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  1. Numerical Simulation of Fluid Flow and Related Phenomena in Thin Slab Continuous Casting,XuMianGuang/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/83
  2. Theoretical and Experimental Research on Titanium Removing in the Hot Metal Pretreatment,LiuZhuangZhuang/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/60
  3. Fundamental Research on Co-Treatment of Chromic Wastes in High-Temperature Metallurgical Furnace,PanCongChao/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/60
  4. Fundamental Research on Reduction of High-Impurity Ilmenite at Low-Temperature,LiuYunLong/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/111
  5. Research and Application of Vitrified Bonded Diamond Grinding Tool,ChengWenSheng/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/192
  6. Study on Preparation and Property of Chromium-free Non-oriented Silicon Steel Insulating Coating,ZuoHuiLi/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/114
  7. Research of Cr-V Series Self-lubricating Hard Coatings,ChouYueXiu/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/124
  8. Key Metallurgical Technology of High Heat Input Welding Shipbuilding Steel,XiaWenYong/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/120
  9. Study on the Hardenability and Strength&Toughness of High Strength Low Alloyed Ultra-heavy Plate Steels for Marine Engineering,WangXiaoYong/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/170
  10. Study on Hydrogen Delayed Fracture Behaviour of Ultra-high Strength Steel Sheets,ZhangYongJian/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/237
  11. Investigation on the (Ti, Mo) C Precipitation Behavior and the Mechanical Properties in Low Carbon Martensitic Steels,HanZuo/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/433
  12. Investigations on the Structures and Properties of Fe-Ni-Co Invar-type Low Expansion Alloy with Addition of Magnesium or Cerium,CaiBo/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/59
  13. Effect of Micro-elements Hf and Zr on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of FGH96Superalloy,XiaTian/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/68
  14. Study on Liquid Metal Flow Driven by a Modulated Helical Magnetic Field,WangSongWei/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/20
  15. Chemical Synthesis, Self-assembly, Magnetic Properties of FePt&Fe3O4Nanoparticles and Related Composite Materials,ZhouMingGe/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/144
  16. Study on the Nano-hydroxyapatite and β-Tricalcium Phosphate Compound as Bone Restorative Material,RenXiaMin/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/1
  17. First-principles Study of Doping Property in Solar Cell Semiconductors CuInS2and CuI,ChenHui/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/1
  18. Synthesis and Characterization of Metal Phosphate Composite Cathode Materials for Lithium Ion Battery,MaPingPing/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/0
  19. Studies of the Effect of Annealing Treatment on2:17-type Sm-Co Permanent Magnets,XiaManLong/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/1
  20. Magnetic Properties and Microstructures of Ce-Co-based Permanent Magnets,SunWei/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/42
  21. Preparation of Sintered (Nd,Re)-Fe-b Magnet by Double Main Phase Alloy Method,WangJingDai/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/64
  22. Accelerated Corrosion Behavior of NdFeB Permanent Magnets in Different Corrosive Climates,LiJiaJie/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/207
  23. The Effect of Close-looped Structure on Two Phase Magnetoelectric Laminate Composites,DuZhaoFu/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/1
  24. A Study on Selective Oxidation Behaviors of DP780Dual Phase Steels during Hot-dip Galvanizing Process,LiYuanPeng/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/314
  25. Research on Preparation and Properties of the Drug-loading Aliphatic Polycarbonate Coating Stents,BianHuiJuan/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/171
  26. Investigation on Microwave Noise Suppression Effect of Composites Containing Circular Cross-section Amorphous Microwires,ZhangJunFeng/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/51
  27. The Formation and Control of Carbon Segregation of Gear Steel in the Bloom Casting Process,XuWeiYang/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/153
  28. Basic Applied Research on the new Al2O3-BaO-B2O3Mold Slag for High Aluminum Steel,WangQiang/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/343
  29. Mathematical and Physical Simulation on Ladle Flow Field of CAS Refining Process,ShuZhiHao/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/70
  30. Research of Niobium-Bearing Cold Work Die Steel with High Vanadim Content by Powder Metallurgy,LiXiaoMing/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/192
  31. Development of Microstructure Evolution and Property Prediction Model for Hot Rolled Strip and Preliminary Exploration of Ultra Fast Cooling Process,PengNingZuo/Iron and Steel Research Institute,1/330
  32. Influence of S and W on Sulfuric Acid Dew Point Corrosion-resistance of Low-alloy Steel,ZuoFeng/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/48
  33. Technology and Mechanism of Titanium Salt and Silane Composite Passivation Film on Galvanized Sheet,WangNingTao/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/118
  34. Effect of Niobium and Hot Deformation on Microstructure Transformation of High Carbon Steel During Continuous Cooling,YangChaoFei/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/171
  35. Study on Toughening Mechanism and Production Process Optimization of Wheel Steel for High Speed Train,MaYue/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/263
  36. To investigate the process and properties of amorphous alloy strip, the non 1K101 components,GuiQiang/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/129
  37. Preparation of Electrodeposition FeNi Foil and Its Electromagnetic Shielding Performance,YangFeng/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/434
  38. Research on Synthesis and Mechanism of Boron-doped Polycrystalline Diamond(PDC) Compacts,SunYanLong/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/167
  39. Study on Integration and Application of the Pulse-heating Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometric Analysis System,YangZhiGang/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/72
  40. The Investigation of Numerical Simulation of the Effect of Deformation on γ→α Transformation and Deformation-induced γ→α Transformation,ZuoBing/Iron and Steel Research Institute,1/703

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