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  1. Study on Extraction, Purification and DPPH Free Radicals Scavenging Activities of Flavonoids from Alpinia Katsumadai Hayata and Angelica Keiskei Koidzmi,ZouZuoLan/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/105
  2. Characterization and Photoprotection Mechanisms of a Strain of Nannochloropsis Sp.,CaoShaoNa/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/4
  3. Development of Functional Mouse Oocytes Recovered by Ectopic Transplantation,ChenBo/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/16
  4. Mechanism of Oogonia Meiotic Entry and Lhx8Regulated Follicle Formation in Mice,ZhangLianJun/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/35
  5. Sequence Analysis and Expression Level Study on Mc1R Gene in Reddish-brown Raccoon Dog,SunJing/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/57
  6. Distribution of Canine Distemper Virus Receptor SLAM in Minks and the Regulation by Virus Loading,WangCong/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/2
  7. Safety Evaluati on of Diclazuril and Toltrazuril to Broilers,SunYan/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/18
  8. Molecular Epidemiological Studies and Correlation Analysis of Porcine Reproductive Disorder Related Disease in Shandong,HuJiMing/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/37
  9. Effects of Functional Oligosaccharides on Rumen Fermentation, Serum Biochemical and Immune Indices of Goats,XiaoYu/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/26
  10. The Research on Identification of Hair Follicle Growth Genetic Differences of Expression in Skin of Fine-wool Sheep,YuJuanJuan/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/31
  11. Studies on Transpiration Charactcristics of Three Turfgasses,HanYan/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/22
  12. Research on Cross Breeding and Flower Bud Differentiation of Camellia Japonica L.,Fu/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/58
  13. Exploration of the Molecular Mechanisms for Apple(Malus×Domestica Borkh.) Columnar Tree Architecture,BaiMuDan/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/0
  14. Effects of Planting Patterns on Carbon and Nitrogen Accumulation, Translocation and Yield in Summer Maize under Different Plant Densities,ZhangZuo/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/3
  15. Effects of Irrigation Staee and Amount on Yield and Quality in Super-high-yield Wheat,HuiHaiBin/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/50
  16. Community Structure Features of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in Urban Ecosystems,ShiLiJun/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/29
  17. Preliminary Study on Species and Distribution of Lignicolous Saprophytic Fungi in Parts of Shandong,YuHuiXia/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/34
  18. Isolation and Characterization of Pesticide Degrading Bacterium from Chinese Agricultural Soils,ZhuXiKai/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/147
  19. The Analysis of the Microcosmic Factors of the Farmer’s Professional Differentiation in Qingdao Area,ChenXiu/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/187
  20. Study on Observer-Based Fault Diagnosis and Optimal Fault-Tolerant Control Approaches,YeRuoHong/Qingdao Agricultural University,1/326
  21. Cloning and Function Analysis of Clock Genes GmLCL1/2 and GmTOC1 in Soybean,GaoPengFei/Qingdao Agricultural University,1/165
  22. Study on the Mechanism of Nitric Oxide Promoted Maize Seed Germination and Seedling Growth under Salt Stress,TangJing/Qingdao Agricultural University,2/329
  23. Effects of Light Intensity, Nitrogen Level and Storage Temperature on Quality and Physiological Metabolism of Taraxacum Mongolicum Hand.-Mazz.,ZhaoLei/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/162
  24. Studies of Factors Influenceing the Post-haze of Apple Juice Concentrate,SunHaiFeng/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/207
  25. The Study on the Development of Recycling Agriculture in Shandong Province,WeiLiXia/Qingdao Agricultural University,14/682
  26. Experimental Study on Peanut Shelling Equipment,LiJianDong/Qingdao Agricultural University,6/367
  27. Cloning, Prokaryotic Expression of PLRV CP Gene and Preparation of Antiserum,HeXinFeng/Qingdao Agricultural University,1/166
  28. Screening of Bacillus Thuringiensis Strains with High Toxicity and Cloning, Expression and Insecticidal Activity of cry2Ac10 Gene,BaiXueFeng/Qingdao Agricultural University,4/98
  29. Development and Characterization of Simple Sequence Repeats from Groundnut,HuangXinYang/Qingdao Agricultural University,3/150
  30. Effects of Postanthesis Soil Water Status and Nitrogen on Yield and Quality Formation in Strong Gluten Wheat,MaDongHui/Qingdao Agricultural University,1/143
  31. Effects of Bagging on Sugar Metabolism and Ultrastructure in ’Whangkeumbae’ Pear Fruits,LiYongMei/Qingdao Agricultural University,2/303
  32. Studies on Palynology and RAPD Analysis of Part Rosa L. in Qingdao District,GuanXiaoQing/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/110
  33. Studies on Photosynthetic and Ecological Characters of Naidong Shancha (Camellia Japonica L.),ZhuXiangTao/Qingdao Agricultural University,1/220
  34. Cultivation, Drug Screening of E.wenyoni in Vitro and Therapeutic Test of Sick Cows,GaoGuangPing/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/146
  35. Isolation, Identification and Preliminary Application of E.coli Bacteriophage,ZhangPeiDong/Qingdao Agricultural University,1/493
  36. Effects of Cortex Magnolia Officinalis Extract on Postharvest Storage Characteristics and Quality of Peach Fruit,ZhangLi/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/158
  37. Isolation, Culture and in Vitro Multipotential Differentiation of Mouse Marrow-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells,ZhaoXing/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/183
  38. Sequence Analysis of Mice Hsp70 Gene and Its Expression in the Blastocysts,JiangTongQuan/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/140
  39. Human Lactoferrin Transgenic Animals Produced to be Bioreactor Models,LiLan/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/142
  40. Study on Biodiversity of Marine Lignicolous Halosphaeriales from Partial Sea Areas in China,DiaoLiGong/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/104
  41. Transformation of R-genes to Late Blight and Development of Differential Sets in Potato,ZhuSuXian/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/104
  42. Genetic Studies on the Main Properties of Starch in Normal Maize Kernels,ZhuBaoXia/Qingdao Agricultural University,1/103
  43. Studies on Ploidy Breeding and Pollen Storage Tolerance Characteristics of Lilium Tsingtauense Gilg,ZhangJunFang/Qingdao Agricultural University,3/130
  44. Cloning and Heterologous Expression of Heat Shock HmHSP70 Gene from Hypsizygus Marmoreus,LiCuiCui/Qingdao Agricultural University,3/139
  45. Molecular Characterization of Infectious Bronchitis Virus Isolated in Shandong(China) between 2006 and 2008,LuXiShan/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/115
  46. Adsorptive Ability of Esterified Glucomannan to Deoxvnivalenol,LiHua/Qingdao Agricultural University,3/179
  47. Effects of Copper and Manganese on Semen Quality and Antioxygenic Property in Stud Holstein Bulls,ZhuangHuaiFei/Qingdao Agricultural University,2/65
  48. The Technology of Jellyfish ACEIP and Antihypertensive Effect,LiuJingXia/Qingdao Agricultural University,2/305
  49. Research on Detecting the IgG Bioactive Content in Infant Formula Milk Powder,HouFangNi/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/101
  50. Cloning of Trichoplusia Ni Cell Line QB-Tn9-4s and Characterization of Its Clones,MaMing/Qingdao Agricultural University,0/21

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