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  1. The Protection of Aprotinin and Ulinastatin and Aminomethylbenzoic Acid and Aminomethylbenzoic Acid on Blood Fibrinolytic System during Cardiopulmonary Bypass,ZhangWenBin/Guilin Medical College,,0/11
  2. Study of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells transplantation on the treatment of non radioactive lung injury,FengXiaoYan/Guilin Medical College,,0/39
  3. Experimental Study of Bone Morphogenetic Protein Complex Combination of CAD/CAM Technology Situ Remediation Throat Thyroid Cartilage Defects,HuWanQing/Guilin Medical College,,0/5
  4. The Effect of Melatonin on the cTnT and Ca2+-ATPase of OSAHS Chronic Intermittent Hypoxia Cardiac Muscular Tissue,LingYueFu/Guilin Medical College,,0/5
  5. The Effect of Peroxisome Proliferator-activated Receptorsγ Agonist to Oxidative Stress and Islet Function of Obstructive Sleep Apnea-hypopnea Syndrome Model,CaiZuoZuo/Guilin Medical College,,0/19
  6. The Association of NCAPH Gene with the Occurrence and Development of Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Its Prognostic Role in HCC Patients,JinLei/Guilin Medical College,,0/5
  7. Application of Low-dose Multi-slice CT Scanning in Diagnosis and Treatrment of Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma,WangXianFeng/Guilin Medical College,,0/19
  8. The in Situ Detection of HBVcccDNA in FFPE Liver Tissues of Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma,HuShuangZuo/Guilin Medical College,,0/21
  9. Fluorouracil Sustained-release Preparation on Colorectal Cancer in Nude Mice Subcutaneous Implanted Tumor Growth and Bcl-2/Bax Protein、Survivin/Caspase-3Expression Effect,MaXiaoCong/Guilin Medical College,,0/2
  10. The Anti-apoptosis Mechanism of Sustained-release Fluorouracil and the MVD Level in Nude Mice with Human Colorectal Carcinoma,HuangZhanBao/Guilin Medical College,,0/30
  11. Clinical Analysis about Improved Thoracoabdominal Approach in Treating Cardiac Cancer,ZhangLiFei/Guilin Medical College,,0/1
  12. Promoter Methylation of RASSF1A Gene and Its Correlation with DNMT1Expression in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma,MaKui/Guilin Medical College,,0/24
  13. The Research of Expression and Correlation of PPAR-α, MMP-2and TIMP-2in Lung Cancer,LiChen/Guilin Medical College,,0/31
  14. Clinical Curative Effect Observation of Slow-release Local Chemotherapy with Doxorubicin Hydrochloride in the Glioma,FangLiRen/Guilin Medical College,,0/16
  15. Clinical Study on the Immune Function Changes of Perioperative Patients with Intracranial Aneurysms Clipping Surgery,WangXinChang/Guilin Medical College,,0/21
  16. Retrospective Clinical Analysis of100Patients with Pituitary Adenoma,SunShuaiQi/Guilin Medical College,,0/28
  17. Neuroprotective Effects Stuty on Cerebral Ischemia Reperfusion Injury of Pioglitazone in Rats,YuZhi/Guilin Medical College,,0/24
  18. Vitamin K2Protects Against Neurodegeneration of the SCA3/MJD Transgenic Drosophila Model,WeiLiLi/Guilin Medical College,,0/10
  19. The Study of the Pathogenesis of the PINK1/parkin Mediated Autophagy Dysfunction in SCA3/MJD,BaiZhangYong/Guilin Medical College,,0/114
  20. Nervous Protection and Protein Degradation of PINK1Knock-down on the Neurodegeneration of SCA3/MJD Transgenic Drosophila,MoZuo/Guilin Medical College,,0/23
  21. Clinical Research of Air Enema for Infant Intussusception,ZhouHai/Guilin Medical College,,0/3
  22. Single and multiple cold crystalloid perfusion in clinical studies of immature myocardial protection,DengSheng/Guilin Medical College,,0/2
  23. A Clinical Study of Changes of Resistin、C-Reactive Protein Level and Insulin Resistance in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus,HuangXin/Guilin Medical College,,0/9
  24. Subtypes of HPV Infection and the Correlation with Crvical Lesions,YaoJun/Guilin Medical College,,0/2
  25. Research on the Effect of Targeting NOB1Antisense Oligonucleotide of Human Ovarian Cancer Cell SKOV3in Vitro,LiYanYing/Guilin Medical College,,0/7
  26. The Effects of CSF-1Antisense Oligodeoxynucleotide to the Expression of CSF-1Gene and Cell Proliferation on the Ovarian Carcinoma SKOV3Cell Lines,JiangLi/Guilin Medical College,,0/9
  27. A Study on the Expressions of HPV, p16INK4a, Smac and Livin in Cervical Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions and Their Relationship to Apoptosis,LeJiangHua/Guilin Medical College,,0/12
  28. The Proliferation Effects and Mechanism on the T-24Bladder Cancer Cell Xenografts in Nude Mice of Xingding and THP,AiYanKai/Guilin Medical College,,0/19
  29. Optimal Dosing and Timing of Erythropoietin for Treatment of Renal Ischemia-reperfusion Injury,RenXinXin/Guilin Medical College,,0/5
  30. Effect of Rhizoma Imperatae Polysaccharide on Immunomodulatory and Epithelial-mesenchymal Transition in IgA Nephropathy in Rats,LengBin/Guilin Medical College,,0/33
  31. Dosimetric Verification and Clinical Efficacy of Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy in Soft Tissue Sarcomas of the Lower Extremity,BaiXue/Guilin Medical College,,0/8
  32. The Experimental Study on the Interventional Effect in Steroids-induced Femoral Head Osteonecrosis of the Intraosseous High Pressure after the Excision of Obturator Nerve,ZengWenRong/Guilin Medical College,,0/7
  33. Explore Hypoxia-inducible Factor-1α and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Expression in Breast Cancer and Its Clinical Significance,ZhengMoRan/Guilin Medical College,,0/28
  34. Experimental Study on Immature Myocardial Protective Effect of Astragalus Injected under Cardiopulmonary Bypass in Junior Dogs,LiZuo/Guilin Medical College,,0/16
  35. The Effect of Different Treatment Methods in the Stretch Spinal Cord Injury,XiaJiHua/Guilin Medical College,,0/24
  36. Etomidate Composite Remifentanil Used in the Clinical Observation of Children Congenital Anal Atresia Surgery Anesthesia,LiuZhiGui/Guilin Medical College,,0/4
  37. The Research on Regulation of Acupuncture Intervention at Different Time for the Perianesthetic Stress Reaction and Treatment of Nausea and Vomiting after General Anesthesia,YaoXinYu/Guilin Medical College,,0/8
  38. Comparative Study with0.75%Ropivacaine and0.75%Bupivacaine in Elderly Lower Limbs Operation in CSA,WangHua/Guilin Medical College,,0/8
  39. The Study on the Clinical Significance in SLE of Serum Antineutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibodies,ChengPeiHua/Guilin Medical College,,0/2
  40. The Serum Level and the Genotype of Interleukin-18in Patients with Type2Diabetic Nephropathy,ChenJunNing/Guilin Medical College,,0/10
  41. Study on Application of Homocysteine and Cystain C in Early Diagnosis of Diabetic Nephropathy,TangMinJuan/Guilin Medical College,,0/73
  42. The Correlation between Serum Retinol Binding Protein4, Insulin Resistance, Lipid Metabolism in Rats with Type2Diabetes Mellitus,ZhuLiLi/Guilin Medical College,,0/33
  43. Expression of Nampt in Tissues of Type2Diabetes Mellitus Rats and Its Action in β-cells under the Condition of Oxidative Stress,LiLingLing/Guilin Medical College,,0/12
  44. Influences of Benazepril and Irbesartan for Kallikrein1Expression on Renal in Diabetes Nephropathy Rats,LiuXinYu/Guilin Medical College,,0/23
  45. New Urban Medical Service System Management Type2Diabetes Research,XiaoYuan/Guilin Medical College,,0/28
  46. Study on the Relationship between Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein-1Gene-2518G/A Polymorphism and Diabetic Nephropathy,WangZuo/Guilin Medical College,,0/13
  47. On Acute Obstructive Pancreatitis Rat Pancreatic Cell Apoptosis Mechanism Experimental Study,YanLiPing/Guilin Medical College,,0/17
  48. The Changes of NOS Immunoreactive Neurons, VIP Immunoreactive Neurons, ChAT Immunoreactive Neurons and SP Immunoreactive Neurons of Colonic Submucous Ganglia in Rats with Severe Acute Pancreatitis Complicated by Gastrointestinal Dysmotility,YuanYuan/Guilin Medical College,,0/19
  49. Chang of Plasma Interleukin-18, Interleukin-10and Interleukin-18/Interleukin-10Ratio in Rats with Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease,QinQing/Guilin Medical College,,0/20
  50. Study on Correlation between Carotid Artery Intima-media Thickness and Adiponectin in Patients of Type2Diabetes Mellitus with Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease,ChenHui/Guilin Medical College,,0/11

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