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  1. A Computation Optimal Control Approach to the Single Flexible Manipulator,MouZuoZuo/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/31
  2. Low Content of Poylymer Binder Ratio of Polystyrene Board and Properties,YinJiPing/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/14
  3. Third-party Establish Schedule Early-Warning System Based on Information Platform,LiuBin/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/8
  4. Application Research of CDMA Remote Intelligent Monitoring System,LiJianWei/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/13
  5. The Phase Change Heat Transfer Mechanism Research of Self-Oscillation Loop Pipe,ZhengLiQiu/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/14
  6. Study on Green Space System Structure and Design of Chan Gchun,QuanZhen/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/35
  7. The Research on Try Burn of Mixing Combustion of Biomass in Coal-fired Boiler of Jin Lin Province,ZhangXiaoHang/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/21
  8. The Research about the Uplift Ultimate Bearing Capacity of the Push-Extend Multi-under-Reamed Pile and the Failure Character of Soil,RenJiaJia/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/21
  9. Reliability Optimization of Central Heating System Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm,ZhuChuanZhi/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/20
  10. Study on Characteristics of Formation and Control Technology of Disinfection By-Products in Urban Water Supply System,JiangMingJi/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/68
  11. Research on the Design of Changchun Street Furniture,CuiSiZuo/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/20
  12. The Research on the Humanized Design of the Old Environment Facilities in Cold City,LiuRuJing/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/58
  13. Supervising Engineer the Settlement of Disputes Control Research Based on RIOI-IT Mode,YangJingJing/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/7
  14. Zigbee Technology Based on the Intelligent Village Safe Guard System Development,YuanHong/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/31
  15. Load Current Waveform Analysis Database Research,YuLei/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/8
  16. The Research and Design of New Electric Energy Monitoring System,RenZuo/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/9
  17. The Design and Application Research of Control System Based on DALI Agreement,SunLiChao/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/32
  18. Based on the Fuzzy Pattern Recognition Load Current Waveform Data Detection,WuWei/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/18
  19. Building Electrical Harmonic Detection and Analysis Method,ZhaoShan/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/26
  20. Application Study on Saving Energy of Air Conditioning System in Coolant Temperature,YuQiuSheng/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/34
  21. Solar Ground Source Heat Pump Integrated Heating System Application Research,ZuoBoZuo/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/95
  22. The Modification of Inorganic Adornment Mortar and Optimizing the Proportion of the Research,LiuJiaCheng/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/30
  23. Straw Fibre Polyurethane Efficient Heat Presrvation Material Research,WangDaZhuang/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/63
  24. Experimental Study on the Shear Behavior of First-floor Composite Wall in Multistory Housing,BaiAiHua/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/10
  25. Study on the Lateral Stiffness of the Multi-layer Cold-formed Thin-walled Steel Residential Composed Walls,JinCheng/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/11
  26. Bearing Capacity of Column-beam Joint Performance of Composit Wall in Multistory Housing,ZhangGuoJie/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/14
  27. Experimental Study on the Mechanical Behavior of the Reinforced Concrete Flat Beam Boundary Nodes,SunXin/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/13
  28. Calculation Analysis of Deflection and Research of Deflection Control for Cast-in-situ Concrete Hollow Slab,LiuHui/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/7
  29. Research on the Flexural Behavior of RC Beam Strengthened by NSM CFRP Bar,HouShuLiang/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/12
  30. The Study of the NSM FRP Bars Strengthening of the RC Beams,LiZhengJia/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/22
  31. Vertical Explosion Loading Performance of the Reinforced Concrete Beam Under Finite Element Analysis,ChangKai/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/32
  32. The External Prestressing and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Joint Concrete Continuous Beam Research,YeZeng/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/38
  33. Study on the Flexural Property of New FRP Reinforcement Concrete Beam,ZhangHuiYong/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,2/36
  34. The Analysis of Shear Resistance Performance of the Horizontal Prestressed Brick Masonry,SangYanLi/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/5
  35. Deformation Properties Analysis of External Prestressed Steel-Light Concrete Composite Continuous Beams,XiaFaLei/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/6
  36. The Shearing Stiffness Simulation and Analysis of the Composite Steel-Light Weight Aggrgate Concrete Beam Structure,WuYunXiang/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/11
  37. Steel-High Strength Concrete Composite Beam Stud Shear Rigidity Analysis,JianWeiFeng/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/15
  38. Experimental Study on Steel Light—Weight Aggregate Concrete Combination Laminboard,TianShiHao/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/5
  39. The Study on Casting Slab Reinforcement to the Frame Beam Straight Sections of Seismic Bearing Capacity,XuChangDong/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/22
  40. The Bearing Capacity of Composite Green Energy-Saving Wall in Cold Region,ZhaoLiJun/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/34
  41. Research and Experiment of Lead Board Damper,Zhao/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/14
  42. The Research on Bearing Capacity and Deformation Properties of Composite Structure,WangZuo/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/9
  43. Studying of Code-Formed Thin-Wall Steel and Light-Weight Concrete Welding Composite Joints,ZhaoYing/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,2/17
  44. Seismic Performance of Hybrid Control for Building Structures,ZhangLe/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/11
  45. The Application of the Damper in the Research of Reducing Twist in the High-rise Building with Hole in the Floor,YuXiaoHui/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/11
  46. Research on Anti-Seismic Behavior of Aerated Concrete Block Bearing Walls with Opening,XiaoBin/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/29
  47. The Force Behavior Reasearch of Lotus Leaf-Shape Reinforced Concrete Arch-Shell Structure,ZhangZiJian/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/11
  48. Structure Damage Identification,HuoXuXin/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/21
  49. Study on Islamic Architectur E Characters in Northeast of China,HanNing/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/43
  50. The Research of Environmental Design for Hospitals’ Pediatric Care Unit,LiuHongXia/Jilin Architectural and Civil Engineering,0/35

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