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  1. Study on Fabrication of Microscale Photonic Polymer Devices and Their Properties,JinFeng/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,1/267
  2. Study on the Growth and Properties of BaAlBO3F2 (BABF) Crystal,YueYinChao/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,0/200
  3. Fabrication and Investigation of Three-dimensional Photonic Crystals with Photoisomerization-based Tunable Bandgap,YaZuo/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,3/296
  4. Growth and Properties of Nonlinear Optical Crystal Ca5(BO33F and Its Nd3+ Doped Analog,XiaMingJun/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,0/159
  5. Research on Growth of Large CsB3O5 Crystal and Its Applications,LuLu/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,0/219
  6. Study on Growth and Properties of the New Nonlinear Optical Crystal Na3La9O3(BO38 and Rare Earth Doped Na3La9O3(BO38 Crystal,BaiXiaoYan/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,0/299
  7. Study of Nonlinear Optical Properties of Carbazole-based Stilbazolium Salts,GuJie/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,0/264
  8. Study on Polypyridine Derivatives/complexes, Anthracene Derivatives and 1,8-naphthyridine Complexes as Optical Chemosensors,WangJun/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,0/377
  9. Design and Synthesis of Optical Chemosensors and Study of Its Recognition Properties,LiuWeiMin/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,0/676
  10. Investigation on Whole Body Hyperthermia Method Through Directly Heating Blood Vessel Interior,XiangShiHai/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,1/150
  11. Synthesis, Characterization of Poly(Butylene Succinate)s and Fundamental Research as Novel Biomaterials,ShiFengZuo/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,4/562
  12. Study on the 1.3 GHz Single-cell Large Grain Niobium Superconducting RF Cavities,ZongZhanGuo/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,0/92
  13. Study of Spontaneous Oscillation and Thermoacoustic Conversion Characteristics of Thermoacoustic Heat Engines,YuGuoYao/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,5/499
  14. Mechanical Behaviors and Mechanisms of Nitrogen Effect of High Nitrogen Austenitic Stainless Steels,WangSongTao/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,6/1502
  15. Study on Mechanisms for a Highly Efficient Freezing/Heating Physical Treatment of Tumor,ZuoJingFu/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,0/115
  16. Design and Synthesis of D-π-A Organic Dyes and Their Applications to Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell and Chemical Sensor of Metal Ions,SongXiaoZuo/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,1/1188
  17. The Surface Functionalization and Applications of Boron-doped Diamond Thin-film Electrode and Its Relative Materials,ZhouYanLi/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,2/394
  18. Studies of Photophysical and Photochemical Processes within Water-soluble Poly(Aryl Ether) Dendrimers,ZhengShaoJun/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,1/160
  19. A Study of the Relationship between Surfactant Structures and Interfacial Dilational Properties in EOR,ZhangLei/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,1/650
  20. Study on the Synthesis of Oxindoles and Indoles of Pharmaceutical Interest by Using Palladation of Alkynes,TangShi/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,0/329
  21. Design and Synthesis of Novel Optical Chemosensors for Molecular Recognition,ShengRuiLong/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,2/498
  22. Study on the Surfactant Systems by Ultramicroelectrode Voltammetry,LiLing/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,0/341
  23. A Study of Surface Properties and Foam Properties of Model Surfactant Systems for Foam Combination Flooding,WangXiaoChun/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,4/603
  24. Photodynamic Properties of a Bispyrrolecarboxamide-Modified Hypocrellin B,LiuYanYan/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,0/111
  25. Analysis and Upgrading of Bio-petroleum from Biomass by Deoxy-liquefaction,LiJinHua/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,2/819
  26. Effects of Toners and Photocalysts on Photothermographic Imaging Material System Based on Silver Benzotriazole,ShiYao/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,0/50
  27. Study on Photographic Properties of Photothermographic Materials Based on Silver Tolyltriazole,LiangHaiYan/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,0/93
  28. Design, Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of Some Micro-and Nano-structured Magnetic Materials,ZhuLuPing/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,0/1081
  29. Functionalization of diamond thin films and its application,ZhaoJianWen/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,0/521
  30. Growth, Alignment and Patterning of One-Dimensional Organic Nanostructures,ZhangChengYi/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,0/423
  31. Study of Chemical Sensors and Biosensors Based Modified One-Dimensional Nanomaterials,YangKun/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,2/606
  32. Silicon Nanowires-based Fluorescence Chemosensors,MuLiZuo/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,1/459
  33. Controllable Preparation and Property Research of Vanadium Oxide Nanomaterials,MaoLiJuan/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,0/589
  34. Novel Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes and Their Applications,ChenXueCheng/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,2/1067
  35. Study on Liquid Metal Cooling Method for Thermal Management of Computer Chip,MaKunQuan/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,0/557
  36. Syntheses, Structures and Spectroscopic Characterization of d~8, d~(10) Metal Complexes with P, N Ligands,ZhangJunFeng/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,0/234
  37. Researches on Solution Processed Organic Light-Emitting Diodes,LiuHongMei/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,0/268
  38. Studies on the Key Technologies in Ultra-precision Machining of Hard and Brittle Materials,LiJun/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,9/1247
  39. Preparation and Study of Antireflection Coatings with Higher Laser Induced Damage Threshold on the LBO Crystal,YuAiFang/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,0/455
  40. Plasma Surface-modification of Medical Polymers for Enhancing Anti-infective Properties,ZhangWei/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,2/406
  41. Vapor-Liquid Equilibria for Multi-component Mixed Refrigerants at Cryogenic Temperature Range,ZhuHongBo/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,1/336
  42. Influencing Factors of Photographic Properties of Hydrophilic Photothermographic Materials,LinHaiLi/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,0/53
  43. Theoretical Approach and Development on a High Frequency Miniature Acoustic-Driven Thermoacoustic Refrigerator,HuPeng/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,7/238
  44. Study on Heat-driven Thermoacoustic Cryocoolers Operating in the Cryogenic Temperature Range from Liquid Nitrogen to Liquid Hydrogen,HuJianYing/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,8/339
  45. Experimental Study and Numerical Simulation of Pulse Tube Refrigerator Below 20K,DuBingYan/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,0/148
  46. Investigation on High Frequency Cascade Thermoacoustic System,HuZhongJun/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,4/196
  47. Design and Synthesis of Organic Dyes and Their Applications in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells and Colorimetric Chemodosimeter,ZhangXueHua/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,1/1105
  48. Studies on Carbon Materials and Ruthenium Oxide as Electrode Materials for Supercapacitors,CiYing/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,6/1162
  49. Research on Some New Borate Nonlinear Optical Crystal Materials,ChenGuoJun/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,1/688
  50. Synthesis and Photoinduced Electron Transfer of Novel Platinum(Ⅱ) and Copper(Ⅰ) Polypyridine Complexes,ZhaoXiJuan/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,0/418

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