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  1. A Brief Study of Microcredit in Linxia Hui Autonomouse Prefecture,ZhuYuDa/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/20
  2. Effect of Western Xia on the Northern Song’s "Money Shortage",LiZhiPeng/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/24
  3. The Research of the Development Transition of SMEs in Qinghai Province,ZhengShuYu/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/33
  4. Research on Chinese-Tibetan Medicine Industrial Clusters Development Strategy,ZengSongYao/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/31
  5. The Research on the Relationship between Trade and Economic Growth in the State of Yanbian,ZhangZhuo/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/23
  6. Study of Increasing Nomads’ Income in Hainan State Qinghai Province,QieYangZhuoMa/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/25
  7. A Study on Economy’s Sustainable Development of Ethnic Areas in Gansu,JiaXiaoBo/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/20
  8. The Study on Relative Efficiency of Life Insurance Companies in China Based on An Improved DEA Method,YangZhi/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/10
  9. The Research of Phrase Extraction Technology for Tibetan and Chinese Statistical Machine Translation,DongXiaoFang/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/6
  10. Study on the Tibetan Word Segmentation and Named Entity Recognition with Conditional Random Fields,LiYaChao/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/36
  11. Tibetan Text Calssification Technology Research on Native Bayes,WangYong/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/24
  12. Dynamic Network Model for Tibetan Web and the Search Strategy Research,XiaJianHua/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/22
  13. The Synthetic System of Text-driven Lip Parameter of Tibetan Xiahe Dialect,ZhengWenSi/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/4
  14. Key Technology Research on Tibetan Websites Topic Detection and Tracking,MengXiangHe/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/9
  15. The Research About Algorithm of Point Plus and Double Point on Elliptic Curve,SongChunYu/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/16
  16. Lhasa Voice Dialing Technology Research Based on Hidden Markov Model,XuHui/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/12
  17. The Research of Xingyiquan of Taigu County in Shanxi Province from the Perspective of Cultural Sociology,MaZuoJun/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/27
  18. Research on the Impact of the Geographical Environment Tonational Tradition Sports under the Perspective of Physical Geography,ZhangGuoBin/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/37
  19. The Present Situation and Dynamic Analyzing of Pearl Ball Game,ZuoZi/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/21
  20. To Analyses the Event Effect of the9th National Traditional Games of Ethnic Minorities of China,LiHanJie/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/24
  21. The Sport Anthropology Research of National Circuit Applied to Nationwide Fitness Programs,ChenQingTao/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/35
  22. Present Situation and Countermeasures of Henan Province of the Traditional Sports Science Development,ZhuChao/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/23
  23. Investigation and Study on Educational Practice of Xidaotang and Its Referential Meaning to Education of the Hui Nationality in Gansu Province,XuShiChao/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/33
  24. The Research on the Construction of Harmonious Campus Culture of the Institutes for Nationalities under New Circumstances,LiFuHan/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/61
  25. The Study on Bilingual Education Development in Inner Mongolia,NaRenTaNa/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/59
  26. The Investigation and Study of Ideological Situation of College Students in Nationnalities Universities,GuoJingZuo/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/46
  27. Entrepreneurial Education of University Students,ChenZhuo/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/105
  28. The Investigation on Cultivation of Engineering Consciousness for Chemical Engineering and Technology Major Students,WangRuiNa/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/71
  29. The Research of Educating Our College Students with Honest under the New Situation,LvZuo/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/42
  30. Status and Research on Developing Traditional Sports in Middle School of Gansu Ethnic Minority Areas,QiuZuoZuo/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/64
  31. Comparative Study of the Impact of Non-intelligence Factors on Chemistry Learning of Middle School Students at Different Stages,XuMingQiu/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/35
  32. Research to Penetrate Environmental Education in Middle School's Chemistry Teaching in Northwest Minority Areas,GongWenYing/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/27
  33. The Construction of Harmonious Teacher-student Ethical Relationship Study,LiXiaLi/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/18
  34. A Research About Tibetan-Chinese Bilingual CAI Software in High School Physics under the New Course Standard System,ZengQingDong/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/20
  35. Period of Reform and Opening up of China's Rural Left-behind Children Moral Education Practice and Experience,ChenJia/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/26
  36. Amdo Tibetan Areas:an Empirical Study on the Impact of Human Capital Investment on Economic Growth,CaiRangZuoJi/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/13
  37. A Study on the Mechanism of Training for Minorities High-level Backbone Talents,WuRiGuMuLa/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/57
  38. The Research of Intermarriage between Baima Tibetan and Han,YangYongGang/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/25
  39. The Community Participation Research of Elderly Settled-herdsman in Sunan Yugur Autonomous County,HanShuo/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/11
  40. The Analysis of Influence Factor in Urbanization of Amdo Tibetan Areas,DanZhengJia/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/10
  41. Research of "New Unemployed Groups" in Linxia Area of Gansu,ZhaoXiaoJiao/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/10
  42. From Social Exclusion to Social Integration,MaXu/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/39
  43. The Study on Resolution Mechanism of University Academic Disputes Arbitration,WangXue/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/6
  44. Study on Crime of Environment Supervision and Managing Dereliction of Duty,ZhouYan/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/36
  45. Wetland Protection and Its Legislation Construction,WenFan/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/74
  46. Research on the Legal System about Information Report and Release in Public Emergency,LiXiangFeng/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/13
  47. The Improving Research on Chinese Legislation of the Administrative Establishment,PanLei/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/36
  48. Study on the Legal Problems of the Public Information Communication in Emergency,JingYanYan/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/13
  49. The Research on the NPC's Supervision Mechanism of Non-tax Revenue,DongZuo/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/14
  50. Study on Legislation of the Investigative Power on Specific Issue in China,PengDingQun/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/8

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