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  1. Studies of Building a Modern Industrial System in Heilongjiang Province,ZuoChengCheng/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/14
  2. Research on Economic Transition of the Resource Depletion Cities,ZhaoSen/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/31
  3. The Philosophical Thinking of Education Alienation,DuXiaoMing/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/6
  4. The Marxist Freedom and Its Contemporary Value,XiaZuo/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/8
  5. Some Thoughts on Strengthening the Civil Rirghts Consciousness of Cadre of Party Member Leader,LiuShuo/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/8
  6. A Study on the Construction of Clear and Honest Government Culture under the New Situation,ChenLei/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/55
  7. Thinking on Construction of Study-oritented Party in Conditions of Informationalization,GongBo/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/11
  8. Mao Zedong's Attitude Construction Thought and Its Contemporary Value,ChengShi/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/21
  9. The Analysis of the Ethic of Development,FuChunYi/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/15
  10. Alienation on Consumption and Its Resolution,WangJing/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/13
  11. From Man's "Materialization" to the Man's All-round Development,WangShaoHeng/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/14
  12. Understanding of the Theory of Creative Thinking Theory,LiuShuangFeng/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/7
  13. The Cultural Activities of Shandong Anti-japanese Base Area,ZhengXiaoChen/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/30
  14. Research on the Problem of Regional Coordinated Development in Inner Mongolia,LuYiHan/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/99
  15. The Research of Citizenization of the Migrant Rural Workers,SuZhiQing/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/123
  16. The Research of Ecological Urban Construction a Instantce of the Ecological Urban Constructioa of Baishan City,DingYuan/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/735
  17. Exploratory Study on Protection of the Party Representative Rights under the Condition of the Term System of Office,FengBao/Jilin Provincial Party School,1/59
  18. Research on the Problem of Party Member’s Democratic Rights in the New Period,LiShangDa/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/32
  19. Construction of Governing Capacity of Cadre of Party Member Leader in the Horizon of Civil Rights,XingPan/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/34
  20. Nurturing of the Ability of the Leaders’ Moral,ZengYue/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/66
  21. The Research of Improving the Leaders’ Ability of Using News Media,YuLiHui/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/79
  22. Research on Network Party Building of Chinese Communist Partv in New Time,SunJie/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/135
  23. Study on Scientific Development View of Human-oriented Leadership,XuZuoYue/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/36
  24. The Study on Making Politics Refer to Opinions on Network under the View of Mass Work,ZhaoJiaJia/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/277
  25. Deng Xiaoping’s Historic Role in Bringing Order Out of Chaos,LiuTong/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/30
  26. Research on Socialist Democratic Thought of Deng Xiaoping,HouChangHong/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/57
  27. Comment on Marx’s Social Critique Theory and Its Modern Value,ZongHaiYang/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/88
  28. Paradox and Integration of Economic Man and Moral Man in the Condition of Socialist Market Economy,ZhaoYing/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/122
  29. Marx’s View of Nature and Contemporary Significance,SongJiaYin/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/94
  30. Comparison and its Methodological Significance of Philosophy Since Modern Times,ZhangTing/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/38
  31. Marx’s Demand Theory and Its Realistic Significance,QiuChiHong/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/75
  32. The Existential Implication of Dialectics by Carle Marx,ZhanWang/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/40
  33. Discussion of Marx Concept of Practice and Practical Significance,ZhangTianZeng/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/185
  34. The Philosophical Connotation and Practical Construction of Green Consumption,XiaoYang/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/68
  35. Analysis of the Impact of the Financial Sector to Economic Development from the Point of View of the Sub-prime Crisis,WangZhiDe/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/115
  36. Circular Economy-The Strategic Choice to Realize Sustainable Development of the China’s Economy,LiXiaoJun/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/632
  37. The Institutional Restraints and Institutional Innovations of Chinese Farmers’ Income Growth,WangZhongYa/Jilin Provincial Party School,2/250
  38. Study of Deng Xiaoping’s Thought on the Party’s Institution Building,ZhangShiWen/Jilin Provincial Party School,1/259
  39. Study on Deng Xiaoping’s Ideology of Economic System Reform,QiuJiaLiang/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/372
  40. On the Phenomenon of Jiangsu Costal Economic "Valley",YanYinGen/Jilin Provincial Party School,2/463
  41. On improving and perfecting the inner-party democracy Operating Mechanism,ShiEnXiang/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/188
  42. Study on the Team Construction of the Party Workers in the Non-public Economic Organizations,MaKun/Jilin Provincial Party School,1/188
  43. Communist Party of China Guide for Farmers Thinking of the Innovation Vector,JiangJinSheng/Jilin Provincial Party School,2/95
  44. Studies on Deng Xiaoping’s Thoughts of Opening-up,XuGuoXiang/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/63
  45. Study the "Gradient" Phenomenon of Urbanization Level in Shandong Province,WangZhiJian/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/62
  46. The Research of Industry Transformation of Resources in Shanxi Province,FanHaiZuo/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/194
  47. Research on Fiscal Countermeasures of County Economic Development in Jilin Province,PanXuEn/Jilin Provincial Party School,1/150
  48. Fiscal and Taxation Policy Options to Adjust Our Personal Income Distribution Gap,ZhangQin/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/177
  49. Study on the Alienation of Education and Dispelling,HouXiaoJie/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/95
  50. Study on Dengxiaoping’s Ideas of Spiritual Civilization Construction,HaoHuiHui/Jilin Provincial Party School,0/85

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