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  1. Ontogeny of B Cells and Cloning of TCR Genes for Mandarin Fish Siniperca Chuatsi,TianJingYun/Institute of Hydrobiology,3/214
  2. Cloning and Characterization of Three Immune Evasion Genes from Iridovirus,HuangYouHua/Institute of Hydrobiology,0/275
  3. Studies on Spatial Learning and Memory of Some Freshwater Fishes,ZhuYuRong/Institute of Hydrobiology,0/370
  4. Studies on Feeding Stimulants for Gibel Carp (Carassius Auratus Gibelio),ZhaoHongYue/Institute of Hydrobiology,2/298
  5. Cloning and Expression Analysis of SIMP and TRAFs in the Grass Carp Ctenopharyngoden Idellus,XuZaiYan/Institute of Hydrobiology,0/270
  6. Molecular Cloning and Characterization of Two Novel Viral Genes, 3β-HSD and PCNA, from Rana Grylio Virus,SunWei/Institute of Hydrobiology,0/170
  7. Preliminary Research on Fish Antiviral Immunity in Response to Virus Induction,LvAiJun/Institute of Hydrobiology,0/365
  8. Studies on the Influences of the Operation of the Three Gorges Dam on Reproduction of the Chinese Sturgeon, Acipenser Sinensis: The Ecohydrological Mechanism and Conservation Strategy,ChenYongBai/Institute of Hydrobiology,5/618
  9. Studies on Performance of Purification and Influence on Clogging of Vertical Flow Constructed Wetlands with Different Filter Media,ZhangXiangLing/Institute of Hydrobiology,17/1466
  10. Studies on Phosphorus Removal in Integrated Vertical Flow Constructed Wetland,ZhangZuo/Institute of Hydrobiology,4/1281
  11. Studies on the Allelopathy of Elodea Nuttallii on Microcystis Aeruginosa,ZhangBingZhi/Institute of Hydrobiology,6/703
  12. Studies on the Ecophysiological Effects of Microcystins Against Microbes,YangCuiYun/Institute of Hydrobiology,8/944
  13. Ecophysiological Effects of Iron on Bloom-Forming Cyanobacteria,XingWei/Institute of Hydrobiology,6/919
  14. Studies on Purification Technology of the Integrated System of Membrane Bioreactor-Constructed Wetland,XiaoEnRong/Institute of Hydrobiology,3/923
  15. Dynamics of Zooplankton Community Structure and Its Ecological Significance in Restoring Pulluted Waterbodies,LiuAiFen/Institute of Hydrobiology,1/1099
  16. Ecological and Toxicological Studies on Microcystins,LiSiXin/Institute of Hydrobiology,3/989
  17. Zooplankton and Its Use in the Control of Algal Blooms,GuoNiChun/Institute of Hydrobiology,5/1265
  18. Studies on Allelopathic Effects of Three Submerged Macrophytes on Phytoplankton,DengPing/Institute of Hydrobiology,13/972
  19. The Studies on Some Genomic Characters of Two Small Fishes in China,YouCuiHong/Institute of Hydrobiology,1/313
  20. Expression Characterization and Functional Analysis of Two Regulatory Genes during Fish Embryogenesis,XiaJianHong/Institute of Hydrobiology,1/320
  21. Population Biology and Molecular Ecology of the Nematode Camallanus Cotti,WuShanGong/Institute of Hydrobiology,3/477
  22. Study of Short Interfering RNA (siRNA) Produced in Transcription System of Zebrafish Embryo,WangNa/Institute of Hydrobiology,0/435
  23. Predictive Limnological Researches on Small-To Medium-Sized Lakes along the Mid-Lower Yangtze River,WangHaiJun/Institute of Hydrobiology,5/526
  24. The Role of RNA-binding Protein Gene rbp3 in Cold Acclimation of the Cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. Strain PCC6803,TangZuo/Institute of Hydrobiology,0/210
  25. Genetic Quality Control of an Inbred Strain of Gobiocypris Rarus,ShaoYan/Institute of Hydrobiology,2/228
  26. Molecular Phylogenetic Studies of Oedogoniales (Chlorophyceae, Chlorophyta),MeiHong/Institute of Hydrobiology,0/143
  27. Studies on the Antifreeze Mechanism of Chlorella Vulgaris Strain NJ-7,LiHuiYing/Institute of Hydrobiology,0/318
  28. Molecular Cloning, Identification and Characterization of Immune-relevant Genes in Snakehead Channa Argus,JiaWeiZhang/Institute of Hydrobiology,1/397
  29. Taxonomic and Phylogenetic Study of Fish Trypanosomes,GuZeMao/Institute of Hydrobiology,0/271
  30. Studies on the Phylogeny of Trichodinids,GongYingChun/Institute of Hydrobiology,2/256
  31. Conservation Biology of Rare and Endemic Fishes of the Yangtze River,GaoXin/Institute of Hydrobiology,9/1083
  32. Establishment of a Copper-regulated Gene Expression Platform and a Novel Insertional Mutagenesis Method in Synechocystis sp. PCC6803,GaoHong/Institute of Hydrobiology,6/205
  33. Identification and Functional Studies of Outer Membrane Proteins of Anabaena Sp. PCC 7120,DongZuoLing/Institute of Hydrobiology,1/247
  34. Taxonomic Revision and Molecular Evolution of Chinese Loaches of Cobitis and Its Related Genera (Pisces: Cobitidae),ChenYongXia/Institute of Hydrobiology,0/455
  35. Molecular Phylogeny of Sinipercid Fish (Perciformes: Sinipercidae) and Their Two Bucephalid Digeneans (Digenea: Bucephalidae),ChenDaLi/Institute of Hydrobiology,0/338
  36. Studies on the Gas Vesicle Gene Cluster in Microcystis sp.,XuMin/Institute of Hydrobiology,1/271
  37. Studies on Several Unsoloved Physio-Ecological Questions for Restoration of Submerged Macrophyte Hydrilla Verticillata (L.F.) Royle in Polluted Waterbodies,ZhaoQiang/Institute of Hydrobiology,1/593
  38. Application Studies of Microsatellite DNA and ISSR Techniques in Protozoa,ZhangWenJing/Institute of Hydrobiology,1/416
  39. Phytoplankton in Yangtze and Three Gorges Reservoir: Dynamics and Relationship with Nutrients and Hydrological Conditions,ZengHui/Institute of Hydrobiology,14/1271
  40. Food Composition and Food Webs of Zoobenthos in Yangtze Lakes,LiuXueQin/Institute of Hydrobiology,6/900
  41. Fractal and Geostatistical Researches on Spatial Patterns of Macrophytes in Lakes,PanWenBin/Institute of Hydrobiology,0/717
  42. Studies on the Biology and Genetic Diversity of Salmo Trutta Fario L., from Yadong River, Tibet,HaoFuHua/Institute of Hydrobiology,1/271
  43. Isolation of Short Interspersed Elements (SINEs) and Application in Phylogentic Study of Cyprinidae,HanYaWei/Institute of Hydrobiology,0/152
  44. Studies on Phylogeny and Molecular Evolution of Nostoc (Cyanophyta),HanDanXiang/Institute of Hydrobiology,2/489
  45. Molecular Phylogeny and Divergence Time Estimations of Some Groups of Ostariophysan Fishes (Teleostei: Ostariophysi),GuoXianGuang/Institute of Hydrobiology,5/484
  46. Ecotoxicological Studies on the Effects of Eutrophication and Cyanobacteria on Planktonic Rotifers,GengHong/Institute of Hydrobiology,7/918
  47. Cloning and Function Analysis of Apoptosis Related Genes for the Mandarin Fish Siniperca Chuatsi,GaoYuan/Institute of Hydrobiology,1/149
  48. Baiji’s Genomic DNA Library Construction and Application and the Investigation on Evolutionary Correlation of Mammalian C-value Variation,DuBo/Institute of Hydrobiology,0/235
  49. Studies on Mass Culture of Nostoc Sphaeroides and N. Commune (Cyanophyta) and the Structural and Physiological Characteristics of N. Sphaeroides,DengZhongYang/Institute of Hydrobiology,3/345
  50. Screening of Virus-induced Genes and Characterization of Pigment Epithelium-derived Factor in Japanese Flounder, Paralichthys Olivaceus,ChenYuDong/Institute of Hydrobiology,1/122

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