
  32. Preliminary Study of Urinary PAHs Metabolites for Students in Pearl River Delta and Occupational Population in Guiyu-an Electronic Waste Recycling Site,FanRuiFang/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,1/562
  33. Ecological Security Assessment of Urban Water Environment in the Pearl River Delta,GaoFan/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,1/1651
  34. Persistent Organic Pollutants Passed Water Section at Gaoyao Hydrological Station of the Xijiang River,LiuYanLin/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,0/474
  35. A Study on Developing On-line Measuring Systems for Chemical Components in Ambient Fine Particles and Their Real-time Variation in Guangzhou,LiuJunFeng/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,1/533
  36. Occurrence and Environmental Fate of Selected Antibiotics in the Aquatic Environment of the Pearl River Delta,XuWeiHai/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,2/1654
  37. The Preliminary Study of the Characteristics of Aerosols during Haze and Its Effect on Visibility in Guangzhou,TanJiHua/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,14/1719
  38. Study on Preparation and Degradation of Organic Pollutant of Doping Nanometer TiO2 Immobilized on Carbon Sorbent,HuXiaoHong/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,2/1033
  39. Liquid-phase Microextraction Combined with High-performnce Liquid Chromatography for the Analysis of Organic Pollutants,YeCunLing/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,0/1038
  40. The Preparation of Organic Pre-treated Titanium Dioxide Pillared Clay and Application in the Degradation of Organic Pollutants in Solution,DingXueJun/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,0/391
  41. Monitoring Temporal and Spatial Change of Land Use/Land Cover and Its Ecological Consequences in Corel Area of Pearl River Delta,FanFengLei/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,9/2070
  42. Mineral and Geochemical Explaination of Boundary Events,ShenWenJie/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,1/508
  43. Classification of 104 Meteorites Collected in Grove Mountains, Antarctica, and a Comparative Study of Ca-, Al-rich Inclusions (CAIs) from Various Groups of Chondrites,DaiDeQiu/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,0/111
  44. A Study on the Distribution、Origin and the Early Diagenesis of Organic Matter in Pearl River Estuary and Adjacent Shelf,ZhangLing/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,4/560
  45. The Spatial Change Character of δ~(13)C of Total Organic Matter and δ~(13)C, δD of Long-chain N-alkanes of the Surface Soils Across East China and Their Paleoenvironmental Significance,RaoZhiGuo/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,0/534
  46. The Sedimentary Timing, Source Provenance and Tectonic Setting of Paleozoic Clastic Sedimentary Rocks in the Altai Orogen, Xinjiang,LongXiaoPing/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,0/504
  47. The Research of Basin Structure and Filling Characteristics of Palaeogene in Dongying Depression,ZhaoYanJiang/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,4/508
  48. Study on the Characteristics of Provenance and the Distribution of Sedimentary System of Sha-Ⅲ Member of Paleogene in Huimin Depression,WangGuoGuang/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,2/428
  49. The Research on the Key Problems of Tethyan Arc-basin Tetconic Evolution in Xigaze,WangRan/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,0/238
  50. Lu-Hf Isotopic Geochemistry: Methods and Case Studies for Proterozoic Metamorphic Rocks and Mesozoic Granitoids from South China,QiChangShi/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,0/739

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